10 Things Uites Have In Common

The students of the first and best university have a lot in common. They share similar opinions and they have similar attitudes. If you are in a gathering where there are different students from different schools in attendance and you have a knowledge about how UI students talk and behave, you will be quick to identify the UI students in the group in no time.

I’ll discuss briefly, ten things that UI students have in common. If you’re a Uite, nod as you read and you fit drop comment for comment section. Oya!!!


1. UI students like to whine and hype!

One thing UI students are fond of is respect for one another. Na all the students for the fess and bess university be boss.

In a gathering of UI students, you will hear one Uite call another Uite “boss”.

Besides calling each other boss, UI students know how to whine so be careful abeg. If you start feeling fly and your head is high just because you are being called boss, you are on your own oh. Someone even much better than you in academics fit call you boss, just call am boss back.

UI students are agba whiners, they will whine and hype you until you are lost in the moment but don’t lose guard oh.

2. They don’t joke with reading

If you are in the fess and bess university, you must know how to read. This is not secondary school where we fight to be the top student because here in UI, lecturers will shock you no matter how hard you try. First is the lecturers that like to score low, you must try so hard to please them. You don see situation wey 4/5 lecturers dey take only one course – imagine how difficult such course will be, go and ask students from the premier faculty, English department. Even the GES courses sef, sometimes it takes the grace of God to 4 point am. The lecturers will shock you.

Also, if a Uite tell you he/she has not read for months, na lie oh. Just smile and pass. Don’t start feeling better than the person. UI students dey read low key at times. Na only them day do reading till day break(TDB) and from morning to night (MTN). Besides Kenneth Dike Library, each department still get library. You wan com UI but you no like to read? You dey whine me?


3. They like socials events

 As much as the students of this fess and best university love to read, their social life still make sense too. Is it the social events organized by the premier faculty, association of faculty of arts (AFAS) or the Students’ Union (SU) gangan? All these events dey always make sense. At least, after reading, Jack must to play make e no just go dull finish. UI students con sabi network join. In an event, you fit get like 10 friends quick quick.

If you are an introvert, some of these UI students will still try to rub their “extrovert spirit” on you. But while you are rocking to pop music with your friends in UI, be doing MTN or TDB too oh cause these students get sense. 

4. They all find it difficult to know the school anthem offhand

  If you see a UI student that knows the UI school anthem offhand, the person get discipline and na legend. UI anthem tough abeg. The way they even sing it too tough.

All UI students find it difficult to know their school anthem offhand. Perhaps only 5% can sing it offhand. In fact, most of them don’t want to know it and the lecturers sometimes mock them due to this but these students no care.

I remembered my faculty telling us they would come up with Faculty anthem; I was like these people don’t know what’s up. Students wey never sabi university anthem go learn Faculty anthem.

If na pop music like “Finesse” and “Sungba”, them go know the full lyrics but their university anthem no dey sweet for their ear. Well, I’m guilty of this too sha.

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5. They are so scared of exams despite how hard they read

In UI, no matter how hard you read, you will still be scared when it’s time to go for exam. The reason is that UI is a tough place to be. The lecturers tough, test tough, assignment tough and definitely, exam will be tough. If you get so hopeful and you feel you will 4point a course, you might be in shock at the end of the session.

UI students know what it takes to be a student of the fess and bess university, the challenges they will face and how difficult it is to 4point a course in UI and due to this, they are still scared even after reading.

6. Their love for Tote-bags is out of this world

 If you’re in UI, you will see like 2000 tote bags in a day. Don’t go to UI and start counting tote bags oh but that statement na fact. I’m sure it’s the same in some other federal schools, UI students love Totebag more. Na black tote-bag full campus.

These students know fashion abeg. They will rock black tote-bag, Ankara tote-bag, jean tote-bag. They have so many tote-bag sellers too. These vendors dey always flaunt their business online because they know this is what UI students love besides food and 4pointing courses.

7. UI students sabi trek

UI is a large place. UI students will always walk in cliques and they can trek a long distance without getting tired. Although, we get some omo butty students who take cabs at times but sapa is no respecter of none, when it show face, you have to adjust and trek ni. If you are a UI student, it is certain you won’t find trekking, stressful.

You fit get money at times sef make your friends suggest trekking. If you walk with friends, you will see trekking as fun. UI is large abeg, we get legs and we are not ashamed of trekking but sometimes we consider cabs too.

8. Every Uite prefers assignments to tests

As I have said before, UI lecturers know how to shock you. Every Uite prefers assignments to tests because if you are to write a test, a lecturer might bring questions that doesn’t tally with the course topics you read but if given assignment, you can do research and all.

However, some lecturers still know how to score your assignment low no matter how much you think you have worked on it. All UI lecturers na gurus, dem dey everly shock pesin. In UI, a test is like an exam. Just as you would fret and become anxious to write a test just as you would when you are about to enter an exam hall.

9. Each Uite has a clique

 We all like to be in the right circle, to be with the right set of friends and it is same in UI. One thing every UI students have in common is being picky when it comes to having friends. Since each Uite is picky as regards to friendship, you will always see a clique of 3-5 people.

All UI students walk in clique and there are different cliques oh. In a clique, you might see 3 bookworms who would visit KDL every day. In another clique, you will see 3 party people who love fun but still try to ace their course. Another clique, na ‘SU’ go full am, you can quickly notice these ones when you see them too. Every Uite has his/her clique. 


10. All UI students fear SDC

In UI, you must learn to catch cruise with sense. All UI students do not catch cruise at the expense of their academics because they are all afraid of the Student Disciplinary Committee.

You know why they do so? Because they know the effects of appearing before this panel of strict and stern judges. One thing UI students have in common is their likeness for composure and orderliness. As a Uite student, you will like to catch cruise but you will be told that you must catch cruise with sense so Tsunami will not carry you.

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UI is a great place to be and the students are wonderful people. Besides most of the students being bookworms due to the strictness of the tests and exams, the students still know how to make themselves happy. All UI students have these 10 things in common. Do you think I did not add some things? Feel free to add it in the comment section