Top 5 Locations For Night Reading At Unilag

Night reading commonly known as overnight is very common in Unilag for reading, and for reading, if you know what I mean. The location used by different people depends on various factors which include relationship status, the preferred mode of reading, the location of the individual’s hostel, and the preferred location of the intended scholar the individual wants to read with.

There are limited options for overnight because of various incidents of genital meet and greet in some faculties, the most popular spots for night reading are as follows:


1) The Faculty of Education

This is one of the most common spots for reading at night, it’s a convenient spot for students that have hostels around the area like Amina or Kofo ladies, or Biobaku guys. If you and your boyfriend stay in any of these hostels, then the faculty of Education issa go, you can make it a date under the guise of overnight.

2) The Faculty of Science

This is also very common, more common than other locations, I daresay. This is because of the lax security around the quadrangle and its location, unlike other locations, the quadrangle is not surrounded by a gate and can be easily assessed by anyone. It’s also on the main campus along with popular hostels like Moremi for ladies, and King Jaja, Mariere for guys. You can prepare to cuddle your significant other because it can be pretty cold at night( I’ve experienced a mouth chattering cold because I went alone without a cuddle bunny) or you can wait till it’s a few weeks to examinations for the lecture theatre to be available for night reading.


3) The Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

This is mostly frequented by students of environmental science as the security at this faculty is strict, especially during exams. Mostly students that stay in New hall hostels like Madam Tinubu, Fagunwa and Makama for ladies, Sodiende and Eni Njoku for guys, or Hostels closer to the faculty of Education like Amina hall, etc use this faculty for overnight.


4) The Faculty of Engineering

This is another option for students on the main campus that are Engineering students or don’t want to go to the faculty of science. The dubbing centre, lecture theatre, civil engineering shed, and quadrangle is available for your intense reading or reading.

5) Hostels

If you figured out that night reading with a large number of people doesn’t work for you, or you aren’t excited to see your mates all cuddled or booed up then you can stay in your hostel. Most hostels have a reading room, some even have two. There’s enough space to be productive and keep the negative energy away. If your roommates are scholars like you and won’t disturb you, you can even read in your room. I find reading on my bed very productive.

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I hope I have been able to give you useful information for your night reading or ehmm dates. Just choose the ones you’re comfortable with and won’t seem like an endless journey when you’re walking back to your hostels in the morning, I learnt mine from experience.