Your Female Hostel At UNILAG And What It Says About You

Are you a student of Unilag or do you hope to be one soon, well whichever category you fall under, this article will be exposing you to the different hostels in Unilag and what one can say about the occupants in each hostel?

As you may have known already, the University of Lagos is considered the University of the first choice and the nation’s pride because it is the most sought-after University in Nigeria. Various students apply from both far and near to secure admission and become Akokites. As a result of this, there is a high demand for Hostels in Unilag both on and off-campus.

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The University of Lagos has 3 different campuses namely

1. Akoka (Main Campus)
2. Yaba (Radiography)
3. Idi-Araba (College of Medicine)

Hostels in UNILAG

There are about 13 undergraduate hostels and 3 post-graduate hostels on Unilag’s main campus (Akoka). 7 of the 17 are female hostels while 6 are male hostels. the postgraduate hostels are usually mixed.
The College of Medicine at Idi-Araba Mushin Has about 6 hostels in comparatively better condition than the other campuses.
The final being Radiography has just one female postgraduate hostel.

List of Female Hostels in UNILAG

  1. Moremi Hall
  2. Queen Amina Hall
  3. Kofo Ademola Hall
  4. Madam TINUBU HALL
  5. Fagunwa Hall
  6. Honours Hall
  7. Aliyu Makama Bida Hall

Each one contains regular, private and semi-private hostel(s). Unfortunately, the capacity of all the hostels combined cannot house up to one-fifth (1/5) of the students thereby leading to overpopulation in the hostels. All hostels in Unilag are overpopulated.

Every hostel possesses one unique attribute and what it is known for which will always tell on the lifestyle and nature of the occupants. Let’s now look at the female hostels at Unilag and what it says about the occupants.


This hall is situated on the main campus, about a 3-minute walk from the main gate. it sits right behind the faculty of Education on Ransome Kuti drive.

Queen Amina hall has a very big pavement where students sit to chill and discuss till late at night and you can hardly walk past this hall without finding one or two cars parked in front of the hostel to drop or pick up Amina babes.

The hostel is relatively spacious, there are 2-12 men rooms across three blocks (ABC).

Many students believe that this hostel is the least neat. There’s usually a shortage of water supply so a typical Amina hall girl is conscious of Its availability. The hostel is close to the road so the girls are usually careful of their windows.

Their restrooms and bathrooms have poor drainage so you can hardly bath or walk around without getting your feet soaked in stagnant bath water.

Because of all these features, Amina hall is considered the least favourite among female students and the girls there are sometimes seen as “untushed” or “low budget”.


Kofo Ademola hall is located just adjacent to Queen Amina Hall on Ransome Kuti Drive. This hostel is comparatively neat, calm and spacious.

It can be said to be the second neatest female undergraduate hostel in Unilag. Kofo enjoys a stable water supply and the girls there live soft. Like Amina, it shares a high percentage of education students as the occupants.

Kofo is also right beside Biobaku hall, a notorious hostel with students who occasionally disturb kofo girls through their windows in their quest to get a satisfying view of boobs and the likes. The rooms are 8 men with 4 bunks.

Usually, each bonafide bed space occupant is allowed to bring in one squatter making 16 girls in a room. Kofo girls are known to be friendly and quite neat too. They have big girls that storm different clubs across Lagos.


MTH is widely considered to be the best female hostel in Unilag. It is neat and calm. The cleaners are quite good at their job and the porters are also quite cooperative. MTH has a lot of big rich girls. Since it’s the best, everyone would want a place in it. The hall is located in Newhall, along with 5 other undergraduate halls and 1 post-graduate hall. MTH is simply the first choice for female hostels because it is not as crowded as other hostels in Unilag.


Fagunwa hall is closely linked with MTH in the structure but is not as neat as MTH. The girls in Fagunwa are often razz and are fund of shouting through their windows and corridors. There’s always this foul smell around the Fagunwa hall fate and the porters there are mean for a price. The relaxation centre unlike that of MTH is usually crowded at night.


Makama Bida hall is also in Newhall but is the first hall you see as soon as one enters the Newhall hostel complex. Makama girls are loud and noisy, they are always outside at night because of the bad facilities in their rooms. Some rooms in Makama suffer when it rains, especially those on the last floor. Sometimes the heavy wind blows away their roof and soaks the beds. Their water is natural tea water, not suitable for any form of consumption and girls always have to queue to get water every time.

As result of these bad conditions, Makama girls Gary spend the weekend in their hostel, especially when they have a boyfriend or friend with benefits who has an apartment off-campus. Makama is typically noisy at night because of the loud music and screams from the cars parked in front and the crowd sitting by the entrance.

Some similarities between female hostels at Newhall

Drone captured night-view of New Hall UNILAG.


The girls are the hottest. Newhall houses some of the hottest Unilag babes, you can see them in their numbers, dressed very light and seductive. Guys come from far and near to woo them. A single girl could be approached by 5 guys in just one night if she has the look. The restaurants at Newhall are affordable and nice. Newhall girls like Suya so much and they don’t hide it.


Moremi hall is the biggest and most populated female hostel. It is located at the heart of Unilag at the main campus cab part area where also you can find the senate building, Facilities, library and so on. The rooms there are from 2-8man rooms, it is spacious and relatively neat and there’s stable water and power supply. It has nice views but some windows are quite exposed to the main road and it makes a good view for Mariere boys.

Most Moremi hall girls hardly get stranded with data because of the availability of free WiFi zones within and outside their halls. It has a relaxation centre and a very nice common room. Moremi is arguably the best female hostel because of its location and surrounding areas. It is the best choice for Faculties of Law babes, Art girls and Science girls. Moremi hall girls are not low-budget in any way, you can tell by the kind of cars that park they at night. They have the best hall week and strictest porters.

A typical Moremi hall squatter is always observant of which hostel porter is at the entrance before attempting to enter.

Sometimes they stay out till 11 pm before going in even though they paid so high to secure the squatting space. Some believe that this hall is filled with Unilag big girls, runs girls and aristos because of the scenes at night.

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Honours hall is located on the outskirts of the main campus area, towards the Distance Learning Institute at the Second gate (Onike Iwaya). It shares a similar structure with Biobaku and Kofo halls, also with 8man rooms.

The hostel is the last choice for female students because of the history it holds for robberies which are now “history.” An observation of the honours hall shows that there’s peace and tranquillity in the area but it suffers both water and electricity issues regularly.

Honours hall girls are well fed by Iya Moria’s Amala and other nice delicacies. Honours girls hardly get the same attention from guys as the other female hostels so the girls there are usually inside their rooms. Although you can find a few sitting by the road spending time till around 9 pm when all males are asked to leave the area.


This female hostel is located right next to the Honours hall but isn’t as low-budget as honours in any way. It is the most expensive hostel on Unilag’s main campus. The rooms are air-conditioned and ensuite.

There are 2-4 men rooms with prices ranging between 250,000 to 350,000 naira. Some occupants of this hostel drive nice rides and live large because it takes a Rich parent to afford that place.

When a guy secures a Women Society hall babe, he boasts and brags about it like a trophy because it is very likely that she spends on him.


The radiography hall is a female postgraduate hostel located at Yaba, away from the main campus environment. Although it is designated for postgraduate students, as an extension of the college of medicine, the majority of its occupants are undergraduate students. This hall has similar trends because most of the students there come to attend their classes on the main campus. This hostel suffers power and water supply issues. Students have to cook one after the other and they hardly get attention from Unilag boys.

Working knowledge of the hostels would help you give the right assumptions about the average Unilag. These may seem like just hostel trends and features, but it is impossible to exist in these hostels without having a reflection on these characteristics in your campus life.

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