10 Types Of Students You Will Find In UI’s Faculty Of Education

The faculty of education is that with the highest number of students in the prestigious University of Ibadan. Given its population, the faculty has students with different personalities.

Credit: NUESA press

Here are the ten types of students you’ll find in the faculty:

1. High sense of purpose

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For those who are sure that they’d be teachers. They can study from morning till night. Never allow themselves to be swayed by others. I know someone in Early Childhood Education who’s like that. She’s highly interested in Nursery school.

2. Low self-esteem

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For those that sleep and wake up in the faculty. Political Science is their desire but because of the cut-off mark, they got themselves in Education and religious studies or Education and Political Science. They’re never happy at all and hardly commit themselves to studies and are easily intimidated by acclaimed professional courses.

3. The School Is Scam Wagon

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They’re waiting to just coeducation certificate states. They’re not interested in working with that certificate, neither are they moved by even the so-called professional courses. They are already looking for business ideas. They’re plenty of them in the faculty.

4. Those who never knew they could enter the university at all

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They don’t mind studying how to drink water as a course so long it’s University. They can snap 100 times in the class with the caption “My friends and I” or “School is stressful”.

 5. The “I must belong” Group

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They love to hang out with those in the so-called professional courses. They slay with dresses. Always on the best outfit, not for the sake of dressing but to intimidate their classmates. They don’t bother if they have 45 over 100 since it’s not carry-over. They can be on 200 University online platforms and act as if they belong. 

6. The “You must go to school” Gang:

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Their parents pushed them out of the home. They don’t have any interest in obtaining a university degree at all but we’re forced to fulfil the wishes of their parents.

7. The “I must be the Valedictorian” Group

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Very few. They’re moved even when education is devalued and underrated. They’ll commit themselves to come out in first class, or even become the best graduating student. They’re not yet sure what to do after their studies. They just want to raise the bar and change the narratives.

8. The “Let’s use here to wait” Group

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This category of people is not interested in Nigerian Universities or even faculty of education. They’d rather be in the school environment, putting their best while waiting for their dream country or University.

9. The “catch cruise” Group:

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People who like to catch cruises belong to this group. Whether they failed a course or passed it, they’ll always have a reason to catch a cruise. They’re the carefree type who make the faculty environment a fun place to be. 

10. The talented group:

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This category of people is known for social activities around the faculty. They’re either comedians, dancers, musicians, or MCs. They’re very good at what they do and you’ll always find them in every social activity that occurs around campus.

If you’re lucky to have gotten access to this article, then you must have realized what group you belong to. We’ll be happy to hear your feedback in the comment session.