9 Unmissable Attributes of Every Course Rep

In every human setting, there’s a need to have someone who will represent us one way or the other. So it’s in the university setting where there’s a course representative who will represent their classmates. These course representatives may be chosen through voting, lecturer’s choice or consensus.

There are some characteristics that you can never miss in course reps. Some might have all these attributes while some have just a few. Either way, the point is that course reps have some habits in common. I’m quite sure that as you read this, you will see some attributes that pertain to your course rep. Sit back and enjoy. This piece promises to be an educating read.

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1) Intelligence

There are some course reps whose IQ is on another level. Jeez!!! There are times you will wonder if you have a mosquito brain compared to that of your course rep. They have answers to your unknown questions even. They are always ready with the right answers for anything relating to your course, even beyond at times. If you have a course rep like this, you must appreciate them from time to time because “e no easy to get madddt intellect”.

2) Empathy and Sympathy

These are the fathers and mothers of their classmates. The ones with these attributes play the role of a mother or a father anytime, any day. As far as their course is concerned, they had to go miles just to make their coursemates okay. From stressing lecturers to give handouts, to reproducing the handout for better distribution and the like. If your course rep has these attributes then you have more than enough. Make sure you buy them a cold zobo once Asuu calls off strike.

3) Confidence

Class representatives always have this air of confidence surrounding them. This is one of the few reasons they got chosen, anyway. Who wants a class rep who is shy?

4) Thick-skinned

This attribute,ehn, if they don’t have it before, will develop along the way. Many shades will be thrown at them, they’ll be mudded many times so they’ve got no choice but to get used to it. That way, it won’t bother them again.

5) Loyalty

If your class rep is not loyal, then it’s over. Loyalty is one attribute that should be present in every human, especially those that lead. If not, things will go astray.

6) Self-control

This goes together with being thick-skinned. As self-control grows, thick skin grows too. There will be a lot of times where the patience of course reps is tested. Their self-control keeps them in check to avoid blowing out now and then.

7) Communication skills

Communication is the key, yeah? A course rep can only be an effective one if he/she communicates frequently with their coursemates. Communication not done at all or poorly done will definitely to arguments and fights between the class when it comes to ideas and opinions.

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8) Teamwork

The ability to work hand-in-hand with other coursemates must not be lost in a course rep. Who wants a dictator as a course rep? No one. Having a course rep that has this attribute helps a lot. It makes things easier for everyone in the class.

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It’s not enough for your course rep to only have the air of confidence, if they are not helpful, it’s useless. That ability to help other coursemates to learn, and help them grow in their area of study is very essential.

If your course rep does not have at least 5 out of these attributes, comrade, it’s time to change your course rep. It’s a leadership position that requires great energy and positive attributes not an “èmi lọ kàn” position.