The unilorin school hostel is always filled with different students every session, especially with the system of bed space allocation. Most freshers are those that will be open to the new environment and ways of life in the school hostels. The experience of dealing with mates of different backgrounds is most likely worth it.

Aside from the benefits, you’d get from living in the school hostel; the cheaper allocation price and the mingling, and fun. However, you should expect the ups and the lows of living in the hall of residence in unilorin. 

If you had lived before in school hostels, you’d relate to these things 


1. Pass palava

The hostel porters will always tail you as you go in and out of the hostels and ask for your hostel pass before allowing you back into your hostel. Imagine rushing off to class early in the morning and getting back all exhausted in the evening, it won’t be nice if you have to deal with the portresses when you realised you didn’t take your pass with you in the morning. It’s a no pass, no entry rule.

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2. Missing property

If you have got anything precious or anything you just got new, take good care of it. You don’t want to come back to your room and have a futile search for that new earpiece or that old comb. As minor as those might sound, they will disappear without trace. Not that anyone will tell you that they are the culprit if you ask.

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3. Squatters

Well, this might be common in other hostels too. Some foreign students to the hostel will be allowed to spend the night at their friend’s hostel, I didn’t write the “porters allowed…” you should have understood the squatting business is strictly among students. They always know how to evade the sniffing porters, a sneaky job that is!

4. Overcrowded Space

Not in all rooms allocated, but there’s always occupants more than the normal maximum of four in other rooms. Normally, the hostels has rooms for occupants ranging from 2-6-8, that’s the least I know.  And yes, that number might be nothing compare to the head counts you’d make in other school hostels. But 6-8 students in a room might be too much for a space. That number of occupants in a small room will leave no space for other purposes!

5. Lack of Privacy

Okay, so school hostels are known to be mostly congested with occupants than the capacity of the room itself. There’s hardly any privacy, they see through you and your things. You don’t even have to hide a thing, every croonies and cranies and space belong to everybody. Your stuffs might get a hand brushing, without your permission.  But hey, suck it up. You are all one big family!

6. Bed crashers

It might be annoying if you go out somewhere and come back to your room, only to find anybody from anywhere lying back peacefully on your bed! It might not even be any of your roomies, but those friends of your dear roomie friends that drifted away while enjoying a favorite talk about a topic of interest. Or it might just be your roomies crashing on your bed like it’s their own, what to do?

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7. Individual difference

Staying in school hostels will give the mingling opportunity, with different mates of various attitudes and behaviors. Coexisting with individuals of different backgrounds and lifestyles might be foreign to you especially if they do anything disturbing the atmosphere of a peaceful space, tolerance, and patience should be a curb to prevent arguments.

8. Cloth theft

Spreading your clothes, on the rope lines sometimes, can be very costly. It depends on the price you bought the cloth or valuable it is to you and those who would kill to have what you wear. Shine your eyes when you wash clothes and put them on the lines to dry off. Especially if your cloth is new, your eyes should search for a missing cloth, it’s quite not unusual for that to happen.

9. Fighting episodes

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This is usually common in the girls hostels, in girls hostels you should be ready to watch fighting episodes and never ending arguments. Coexisting with people of different manners might trigger a misunderstanding among room or hostel mates. You might not want to miss the episodes, so if you don’t want to get involve with the squabbling, grab a popcorn!

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10. Cooking partners

Not every student can afford foodstuffs on the constant. When it comes to cooking, you might not have a complete ingredient to make a meal. Roommates do share in fragments of available ingredients and foodstuffs so they can all share and have their fill. So, if you don’t have anything and your roommates each drop certain ingredients you shouldn’t mind doing anything else that involves cooking!

11. Poor facilities

Unlike the private hostels, living in the school hostels might not be satisfying when it comes to their facilities. Especially the toilets and bathrooms in some of the school hostels, unpleasant odor and all. If you have a sensitive gut, the sight might be nauseating. 

Those that can relate have lived with all these things on the list, and this further broadens their wisdom to deal with issues that may arise from their situation.

Of course, aside from the lows, you’d find living in the unilorin school hostel quite interesting. These hostels are usually fun at night, especially the Lagos hostess that is very much closer to the wifi spot at student affairs. You’d think the students are nocturnals, the night hours do buzz.

You might wanna leave a testimony in the comment section!

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