5 Reasons To Get Your PVC Now

I believe everyone knows by now that INEC has extended the deadline for PVC registration by 60 days from the 30th of June, 2022. But some of you with coconut heads will carry the same energy you used for NIN registration to PVC again. And we’re not taking that this time at all.

If you haven’t gotten your PVC, here are five (5) reasons to get it now.

1. Enough of Political Apathy

I know we all think it doesn’t matter if we vote, whoever the higher-ups want to put in those positions is who will still enter… but what if we’re wrong? What if we pull in the numbers and our votes have a collective voice that speaks and cannot be denied? We will never know except we vote, and we surely can’t vote except we have our PVCs, can we?

2. The future of this country depends on it

E never tire you? ‘Cause e don tire me o. We complain about the worse situation of things in this country, some of us have even grown used to it sadly. But we can’t continue like this. We must be the change we need. And it starts with making a decision that affects the future of our nation.

3. It is your right to vote

It is your right to vote so exercise it. If you don’t, you would merely be robbing yourself of your right. So get your PVCs and exercise your voting rights.

4. Your children will ask you for it

You know the same way you ask your parents how they folded their arms and let things get so bad in this country during their time? Well, in a few years from now, that’ll be your kids to you. I know you say you’re going to work hard, earn more money and give them better opportunities, but if you had a chance at making Nigeria, I’d say you should go for it. I’d say you should get your PVC and vote.

5. Japa is not an option

You might be trying to secure better opportunities in a foreign country, so you probably already think all of this PVC business is none of your concern. But remember that that scholarship opportunity would be just for you. You’ll still have friends and families here, so nothing changes for them.

Japa is not an option for some so must we then give up on our country? Get your PVC.

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Finally, even if you’re not in the country, encourage friends and family members who are yet to get their PVCs. I encourage you all to get your voter’s card. I encourage you to exercise your voting rights and to do so wisely.

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