How To Avoid Sapa At FUOYE

Schooling in FUOYE is a debit-ful…sorry, beautiful thing. Okay, pun aside; University life will test your financial prudence to the T. It doesn’t matter how well you think you can manage your finances, we all know the bills just never stop coming and many of them are bills that cannot be avoided. However, there are also several bills that can be avoided for you to avoid getting broke too soon or outright sapa.

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I know some of you are super ballers so to set into perspective, you’re a student that depends on your parents for funds and your gross monthly allowance is between, 15k and 60k.

Test your level of Sapa here.

1. Stay home:

No follow people do too many “We are outside” because the only thing that is outside is debit and unnecessary debits is what you want to avoid. Staying home will not only give you more time to study and interact with people around you, it will also help you avoid stress. You’re at Ikole but every Oye based show and event has you in attendance or for the Oye geng that are never left out of Ado events. Opor! Best in outsiding. Sapa will tutor you.

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2. Avoid competition:

Dorime is not for everybody. To buy the drink at its normal price usually costs less than half so it is that pride that leads to a fall that’ll make you spend all of your 60k buying a drink that costs 20k originally.
The guys you’re trying to ‘oppress’ probably have millions in their account but you, with a rollover of 10k from the previous month left to spend after wasting your allowance will end up oppressed regardless and still have to go home to develop a tight budget so you can survive on your rollover change. Sapa will humble you.

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3. Don’t do transfer:

You know that popular jingle, “Daju! Runjupa! Ma rerin! Mase transfer o!” Yes, that one. Take it serious.
You’ll be on your own, managing your own limited resources but somebody that probably earns more than you do will go on ahead and make financial decisions that they can’t body the consequences and eventually have to run to people that’ll ‘come through’ for them. Don’t ever fall for that emotional blackmail especially if you warned the person before it got bad. The worst part of this kinds of people is their sense of “entitlement”, ungratefulness, and nonchalant attitude when it is time to pay back.

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4. Limit unnecessary spending:

Avoid cravings, Runaway from pomo sauce and chicken, Cook your own food, and minimize the buying of poki and meat pie. You might be thinking this is an over exaggeration but when you actually deep it in sapa mode, you’ll realize how much you’ve spent unnecessarily on frivolous expenses. Sapa will make you reminisce how you spent 4k in three days patronizing cravings, snacking and buying soft or hot drinks. You know that ultra sapa mode you enter when your balance crashes to 5k with two weeks left before your next allowance? That’s the mode that brings back those memories.

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5. Control your data usage:

Avoid 5K data plan and those plans that were originally meant for companies to use. I know MTN will set this awoof plan traps that keep increasing and increasing as if every individual network user is a tech startup CEO that keeps expanding and growing in funds. Don’t fall for it. Once it exceeds 5k like this, my guy, find another data plan o or if the other data plans look like bad investment to you, you can just go get a new sim. I believe those are back to being free. Set a daily data limit for yourself and take advantage of night plan. It’s not like you sleep at night normally.

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6. Use free music plans:

Apple music and premium spotify is not for everybody sha. Those platforms don’t care if you’re left with your last 1k. when the time is due, they’ll collect their money and won’t forget to add VAT. Overlooking the ads, Spotify, Audiomack and boomplay have free music plans that you can really enjoy. Boomplay’s free plan is a personal favorite but Audiomack is also a very strong contender.

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7. Use your legs:

Try dey trek. Apart from the benefit of saving the change that you spend on bike, it is good exercise. Your heart will thank you for it. If there is no need to rush over to a location that can be trekked, then there is nothing that necessitates that you board a transport vehicle.

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Not to be that headboy that was always winning debates in secondary school but I believe I have been able to convince you to make some pretty easy financial decisions that’ll help you with the management of your funds. We’d be pleased to have you share your opinions about this piece in the comment section.