5 Privileges University of Ibadan Students Deserve From The Management

“The University of Ibadan” is certainly not a strange name to many. Prominently known as “The First and Best University”, the University of Ibadan assuredly lives up to her acclaimed standard, and even beyond.

Cruises and jokes apart, students of the prestigious University of Ibadan deserve to be commended, please!

As UI students, there are certain privileges we wish we enjoy, but for certain reasons, we don’t. The list below entails five privileges the University of Ibadan students deserve to enjoy from the management.

1. Use Of Hot Plates In Halls Of Residence.

The clamour for the reenactment of the use of hot plates in the halls of residence at the University of Ibadan is no news. The story behind the ban of hot plates in both male and female halls of residence in the Premier University is an interesting one.

On Friday, 12th May 2017, the management of the University of Ibadan banned the use of hot plates in all halls of residence, stating that any student caught using them would have to face the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC).

At present moment, the inconveniences caused by the ban are quite glaring as students have to rely on the use of only kerosene stoves to cook.
With the continual increase in the price of kerosene, some University of Ibadan students think that being unable to use the appliance is a form of inconsideration, as students deserve to enjoy this privilege.

Students should be given the privilege to use hot plates in the halls of residence without disturbances. The management should also implement rules every student has to unfailingly abide by, to ensure safety in the halls of residence and prevent harm.

2. Price Reduction.

With the astronomical increase in prices of commodities in the country, necessary goods have not been so easy to purchase by the general public.

The management could come up with possible means to ensure the reduction of the cost of goods, commodities sold and services provided to students on the university premises.

It would be highly delightful if students can enjoy such privilege at the prestigious University of Ibadan.

3. Transportation Cost Reduction.

Just a few months back, I went to school and I observed an increase in the prices of vehicle transportation on the university campus. This was claimed to be, the result of the increase in fuel prices which rocked the country a few months back.

Truth is, for students, boarding the available means of transportation on campus is a necessity. The human body is prone to fatigue and it is rather displeasing to trek during such moments.

As the country’s economy is unencouraging, it would be great if students are given the privilege to enjoy transport services at a reduced rate.

This privilege is deserved. After all, we are students of the First and Best.

4. Better Reward System To Motivate Students.

To be honest, UI is really tough and with such toughness should come to a great reward system!

Students deserve better treatment from the university management than they are given.
It is not a joke to be a student of UI. “Ani seeh, no be beans!”.

The university management should work towards establishing a better reward system for students. These include ensuring students learn in more conducive environments, improved infrastructural facilities, and better rewards for the best graduating students among others.

A better reward system is one of the privileges students deserve without a doubt!

5. Student Involvement In Decision Making.

It would be fair if students are consulted and involved in making decisions that would affect them.
To a considerable extent, students should be involved in the decision-making processes of activities that pertain to the affairs of students.

In conclusion, students can only do their best to ensure their opinions are heard and accepted.
Which of these privileges is mostly deserved by University of Ibadan students? Do you think we didn’t mention or might have missed it? Feel free to add them in the comment section below.