Dating a student in your department can be sweet, that fine senior everyone loves or that your breathtaking coursemate can be so ‘awwwn‘ worthy.

Those couple of the year awards at your departmental dinner. Good times, but what happens when you fight or break up?

10 issues might arise if you break up with lover boy or girl, they are:

1) The Horror Of Classes

Classes become boring. Your gist partner is gone, no one to whisper with during classes, no one to gossip about the lecturer’s accent now that you’ve alienated your friends. Imagine the horror of sitting through the classes alone.

2) Labs Become Chores

You used to be giddy about your boo being your lab partner because it meant more hands-on experience for you too, but now you only compete on who shoots the more glares and who couldn’t care less about the lab work.

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3) You Start To Appreciate Nature More

From walking to classes alone to walking back to your hostel alone, you’re bound to notice some things more, like the birds chirping, the blue sky, and the beautiful flowers. You just really get to understand nature, you know?

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4) You Get To Spend Your Money To Eat

Now you’re hungry, but you’re not used to buying your food during the break because your honey boo gets them for you, you mooched off him and he liked it but now you have to use your money to buy them, we experience new things every day.

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5) The New Experience Of Eating Alone

You guys always eat together but you have to sit all alone in the cafeteria eating soggy jollof rice with no one to complain to. It even gets worse when everyone there is all booed up feeding each other the rice. Sad life, dear, so sad that the soggy rice becomes uncooked.

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6) You Get To Do Your Assignment

Now that your smart lover is now angry with you, no one to copy or do it for you. With your CGPA blinking before your eyes, you start to wonder if you made a wrong decision fighting them and consider getting back together.

7) Everyone Keeps Talking About It

Your friends start asking for your side of the story at their pseudo attempts in conflict resolution but it’s them being nosy. You constantly feel people’s glances, some feeling sorry and some glad and fully ready to pounce on your partner.

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8) You Become An Example

You guys were probably the hotshot couple everyone envied and after the break-up, “Playboys” who knew about your relationship and who have zero intentions to commit said things like ‘Forever is a scam’ ‘if Sam and Fred broke up then anyone can.

9) You Get To Witness Them Move On

Moving on is hard but seeing your object of affection acting lovey-dovey with another is bound to make you go crazy. You have another reason to hate the department, who asked the course to play cupid?


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10) Little Side Jabs

Now your lover has moved on, leaving you all alone and discarded. What can you do except timely posts about karma on your social media and play the legendary break-up anthem that goes ‘Breakfast na national cake, e go touch everybody‘ when you see them together? Badmouth them, every time, it’ll make you feel better.

Despite all these, you still want to date someone in your department. Dassocute, the couple of the year award will shield your tears from the world, don’t worry.

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