Unpopular But Lucrative Courses At UNILAG

There are so many courses to study at Unilag with Medicine, Law, Engineering, and Accounting at the top as some of the Most popular yet lucrative courses. An average person thinks these courses are all that there is but there are other courses that are equally lucrative if not more.


1) Social Work

Social work is that course to study if you like helping people. Social workers help people overcome difficult challenges like addiction, poverty, unemployment, disability, abuse, etc If you have plans to Japa, this can be your way out because there is an increase in the demand for social workers all around the world.

2) Early Childhood Education

‘Education, ugh, I don’t want to be a teacher’ you might think. As much as children as wonders of the world, they can be quite hard to teach, and not just anyone can teach them. Proprietors of schools know this and that’s why people who study this are highly compensated for their expertise. If you love children, and you equally love money, you’ve found the right course for you.

3) Adult Education

Education again! Yes, there’s money in teaching too. We all know some of our parents didn’t go to school in their time due to lack of opportunities or in a bid to make money but grew interested in school in their old age. Can you imagine some of your annoying secondary school teachers teaching someone the age of your parents? Two things will definitely happen, either the adult or the teacher quits. My point is that it takes a special kind of person to teach adults and that’s why it’s a course on its own. This is a good one for you because Adult Education wouldn’t go into extinction any time soon as not every youth in this century goes to school. Think about the way you’ll be cashing out 20 years from now.

4) Guidance And Counselling

Do you like advising and listening to people? Or not! Who cares? Counselling is widely expanding and you should consider studying it. Everyone these days is looking for a therapist, a relationship adviser, a marriage therapist, and even a sex therapist to talk to. Think about the amount of money you can charge per session with people who just need you to hear them out and give your expert opinion.

5) Building

Majority of the non-expert in construction think that the construction industry is largely Engineers, that’s a big lie. Have you looked up at a big, and tall building, wondered what sort of profession monitors the day to day work of building it, and want to make money? Perfect! Look no further, this is tailor-made for you.


So, there you have it, so many options at your disposal. Go ahead and choose away.