Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Choosing UI

Are you wondering what gibberish is this?

Oh well, I’m a Uite (a final year student even). I could give you a thousand and one reasons why you shouldn’t choose UI. But then, I’m not interested in boring you with my reasons. This promises to be an interesting read, sit back and enjoy the ride.

1) UI isn’t a fun place

You know what they tell you about universities. “The risk, the fun, the parties, the girls” hmmmm! That seems to be lost in UI. The only thing the institution is interested in is “book and grades”. Anything apart from this might land you in the school disciplinary committee.

2) Uncountable rules

You know that song “many many …. wa nle”. My dear, fill that gap with rules. In UI, many many rules dey ground. Uncountable rules that are not necessary and will definitely make your stay boring. If you are looking for an institution where you can read and enjoy, then, fess and bess isn’t for you.

3) Lecturers are stingy with marks

Wait, did I hear you say, “I’m a brilliant student, this won’t affect me”. I laugh in Croatia. Sometimes, it seems lecturers here derive joy from students predicament. It takes God, grace and the lecturers’ mood to get an appealing score. Don’t get me wrong, lecturers don’t make down but they don’t just mark carelessly, they are really strict with it, they want the best answers not some random answers. You have to impress them with your answers.

4) GES courses are torture

Here in UI, you have to offer 8 general courses that aren’t fun. When I say boring, I mean every letter of the alphabet. Apart from the fact that it adds little or nothing to your cgpa, you have to suffer with sitting down for long hours listening to the boring lectures, writing unnecessary tests and exams.

5) The school stanza

The school stanza reads; “Unibadan, fountainhead, of true learning deep and sound”. You see anything wey different from book you no go see UI hand there. If you are looking for an institution where you want to enjoy the life of your head, then UI isn’t for you. Na only book we sabi.

Hold on a second, are you really considering not having the premier university as your first choice. What kind of playing is this? You must be joking.

Take this advice at your own risk.