5 Important Things You Probably Missed When You Saw “Breaded Life”

It has only been out on Netflix for 2 weeks but Breaded Life has definitely been received with much love by many fans. Even though it is such a fun and hilarious movie, it’s still amazing to see that amidst the humour, the producers managed to pass across many lessons.

Your take home after viewing the 2 hour movie might have been “When life deals you a lot of blows, just hit your head against a wall and wake up from the sick dream that you refuse to believe is your life”. But there are more lessons to learn from this movie.
Keep reading to find out!

1. Everybody has their ‘thing’

It’s funny to see how Sunmisola (Timini Egbuson) moves from grace to grass and back to grace again. But when you get past that, what you see is a man who didn’t know what he was about but discovered himself when life happened to him. It’s a beautiful story of self-discovery. Although it had to be the hard way, Sunmi learned what he’s about and what he’s good at. And it applies to everyone too. We all have our thing, something that comes to us naturally. Even if you haven’t discovered yours, you have your ‘thing’ too.

2. What your business needs to thrive might just be packaging

Thanks to Sunmi, Jugunu (Lateef Adedimeji) might have never known just how much potential his bakery business had. I mean think about it. It really is about packaging. Rich people eat, wear and drink the same things that average people do too. But they pay more for it because of the way the people they buy from sell it to them. You want to have clients who can roll those big bucks in for you? Level up. Rebrand. Package your business.

3. Only responsible people should have kids

In the words of the ‘sage’ character, Makanaki (Bolanle Ninalowo), “If you cannot take care of a shaid (child), don’t have a shaid.” Wise words, Makanaki. I couldn’t agree more.

4. People will shame you

People will shame you and sometimes it will be the ones you least expected. Sometimes, it will be the ones you love, who you thought loved you too. But they’ll say stuff like they’re looking out for you and it’s for your own good. And it truly might be for your own good. But the point is you will feel shamed and disappointed. 😂 Such is life.

5. Bimbo Ademoye is a great actress

Yeah, I had to say this. I know we all know this on some level, but someone had to reaffirm this. And I thought I’d be that someone. I don’t think there’s a character that’s been played by Bimbo Ademoye that she failed to deliver excellently. She’s that good. And she did no less in Breaded Life.

That’s it, guys! If you haven’t seen it, I tried not to ruin the movie for you, and I hope this makes you want to watch it for yourself. It’s out on Netflix, go check it out!

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