7 Places You Can Find Love On FUOYE Ikole Campus

Everybody is looking for love whether or not they choose to admit that primal craving called companionship.

Some students think of it as a distraction they must avoid at all costs while some really want to meet and keep that special someone on campus. You’ve probably heard the “seek and you shall find” phrase more times than you’d like to admit and this is true when searching for love on campus.

This article is aimed at solving a major question of “where?” 

Yes, where to find love on the Ikole campus of FUOYE. Let’s fall (just not in love…for now) right into it.

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1. Chapel:

If ‘god fearing’ is on the list of must-have qualities of a partner you’d like to have then look no further cause the chapel is just where you are most likely going to find him/her. If you are a lady, join the choir or ushering department to increase your chances of being spotted by your ‘prince god fearing’, and if you are a guy, joining a workforce that allows you to be seen and heard is a very good idea especially when you’re able to show your god given talents. I promise you that your ‘damsel in Israel’ is surely taking note.

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2. Minimart:

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First to note is that searching for love here is for people that don’t mind having partners that god fears. The Minimart is that area in school that is always buzzing with boys and girls. From freshers that want to process documents and take passport captures to the big spenders patronizing Iya Ibo’s restaurant regularly, almost everybody here is a prospective partner. Just like how you can buy almost anything at the minimart, you can also catch attractive Yoruba demons or beautiful followers of the queen mother here. Money spenders and packaged orphans are also present here.

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3. ELT:

First of all, I’d like to know who started the rumor that engineering babes are not fine cause babes are always packed inside this engineering lecture theatre and its environs. No joke. It’s not even news that the boys are huge spenders. 99% of the exotic cars packed around ELT are owned by students.

The remaining 1% is owned by Mr. Martins of the mechatronics department and maybe one other lecturer. The point of all of that should be clear by now. In a place where you have a supply of fine babes and rich guys who love spending is a place where you’ll agree with me that love grows. The only drawback is that engineering has a very limited supply of one of the genders so even though it is a survival of the fittest thing, it is also a first come, first serve thing.

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4. Agricultural complex:

This is one of the most popular spots on the Ikole campus because at the time this article is being written, it is the most beautiful building on the campus where students from other faculties would come to take photos. Asking that guy with the iPhone 12 to take a picture of you and send it to your Whatsapp could just be the spark your love story needs to make you burn with passion again. It could be one of the friends of that babe that asked you to snap a picture of them together that might pick an interest in you and you both end up as Barrack and Mitchell. Love works in mysterious ways.

5. ALT:

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As opposed to the ELT, the Agricultural lecture theatre is almost a harbor for the female gender while the males come in limited stock. Pretty and handsome are sprinkled all around. Entrepreneurs say present sir. It is time to lay emphasis on pretty is sprinkled all around. Yes, engineering babes are pretty but agriculture babes are a special breed and come in an almost endless supply so even if you’re an engineering male student and the whole faculty has run out of eligible babes, shooting your shots at the agriculture end might score you a hit.

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6. Sports block:

The sports block is that area in FUOYE (Ikole) where the school’s football field and basketball court are located. The boys are usually represented more here but at the same time, it is a proven fact that no girl with intentions of scoring a partner has hung around the sports block and returned single. Boys that are into sports can be real gentlemen.

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7. School Hostel:

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The Ikole hostel doesn’t really have tight security and it is not isolated from the school’s premises. Even the male and female hostels are almost indistinguishable in terms of positioning. You are at liberty to come and search for a partner which you’ll be sure to find if you are serious about it enough.

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Do you know more? Are you a living testimony? Do you have more opinions? Share them with us in the comment section.