6 Things You Should Know Before Choosing UNILAG

Even if the University of Lagos is the most competitive and popular among other federal universities in the country, it is still imperative that anyone who wishes to be a student of the prestigious university is aware of certain things.

Unilag is surely diverse and its peculiarity cannot be overemphasized. There are countless things every aspirant should take note of before choosing the school to avoid disappointments and the like.


1. The Admission Quota System

This is the first and most important thing to look out for before choosing Unilag by ensuring that all admission guidelines are duly followed to avoid mistakes. It is important to know the requirements for whatever programme of choice and what it offers.

Understanding the admission quota system for all entries makes everything easily navigable, hence the importance of detailed research to derive one’s expectations.

Check the Unilag official website for more information.

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2. There is no discrimination

For a country with manifolds of ethnic groups and distinct religions, Unilag does not discriminate in any way. Everybody is treated equally irrespective of one’s status which further means there is nothing like special treatment.

This is very much applicable to every affair that takes place in the University ranging from the admission process to the assessment of students.

Over the years, the school has proved that one Nigeria is possible and they have stood their ground on such standard till the present.

3. The school is expensive

As an aspirant, it is of great importance that this point is taken into cognisance.

Unilag is a very expensive school!

Well, not necessarily the buying of materials or payment of school fees but majorly on the aspect of survival in the school.

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This has made a lot of students go astray because maintaining a standard Unilag student lifestyle can be exhausting and very expensive.
Nigeria is expensive but being a Unilag student is much more expensive.

This is evident in the ridiculous prices of houses and hostels situated close to the school as well as the prices of goods purchased in the school environment.
One of the reasons for this is because there is a stereotype that most Unilag students are doing well financially, and sellers tend to exploit which in turn affects every other student.

4. Unilag offers a superb fun life

If there is one amazing thing Unilag will always be known for, it is that the fun life in Unilag is unmatched. The school administration does its best to make sure students are engaged in all aspects of life, entertainment included.

Maybe because it is situated in Lagos, the school surely gives a lot of attention which other schools cannot.
Therefore, Unilag does not only offer standard academic knowledge, but it also balances it up by adding some fun.

5. The lecturers are very strict

The truth is life can be very annoying as a Unilag student, especially regarding this aspect. The lecturers can be very frustrating and they give several forms of frustration. That is to say, the frustration has different grades.

Another thing is if you are not capable of studying alone, it might be quite difficult to survive as you will have to depend on those that have a better knowledge of a particular course. The bottom line is that the lecturers might not be forthcoming in a lot of aspects which can be very discouraging.

6. Unilag will generally assign you a new lifestyle

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There is something known as a hidden curriculum in education. This curriculum is not taught in a four-corner classroom nor does it have a particular book that documents the curriculum standard. It is entirely informal which makes us understand that there are things that need not be taught when in a new school system. That is to say, as an aspirant or new student in the school, a change of lifestyle is inevitable.

For someone who does not readily adapt to change, preparing your mind for this is very necessary.
The change will come from different angles, some you might be aware of and some you might not be conscious of. It could be in the aspect of food, fashion, language, and interaction, just to mention a few. The major thing is that lifestyle change once a student is inevitable.

The things stated above are not to discourage one from considering being a student of the University, it is just to shed light ahead of things that are bound to be experienced. Hence, one needs to fully acknowledge the probable problems and find solutions where necessary.
As mentioned earlier, there are countless things to know about the school before choosing, however, the most necessary have been emphasized.