If you go to a Federal University in Nigeria, first of all, I hail una. It’s not easy. Listed below are some things only federal uni students can understand.

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 1. School is a scam

With the way lecturers grade, the inconduciveness of the learning environment and the fact that a certificate does not mean you will have a job, just shows you that the entire process of formal education in this country is heading downhill.

2. ASUU is the time prefect

They come occasionally to decide when you’ll be in school or not. Sometimes, it’s two weeks, other times it’s 9 months. They’re spontaneous like that and we love to see it.

3. Nobody cares about us

The nonchalance of the government, harrassment from the police and the horrible state of school hostels just show that authority figures don’t care about the well being of students.

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4. Parties every weekend

It’s common knowledge that federal uni students know how to jaiye. Whether on or off campus, students have gathered somewhere playing music and partying

5. Uncertainty

Being a federal uni student in good old naija just translates to one simple fact : you don’t know. You have no idea what the future would be like, you have no guarantee you would be alive the next day. You’re just alive and studying on vibes and inshallah.

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Federal uni students have a lot on their plates regarding the public educational system but it is made up for with amazing network building and career opportunities. And though strikes may be constant, the vibe makes everything worthwhile. Sure, the system sucks, but drop out at your own risk. I did not send you o.