10 Problems Unilag Freshers Are Likely To Face And Their Solutions

The Joy of every University aspirant is to be a bonafide student of Unilag except you were coerced to go to another school due to obvious reasons (that is, if unilag reject you). I mean who does not want to go there?

Although, there are a lot of students out there struggling to gain admission into the prestigious University, it is also necessary they are aware of what they want to shook their head into.

Well, for the freshers we already have, this is also for you.

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So, let’s dive in!

1. Screening/Faculty and Departmental Registrations

Unilag does not have a very large land mass, but the movement will stress you. You will walk under the hot sun trying figure things out; going from the faculty to the department, doing photocopies and staying on queues. You will encounter frustrated screening officers that would also want to frustrate you.


The first thing is that you know what exactly what you want to do by seeking information from those that have already done theirs or from an inside source. This not only makes things easier, it would help you navigate all you need to do effectively.


2. Medicals

Doing medicals requires a lot of patience and endurance. No matter how much you wake up early to get to the venue on time, you would definitely meet a lot of people on queues. Eventually, it might be impossible for you to carry out the necessary tests; hence, postponing them till forever.


You can either face it or postpone it till mid-semester. I would suggest you face it squarely by arriving at the medical site as early as possible. Postponing to mid-semester might not get any better.

3. Bedspace/Hostel Wahala

This is the most problematic of them all except for those who do not have the intention of staying in the school hostel. Getting a bedspace in Unilag is very difficult and it is very unpredictable. Acquisition of bedspaces is through balloting which is usually done on the student portal. Although, freshers have more spaces than staylites like they claim but this does not guarantee that one would be a bonafide.

Just like me, I have never gotten bedspace since I gained admission and who knows I might never get till I graduate, lol.


You need to prepare yourself. Firstly, have a plan B (don’t place too much hope). Secondly, prepare for the battle by making sure you have a strong network as well as letting different people from different locations help you ballot. Lastly, you can pray if you are not an atheist.

4. Adaptation to the Learning system

The learning system is not perfect and it can be highly discouraging. Especially for those that will take classes at DLI, it can be very traumatizing. A lot of students would be in one hall with a lecturer screaming at the top of his/her voice without a public address system. Some lecturers would not even attempt to make sure they are heard.

Going to class as early as 6am can be useless as you would meet students in the class already and end up sitting at the back. Yes, it can be that bad.


Study the learning system and see whether it works for you. As for me, I stopped attending classes few weeks after resumption because I was not gaining anything. You can also try to be at the lecture hall as early as possible.

5. Balancing of Social life and Academic life

It takes a lot to get into Unilag and it also takes a lot to remain therein. There would be distracting activities and if one is not careful enough, one might end being distracted. Unilag is well known for its social activities and if you decide to be everywhere, it might cost you your academic performance.


Have a plan on how you want to achieve both fun and academics; then, strictly adhere to the plan.

6. Peer pressure/Oppression

Peer pressure is everywhere but when it comes to being newly admitted in Unilag, you would need to be very careful.

Truth be told, you will be oppressed ooo!

You will see different things that can make you miss your purpose on campus.


Discipline matters to survive this hurdle. You need to make sure you align yourself with the right people that will constantly remind you of why you are in school.

7. Wrong Information and Guide

I remember when I was a fresher, I would see my coursemates reading materials entirely different from what we were given by the lecturer. Then, I felt like I would fail but what saved me were the stories I have heard. You will see different people with different course materials totally outside that of the lecturer’s, this only misguides a person. Most of my coursemates that lacked the right information on what to read and what not to read ended up doing woefully in their exams.


You need to network yourself with those that have passed through that stage before and learn from them. It is not wrong to read wide but Unilag can shenk you. Give the lecturer what he gave you. Nevertheless, what is most important is knowing what your lecturer wants.


8. Time Management

It is going to be difficult to adjust to how you will manage your time. This can even result in poor health habits, indigestion, not meeting up with classes and assignments and many more.


You would need to be highly disciplined and consistent to maintain a very good time management. You can employ the use of time management apps and the likes.

9. Invitation to participate in several activities

They would invite you for several activities. It could be parties, church programmes, just to mention a few. This can be very annoying and tempting too. Some people believe freshers can be gullible, hence, bring sorts of nonsense and irrelevant things to their table. Sometimes, it is as if they can recognize freshers by sight.


Learn to say No and excuse yourself. Remember, engaging yourself in too much activities might ruin your time management and exhaust you. It can also deprive you an excellent academic performance.

10. Intimidation & Low Self Esteem

Getting admitted into Unilag without solid self esteem can make things worse when you get there. I have been a victim of this and it can be very traumatizing. You will meet a lot of people that can be intimidating through their word, character and expressions towards you; you might even get trolled by staylites in hostels and anywhere.

Another place you should avoid is the front or back of Jaja. The staylites of that hostel can recognize freshers and they can be very embarrassing. With time, you will adjust to the system on how they behave.


You have to be self confident. Remember, it is the way you treat yourself people would treat you. Take all the necessary measures you need to take in order to make sure you have the best self esteem.

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Being a fresher is usually a memorable phase of every student in the University. Most times, it is what determines how you would spend subsequent years in the school; hence it is very important to be mindful of what steps to take and decisions to make.