7 Most Common Names In UI

Every human has a name, yeah? But there are some really common names. You can’t walk a mile without hearing some names. However, we are restricting that to the UI community.

1) Dammy

There will always be a dammy in almost every department in each faculty. However, the name is not restricted to only the female students. Na so so, Dammy you go dey hear upandan.

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2) Deborah

This Deborah is on another level. It got to a point I thought there was something like the Deborah era where all the parents came together to name their kids Deborah. You turn left, you hear Deborah. You turn right, you hear Deborah. Why?

3) Ayo

The people bearing this name comes in variations. Ayomide, Ayodeji, Ayomikun, Ayodele and all other Ayo you can think of. As if that is not enough, it’s a unisex name on top. You can have like 50 Ayo in every faculty. But wait, names haven’t finished on earth, right?

4) Aisha

Another set of battalion comes bearing this name. Whether you like it or not, you will know an Aisha. They are like MTN, everywhere you go.

5) Daniel

Although not as common as the Ayos, Daniels too are rampant. The great thing about Daniels are that most of the people that bears the names are cute and fresh with slight pink lips.

6) Tosin

Just like glo, the Tosins are unlimited. You will surely know a Tosin. If you don’t know a female, you will know a male. Back then in my secondary, they were numerous Tosins too. The names, Oluwatosin and Tomisin have suffered in the hands of Yoruba Nigeria parents.

7) Tope

Like someone will say, “they are like ants that carry a dead cockroach”, you know they are countless.
The Topes can also be found as a male or female in UI depending on which one you want.


I know there are other common names but I can only mention few, right?

This is an admonition to developing parents to do better.

We don’t want more confusion as we are already dealing with enough. Which one is “tosin boy” or “tosin girl”?