“Omo na to rugged am” – 10 Uni Students On Choosing Schooling Here For N100M Or Relocate

ASUU and FG just dey do Nigerian students anyhow. What started as a one-month warning strike in February is still ongoing, with no hope of being called off anytime soon. Many Nigerian students are frustrated.

Trybe City asked some students what they would do if they had the option of choosing between staying in their school in Nigeria for 100 million or relocating to their dream country. Here is what 10 of them had to say.

1. Dayz, FUOYE

100 million to stay here cause omo. Forget strike, if una go japa, una no ugo survive? Abi na book una go dey chop for there? With the way dollar rate is steadily rising? Hmmm. No forget all your siblings way dey here o.
No be only you you mama born. Dem no fit use all their money dey worship you except the bar dey sha. But 100 million here and continuing to school here is a very good opportunity for real.

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2. Davi Cruise, UI

I’ll stay in my school, collect the 100m, use my remaining 2 years, graduate and go and study in my dream country. Lobatan!

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3. Adeola, UNILAG

I only see one option here, Japa ways! I don’t even mind Ghana. I’m not sure anyone would choose staying in any federal University over possibly enrolling in an ivy league school. Leave Ivy league sef, as far as it’s not in Nigeria. Ah!

4. Oluwajuwonlo, UI

I have been processing a lot of scholarships in many international schools, but it’s not working out. I would rather get outside the country to study for my course, than take 100 million. Cause Nigeria is not favourable for business.

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5. Bernard, UI

As for me I would be happy to leave this country, move to my dream country to start afresh. No matter the level I am.

6. Oyin, UNILAG

I’ll actually use that money to set myself up for something big. Leaving the country doesn’t assure me a greener pasture considering my current state. I don’t love the country because of the insecurities and unnecessary inflation but I’m not starving here. I’ll take the money and continue it’s not like there’s school any way.

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7. Busayo, FUOYE

Better to remain in school for 100million o. I go use am run some things. Then move to dream country later.

8. Tope, UI

I go stay ooo. I dey last lap already. 🥺

9. Iyanu, FUOYE

Japa abeg. With the way this country is, shey somebody will not finish 100 million in a month? Assuming the 100 million can cover ASUU’s demand, I would have just settled them sef so they can stop wasting our time with all these strikes. But as e no reach, make I just comot abeg.

10. Ifeoluwa, UI

Ni final year? 😂 Where do I want to start from? Omo, na to rugged am o. Just collect the 100m and start a business sha. Maybe invest too. I wouldn’t mind relocating later, but for now let me finish what I’ve started.

What’s your take on this? Would you rather continue here for N100M or relocate?

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