Top 10 Most Streamed Nigerian Songs in August 2022

Music is Art! Music is life! Music is a way of life!

Songs trigger different emotions in different individuals. For some, it’s a stress reliever, for some therapeutic, for some a means of escape, for some a livelihood, for some a hobby, but it is widely accepted as a norm of life.

2022 has been a year of hit singles, albums and collabs in the music industry. Songs topping the charts of streaming lists on apps and websites like Spotify, Audiomack and the likes. Month after month, we get new jams and new streaming lists that have everyone hooked and wanting more.

Here, we have highlighted the best summer hit songs that were the most-streamed in August this year; we have carefully chosen ten songs that hit the charts and streaming spaces hard.

If you no know before, you go sabi now! Follow through with us on the list, from rank number 1 to number 10, with 1 being the most-streamed on the list, and we’ll take you through the hits and help you seek out new hit sounds you can add to your playlists. Our lists contain sensational dominant Nigeria Afrobeats, Afropop, Amapiano vibes, Nigeria R&B and everything in between.

Enough talk, yes? Let’s get to it!

Top 10 most streamed songs (August 2022)

10. New born Fela

Starting and opening the floor on our list today is this hit single, “New born Fela,” by the sensational and very African Bella Shmurda. The single, released on the 5th of August 2022, is a sound that evokes nostalgia due to the mind behind the song. The song was released as an ode to the legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti by Bella Shmurda. The song featured a eulogy rendition all in honour of the legend Fela. The artiste, Shmurda, in the song, praised his model and also applauded his work so far and has acclaimed himself to be the contemporary Fela of our time.

The Afrobeat sound depicts the rebirth of a “New-day Fela” in the form of Bella Shmurda. The song, which was a follow-up to the song “Plug” by the artiste, gained high reactions, love and a streaming volume of 1.99 million by fans, we do look forward to more from Bella Shmurda, and maybe we might begin to look at him in the light of the legend Fela.

9. It’s Plenty

Coming up as Number 9 on our list is one of the art pieces by our African hotshot Burna Boy, “It’s Plenty”. Burna Boy has been in the business of blessing us with sneak peeks of his album “Love, Damini”, and this is one of those peeks into his artistic mind. The single released on the 8th of July this year is an Afrobeat sensation designed as a song of celebration for hustlers and everyone who thinks they have been working hard in their lives.
The song’s release was received warmly and with powerful reactions, as is the culture of all Burna Boy’s releases. The song hit high views and a stream volume of 2.39 million, a song of joy in the benefits of hard work. Burna Boy without a doubt hits us well every time, and we like it.

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8. For my Hand

For My Hand” is the Number 8 on our list and it is a sensational hit single from the Album “Love, Damini” by our African Hotshot, Burna Boy, but this time around, aided by an international face and force to be reckoned with. Burna Boy featured Ed Sheeran in this song, one of the sneak peeks into Burna’s album. The Afrobeats hit single was released on the 11th of July this year and was melodiously received. People were particularly psyched and excited by Ed Sheeran’s featuring and perfect execution of his part of the song.

For My Hand” hit the charts hard, ranking number 1 on the UK Afrobeats Billboard and number 2 on the US Afrobeats Billboard, and also a stream volume of 2.62 million in August. The melodious song embedded with lyrics that gave the song its heart was well received by fans and critics alike.

7. Common Person

Listed Number 7 on the most streamed song in August 2022 is “Common Person”, another song of Odogwu, Burna Boy, that got streamed hard this summer. Also, from the album “Love, Damini”, the Afrobeats is another sneak peek into Odogwu’s album. The song was released on the 8th of July, hit a stream volume of 2.79 million in August and also became an anthem and new theme for every hustler out there.

The song was believed to be Odogwu’s way of reaching out to every hustler and financially trying person out there, subtly reminding them that it’s a phase and it does not reduce who they are. The song was declared a masterpiece, and continuous love was rained on Odogwu; we want and expect more from him.

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6. Overloading (Overdose)

Taking up the 6th postion on our list is the sweet melodious love song that has girls blushing furiously and giving guys vibes of corny but sweet lines, none other than Overloading. The song released on the 12th of May this year was a product of a combination of voices under the Mavins records. The Afrobeat/Afropop melody featured Mavins record artistees, Crayon, Ayra Starr, Magixx, Boy Spyce and our boy Ladipoe. This combination of voices serenaded our hearts, brought smiles to our faces and got dancing reactions out of us. The song was said to have been released by Mavins as a symbol of appreciation to all its fans for the love of all the time and sticking with them. The song hit the charts hard as well as our hearts, hitting a stream volume of 2.86 million in August, and it also proceeded to be a TikTok sensation. The song is found on the lips of every Mavins fan and non-fan and deserves all the hype it gets.

5. Peace be Unto you (PBUY)

Showing up as the 5th most streamed song in August is the hit single by the rising and currently popular Asake (Ololade Ahmed). The Afrobeats single released on the 16th of June is one of the songs in the artiste’s album “Mr Money with the Vibe“, and it was received with as much crazy happiness as was evident in the song. When the artiste released the first snippets of the song, some criticisms were thrown by fans that the song is almost similar to his previous single, “Palazzo“, but soon that notion was cleared when the entirety of the song was released and received. The song hit global charts like the Apple music top songs, with a stream volume of 2.94 million in August. The song was a sensational drop right after “Trabaye” and “Sungba“, which the artistes already took us through. We are awaiting more from Asake.

4. Machala

Moving in as Number 4 on our list is the debut single that was the first step in the direction of limelight taken by the artiste Carter Efe and IG Comedian. Carter Efe featured Berri Tiga, and DJ swagman produced the sound, the Electronic dance Afrobeat single with Amapiano vibes had gained such big, wide and fast grounds, irrespective of the controversies around the song. The single released on the 29th of July was a song written as an Ode to Wizkid by Carter Efe. Carter is hopelessly enamoured with Wizkid and took to the studio just to show how much he was obsessed with him by creating a song out of the nickname “Machala“.

The song ranked seventh this summer and hit a stream volume of 4.15 million in August. It became a TikTok trend with its amapiano-infused tone. The song also made a debut appearance on US Afrobeats Billboard at number 14, and it topped the Apple music charts. We hope this isn’t a one-time thing for Carter Efe.

It’s not a surprise that “Machala” made it to the list of most streamed songs in August.

3. Bandana

Coming in as Number 3 on our list today is a work of art by one of Empire and YBNL star artistes, Fireboy DML, featuring Asake. The single is one of the songs off of the album “Playboy” that was released on the 5th of August.
The Nigeria R&B, Afropop/Beats single was released on the 15th of July this year as a sneak peeks into “Playboy“. Fans of Fireboy and Asake warmly received the hit single, and it gave us a view of Fireboy’s pipeline album before its release, hitting 4.54 million streams this August, the song hit charts and struck billboards.

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2. Last Last

Coming in as Number 2 is another Odogwu song and his fourth on our list. The hit “breakfast” song by Burna Boy was a sensational hit that struck 6 million streams in August and came in as the second most streamed song in Nigeria this summer. The Afrobeats single was released on the 13th of May this year, and the song elicited wild reactions from fans and critics alike.

The song release allegedly follows the breakup of Burna Boy with his then-girlfriend Stefflon Don, and the song was believed to be Burna Boy’s way of expressing his feelings after the split. Reasons irrespective, the song was warmly received with a premiere highly attended at a Madison Square Garden concert. Odogwu keeps giving his back-to-back, and we are not complaining.

1. Terminator

And finally, on the most streamed songs in August is the unconventional hit single that can still be found on the lips of a vast population. The single was released right after PBUY by Asake (Ololade). The Afrobeats single is yet another snippet of Asake’s albumMr Money with the vibe“. The song released a month after ” Peace Be Unto You” on the 18th of August followed up strong and had Asake fans rushing to stream, listen and download, leading to a stream volume of 6.83 million in August. It was indeed a hit single and also a fan favourite. Ololade mi Asake has been blessing us with his Amapiano beat and thrilling songs, and we are not complaining.

You don sabi now! Search out these hit singles and add them to your playlists as much as it pleases you.

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