Your Male Hostel At UNILAG And What It Says About You

As a student or an intending student at Unilag, there certainly are a lot of reputation that precedes you whether you like it or not. From being teased or envied by your friends from other Universities to being respected by parents whose children failed in multiple attempts to be in your shoes. Whether you like it or not, these things will persist as long you bear the mark of an Akokite and there’s not much you can do to change that.


Similarly, as a student who resides in one of the school hostels, there are preconceived notions about you that you may or may not even know or care about, and cannot change. It is that presumption that comes to mind when you say, “I stay in Jaja hall.” In this article, you will discover some of the presumptions and facts about male hostels in Unilag and what they say about you the occupant.

There are 5 male hostels in Unilag, in no particular order they include:

  1. King Jaja Hall
  2. Professor Saburi Biobaku Hall
  3. Mariere Hall
  4. Shodeinde Hall
  5. Eni Njoku Hall.


This hall is right beside Kofo hall, the guys there are notorious and quite raz. Occupants of Biobaku hall enjoy a stable water supply and a spacious environment, a mini low-budget gym and two-foot fields.

Biobaku is the neatest male hostel in Unilag excluding Shodeinde hall which is exclusive and more expensive than all others.

A dominant feature of the Biobaku hall is the bedbugs’ invasion, especially every second semester. Biobaku boys are typically broke and they lack good food. It is the hostel with the worst food vendors. Meals are expensive, never satisfying and unhealthy sometimes. A typical Biobaku boy comes back to the hostel with a pack of food from restaurants far away from his hostel.

Biobaku boys also have a close relationship with Kofo girls and they vibe easily in their numbers. The squatting conditions in Biobaku are second to none, apparently one can hardly enjoy his Bonafide privileges as a bed space owner because there are 3x more squatters than Bonafide in a room. All rooms are 8 men but no one room has less than 23 occupants.

Similarities between the above-mentioned halls are that; they don’t have good quality food around unlike Newhall and the Main campus, despite being close to the gate, they have to walk a long distance to cab parks and the main gate.

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Shodeinde hall has both Postgraduate and undergraduate hall sections in the same building. The Shodeinde undergraduate hall is the best, neatest and most comfortable male hostel in Unilag. The rooms have their bathroom and toilet inside it unlike in other hostels where toilets are shared. Shodeinde boys are usually 100level students, final year students or any student with connection. It is the first choice male hostel for Akokites but also the most expensive. As a result of this, Shodeinde boys are usually seen as big fresh boys.


Eni Njoku hall is a regular male hostel located at the far end of the Newhall hostels. It is best known to be the least neat male hostel. Eni Njoku rooms are typically small and overcrowded, you can also perceive the offensive smell from their toilet from the walkway. Some rooms are so close to the bathroom and toilet that one can’t sleep comfortably when it starts to smell. Amidst all these, Eni Njoku is still very much preferred among geeks and broke scholars because, unlike the other male hostels, nothing happens in Eni Njoku. The only fun there is a table tennis table that is always crowded.


Mariere hall is located right across Moremi hall, by the campus cab part towards the main auditorium. This hall like Jaja is the favourite for law, engineering and science boys because it is quite close to their faculties. The rooms are between 4-8man but are occupied by double the amount it was built to contain. Mariere hall is not the neatest male hostel but it is quite neat. The reading room is the best among male hostels and the bathrooms are quite exposed to the public. One can easily see the boys in towels and boxers parading. This hostel also enjoys similar benefits as Jaja hall because it is in the main campus area. The preconceived notion about Mariere hall is that it is a haven for gay guys, some call it “the gay hostel.”. There are different gay cliques in Mariere hall and they’re not ashamed of it.


King Jaja hall or Jaja hostel is the most populated male hostel in Unilag. It sits between Gtbank and the faculty of science, the rooms are between 4-10man. This hostel is the most popular male hostel and there’s also a thing or two to say about “Jaja boys.” The rooms are choked and overcrowded which results in increased theft cases, noise from pointless arguments, and music. Jaja hostel is not only populated with just students alone, but bedbugs also have permanent residency there. The famous Jaja complex is the busiest of all and you can get the best, most affordable meals around Jaja. This hostel is the most interesting and fun-filled male hostel so it is usually in high demand. Jaja boys are typically easy on the eyes, good at luring girls to dark spots for smooching, and great cooks too. There’s also free WiFi in Jaja and a big viewing centre for football matches and movies.

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Apart from just male and female Undergraduate hostels in Unilag, there are mixed Postgraduate hostels where male and female students stay together, one privilege most undergraduates will always wish they enjoyed. These hostels are usually neat and calm.
There are three Postgraduate hostels in Unilag namely:

  1. Shodeinde Postgraduate Hall
  2. Henry Carr Hall
  3. Erastus Akingbola Hall

These halls are mixed and one can hardly identify postgraduate students in Unilag but when you see a relatively older person coming out of these hostels, you can easily assume that he or she is a full-time postgraduate student.

There are on and off-campus hostels within Unilag and its environs, however, when a person identifies that they stay within the hostel, it is easy to relate with them if you know the kind of conditions they’re exposed to and how their immediate environment can influence how they think and act.

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