Why You Shouldn’t Miss Any Event Happening At UI

As a student in the university, you will soon find out, if you haven’t already, that there’s a lot more that goes on in the school community beyond receiving lectures in the classroom and preparing for tests and exams. Even the school management recognizes the importance of unwinding from school wahala and that is why they approve extra curricular activities which help the students to socialize. I know you’re here to secure the best degree there is in the best university in Nigeria (at least I hope you are) but there’s no reason to miss out on all the great events happening around you in UI.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss any event happening in UI.

1. You get to distress and kill boredom

There’s just always something to frustrate you in any federal university in this country, how much more when you’re a student of UI. Try dey rest o. Try dey cool your head. Attend social activities. Let your hair down, hang out with friends, take pictures and just have a fun time. It helps to reduce stress levels.

2. You get to network with people

There are a lot of activities organized often in the school community and by the management as well. Often times, workshops or seminars are conducted. Maximize such opportunities to meet new people or personalities that will be instrumental in your career growth and development. It’s not every time you should attend those seminars because they promised you item 7 or the lecturer said attendance there is compulsory. You can also network. Meet new people and pitch yourself or what you do to them. Na so some people take blow o.

3. You get to create memorable experiences

UI is known to invite some of the best musical talents in Nigeria to such social gatherings now and then. Attending one of these great events could just be your one time opportunity to meet your fave artiste. So go all out, scream at the top of your voice, make a ton of videos that you can watch later and cherish forever.

4. You get to showcase your talent

Every faculty, department or hall that does one social activity or the other always include segments where talents can be properly appreciated. From the variety night to the cultural night, if you have a flair for any form of art and are not too shy to show the world what you’ve got, then these sort of events are the platform you need right now. Nobody started big, everyone started from somewhere. So make sure you attend these events more and put your talent out there.

5. You get free food!

Even the stingiest departments or the faculty with the lowest budget will still share gala. So, that’s another very valid reason to not miss these events. Particularly in first semester when every Christian fellowship and other associations on campus are organizing programs aimed at recruiting new members, na to enjoy free food dey go.

Let’s hear from you in the comments section; for what other reasons should you avoid missing events in UI?