Trybe H2H Student Edition: Nimie Vs Moymo (Who Is The Richest, Most Beautiful, and Most Influential Between Both Influencers?)

There have been a lot of popular influencers from UNILAG, the school of first choice and the nation’s pride. Handsome young men and very pretty young women have risen to stardom while striving for their degrees at the university. Some of them are Triplets Delesafa, the triplets who own a joint verified TikTok account. Temi Kosoko, daughter of Jide Kosoko, Nimie, Beloved, Moymo, Eronini, and many more. Today, I’ll be writing about Nimie and Moymo.

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The majority of us should know Nimie. The pretty young lady that was singled out by Rema and taken care of exclusively. I mean, even the pictures moved some of the singer’s loyal female fans to the brink of tears amidst the utter cries of “God when”?. Hello ma, find a man. On the other hand, Moymo, another very popular influencer who dated Eronini, is also from UNILAG—yes, dated. You don’t know about the breakup? Read on, please.


Delving into her background, I found out that Nimie’s full name is IFEOLUWANIMI OGUNJEBE. She is a model, an actress, and a social media influencer. Nimie is a 300-level student of Physics Education at the University of Lagos who stays at her parents’ residence in Lekki. Nimie was a regular social media influencer until her date with Rema in 2020. Remember when the Dumebi singer made a challenge on social media and promised to take the winner out on a shopping spree? Well, Nimie got lucky and emerged as the winner. Not long after, Rema was seen in a white shirt and black trousers with wine-coloured hair, and Nimie sat pretty in a white shirt dress and heels, enjoying themselves.

Nimie’s date with Rema skyrocketed her followers on social media and her social life as a whole, and she used the temporary fame to her advantage. She worked with many brands for the advertising of their products. Nimie also owns a fashion line called Nimie Collections, so you’ll see her basking in her stunning fashion style on her social media page.


Moymo’s real name is FADEKEMI ADESUNLOYE. Moymo is a social media influencer who primarily uses TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She promotes the products of brands by advertising for them on her page.

Moymo dated Eronini Osi, a brand influencer from the Eastern part of Nigeria and also a student at the University of Lagos. Eronini has endorsed a number of skincare products on social media. Moymo flaunted her boyfriend on her social media platforms, and Eronini used to do likewise. The two had a YouTube channel where they discussed their relationship goals. At the moment, Eronini is rumoured to be dating Ammie, a fellow member of The Geng.

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Who Is More Influential?

These two ladies, for a start, are both social media influencers. They have made deals with several brands and are popular for serving breathtaking pictures of themselves, as they are hot. Some of the brands Nimie has worked with are Jennys Glow Nigeria, Ixy Fashion, My Rocket App, Spedy Weight Loss, Eighteen Sneakers Store , Miss Lola Clothing Store, Shein Clothing Brand, Nneoma Fashion Line, Natural Girl Wigs, Jumia Nigeria ,
Star Radler, Doll Kill, Defacto, Yetty Collection, and Drey Closet. On the other hand, Moymo has worked with brands like sprite_ng, rixariskinsecrets, ulahair, and so on. Both make money from brand influence, but Nimie seems more influential.

Who Is More Business Minded?

Although Nimie has a clothing line that she calls Nimie Collections and has hinted at going into the movie industry as an actress, Moymo is a commercial model. And even if she hasn’t enlightened the media on her future plans for herself, she is a content creator, a creative director, and a makeup artist. As Nimie advertises her business by putting on some of her brand’s clothes, Moymo does her makeup for her YouTube videos.

Who Has A More Stable Love Life?

Ever since the breakup between Moymo and Eronini, the social media star has been quiet, so we haven’t heard or seen much about her social or love life, unlike her ex-boyfriend, who has risen to stardom ever since their union. Nimie, on the other hand, has come out to reveal her boyfriend after getting a whiff of the rumours that she’s dating Rema. She has cleared the air about her and Rema, saying what they had was just a one-day thing, and she reveals her boyfriend in the process, who turns out to be a man popularly known as Lord Lamba.

Who Is More Beautiful Among The Girls?

We can’t say as they both rock their worlds. These babes would make you wish you had chosen a girlfriend among the Yoruba people. With their stunning presence and well-to-do businesses, people wish them well, and fans are rooting for them.

I hope you had a good read. Let us know what you think about both beauties in the comment section below.

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