Top 10 Businesses To Start With Less Than 10k

It is a common mantra that you have to spend money to earn money. While this is true, not all business ideas are capital intensive. Below are some ideas that don’t require more than ten thousand naira to start:

1. Photography

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For this line of work, you’d need a good camera (which you already probably have through your smartphone), editing software and photography skills

2. Freelance writing

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Blogs and companies are always looking for seasoned writers, so writers can never run out of a market. All you need to begin is stable internet connection and a good laptop or smartphone.

3. Digital/Soft Skills

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Graphics design, web designs, data analysis etc are skills that can be learnt from the comfortof your home through your phone. All you need is data subscription, editing software and lots of YouTube videos.

4. Vocational Skills

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Having skills like baking, hairdressing, dress making, bead making, production of skincare products, etc. can be a great bonus. These businesses are very much in demand and require little capital

5. Taking Surveys

This requires very little to no capital. It requires your skill, and devotion. is an example of a site that pays people to take surveys. All you need is your phone and data..

6. Selling food

For people who practise good hygiene, good customer relations and excellent culinary skills, selling food and provisions is a good way to earn money without having to spend too much.

7. Cleaning service

For this option to not be capital intensive, get ready to have your hands dirty. Literally. You’ll need buckets, soap, water and strong hands.

8. Sales of Airtime

All you need is data and a smartphone and you could earn commissions loading airtime and data for other students at affordable rates.

9. Tutoring

This requires almost no capital because you would be rendering a service that demands very little expenses on your part. All you need here is knowledge and good teaching and communication skills.

10. Art

Selling art online through NFTs is a recent lucrative option for students to make money. Selling and making art for a commission for brands and businesses is also a good option. Artworks made from various mediums eg acrylic paint on canvas, sculptures, pencil portrait, digital art etc can be exhibited and sold for handsome prices.

Even after school resumes, you can decide to continue with any of these to keep earning money by the side.