How To Make Money On TikTok As A Nigerian Tiktoker

Not everyone is comfortable with getting up early to go to work by, let’s say, 5 am or 9 am and coming back by 4 pm. Some find it convenient to stay home all day and do their thing; it could be an online business. Well, who doesn’t like a soft life? Since technology has made life easier, why not harness it entirely to your advantage?

TikTok is one of the most popular social apps, and Nigerians are already making waves and money using it. We have the likes of Enioluwa, John Merry, Jenni Frank, Simi, Onyinye Efiokwu, Christabel, and more who are garnering wealth just with the video content they produce.

But how can you make money through TikTok in Nigeria? Continue your reading to find out.

1. TikTok Shopping

 As TikTok went viral, they introduced the TikTok shopping feature in 2021, where a shopping tab is added to your profile. This allows your viewers and followers to be able to view the products you sell from your Shopify Catalogs. You can promote your business and create awareness by tagging your products in your video. Ensure you build the confidence and trust of your viewers while doing that but try not to be pushy. You might scare them off. You can market anything from cosmetic products, LED strip lights, skincare products, and even books. If you need ideas, you should read the


2. Publish Sponsored ads

There was a time Layi Wasabi took to social media to advertise a product, and some of the comments were ‘give us premium content Layi,’ ‘this one no funny.’ Lmao. Nigerians, ehn, he has to make his money one way or the other. This is another effective way to make money; tiktokers get paid to sponsor ads in their content. If you have massive engagement in your content, brands will approach you to feature their products and services.

3. Become A Brand Ambassador

This is similar to a long term contract where you get paid to feature the goods and services of a brand in your content for a period of time. It could be a brand that sells wigs or advertises Skincare products. While doing what you love, compensations accompany it. The more audience your content brings, the sweeter your ambassador deal. After garnering your audience, you can take on deals. It has a lot of advantage so most of our TikTokers aren’t sleeping on this.

Looking for other means? Try:

4. Receive Donations Through Live Gifting

Although TikTok doesn’t pay you automatically when you go live like Bigo does, your followers can. Coin donations can be sent to you by your followers when you go live on TikTok, but you can only go live when you have more than 1000 followers. So build your audience first! When you do that, you’ll be surprised how much coins you get and you can always transfer them to cash.

5. Promoting Songs

There was a time, early this year thereabout, when a song sung by D’banj “Fall in love” went viral because it was used for a challenge on Tiktok. You know when you’re scrolling through Tiktok, you’ll always want to sing along. You even go on to download them if you like them. TikTok helps in promoting songs and some musicians know this so they pay TikTokers to promote their songs. They are well aware that more engagement on that post equals more downloads and concert tickets.

6. Work With Influencers

When you work with a very influential person, you gain recognition too. Softmadeit and Beauty Goddess at some point usually create videos together to promote their contents. Before long, dating rumors were flying round. People engaged more to figure them out and they’re doing their thing, lol. More engagement without stress. So you can just get an influential TikToker to make a shout out to promote you or your business.

7. Join Tiktok’s Creator Fund

Tiktok’s creator funds pays users that make creative content. TikTok needs their users to stay so they pay TikTokers who help out by retaining the viewers although you need massive engagement to be eligible here. A minimum of 100k views in the previous three months is a prerequisite to be eligible for you to join the fund. Script your TikTok creatively with 5 TIPS TO HONING YOUR CREATIVE WRITING SKILLS

8. Selling TikTok Accounts

As other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being bought over, so is TikTok. We can have a situation of someone who wants to start TikTok shopping but doesn’t want to go through the painstaking process of building followers from the scratch, this sort of person might go out in search of an established account and make the followers flow in her tide. You can also make money off building followers in an account.

These are ways to make money off TikTok in Nigeria. If making isn’t the problem and you’re trying to run away from price hikes, check out how to escape hike in prices. One important factor is having a massive audience. Build your engagement first and you’re good to go.

Let us know what you think about these TikTok tips and if you know more ways to earn on TikTok as a Nigerian.