September Was Memorable: 15 Trends That Rocked Nigeria In September 2022

Happy Independence Day, my fellow country people! God help and bless Nigeria for us o. Can I hear a big Amen?

The first of every month is always a good day and time to reflect on the past month, a good time to reflect on goals that were set and achieved and those not achieved. A good time to reflect on the highs and lows we have faced, what has made us laugh, things that helped us cope through the month’s struggles, and all that happened.

Trends certainly rocked September 2022 for us; many things happened that sparked news, gists, and whatnot in Nigeria. From the death of the Queen to the National grid collapsing again, crazy things happened. Today, we will be taking you through a list of trends that rocked September. Follow me, onward!

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1. Queen Elizabeth II died at @96

It was indeed a well-spent life, yet another great icon that served as a power-holding monarch, the sovereign Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms, Queen Elizabeth II.

On the 8th of September, the Queen died as an aftereffect of her sickness; she passed away at Balmoral castle in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Her death was made known to the public at 18:30(BST). The death of the Queen triggered a lot of emotions across the world; it seemed that the Scottish were more affected because Scotland was dear to the Queen. The other Commonwealth Nations under her rule, too, gave their condolences to the royal family and support for her successor, who became the new monarch King Charles III. 

In Nigeria, the Queen’s death elicited various reactions, among which were cruise videos and different reactions. A particular one was of James Brown and his grief drama; a video was posted of him in his underwear, rolling on the floor and wailing that his godmother had left him, naija and cruise, right? 

The Queen’s death, of course, was celebrated grandly. First, the United Kingdom observed a 10-day national mourning period, after which the lying-instate of the Queen began on the 14th of September and lasted through to the 19th of September. It was reported that an estimate of 250,000 people queued up to Westminster Hall, where she laid, to pay their last respects. On the 19th of September, the state funeral service was conducted at Westminster Abbey, and the day was declared a Bank holiday in the UK.

The Queen was undoubtedly a legend, reigned for 70 years in health and vitality, and was the longest reigning British monarch that has ever existed. Her legacy will be told to our children’s children. Rest on, great Queen!

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2. Who get Machala?

The single, released on the 29th of July as an ode to  Wizkid by Carter Efe, an Instagram comedian featuring Berri Tiga, a song artiste, was such a hit it could be found on the lips of almost every music-consuming Nigerian. Machala hit high streams in August and ranked among the top 10 most streamed songs with a stream volume of 4.15 million. 

September came, and the song’s ownership became a bone of contention between the two artists, Carter Efe and Berri Tiga. Carter dey talk say na him get am, Berri dey talk say na him get am, kasala con burst we no con sabi who he who. As the fight dey hot dey go, Carter Efe accused Berri Tiga of seeking public backing and sympathy over the matter; he further accused as well that while Berri added fuel to the fire in the eyes of the public, he came to his private chat wanting to settle things privately.

Carter even made further revelations; he reportedly said that Hotkid also had a verse in the Machala song but that Berri asked that he remove it so that Hotkid won’t steal his shine. Now Berri turned around and announced on Instagram that he owns the song; no be juju be that?

Anyways their fight and people’s reactions were a trend that rocked September for us. But who do you think has the full right to the song? Hit us in the comment section.

3. ASUU and FG Shenanigans

The age-long war between the Academic Staff Union of Universities and the Federal Government e don tey no be today. Yet again, in this 2021/2022 academic session, this war managed to steal a year from students and put a pause on their academic pursuits. 

The current strike kick-started on the 14th of February first as a warning strike in an attempt to shake Federal Government small, but as the threat no enter FG body, ASUU don show say dem no dey joke. Na so the thing don long reach 7 months and counting, ASUU dem no gree, FG sef no shake, who dey suffer? Na my fellow Nigerian students.

The drama between these two entities entered quite a dramatic phase in September, students were put in the middle of the hassle, and their hopes were tossed here and there. ASUU was taken to court by the Federal Government, and the case of prolonged strike and ASUU’s adamancy was tabled before the National Industrial Court. FG asked the court to consider the students who had been at home for all this while; their future was put on hold; in consideration of this, the court gave an order for Vice Chancellors to reopen schools with immediate effect. ASUU vex reach Dem go appeal straight, dem talk say dem no gree. ASUU national chairman, Prof. Osodeke, sef talk am say FG and court dem just dey cap, say no be ASUU dem dey follow talk.

Next, we would hear on the 23rd of September, FG made a sharp U-turn and withdrew the court order that states that VCs should reopen schools. This ASUU and FG shenanigans, through sad news for Nigerian students, rocked the trend list of September for us, and we continue to hope that everything will be settled soon.

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4. GOT Sequel Release “House of the Dragon.”

In September also, one of our old time favorite series came to us in another form. A series that encompasses the history of the Targaryens came to us in “House of the Dragon,” a sequel to the exciting and thrilling “Game of Thrones.”

The series premiered its first episode on Sunday, the 21st of August, 2022. The plot of the series is the story of the Targaryen dynasty before the return of Daenerys in GOT; the plot is the story of the Targaryen civil war that happened 200 years before the scenes that came to our screen in GOT. 

So far, the first season has been said that it will run from September to October, 10 episodes in all, streaming readily available on HBO max. Is there going to be a season 2? Yes, we definitely look forward to it.

5. Comedian throws shades at BBN’s Liquorose

In September as well, Liquorose, Big Brother Naija Season 6 runner-up, had Nigerians buzzing with gossip and reactions. Wetin happen gangan? So, aunty Liquorose, after her debut in the limelight in BBN, became a household name and celeb overnight; she recently landed a role as a judge in the “De9jaspirit Talent Hunt Show”.

Now let us recall that in BBN season 6, darling Liquorose coupled up with Emmanuel during the show, but they eventually broke apart and parted ways. Now, cruise don enter Liquorose matter. On a fateful day during one of the recent episodes of the Talent Hunt show, some comedians who were contestants, dressed up in celestial white garments, brought up Emmanuel’s name and threw subtle shades at Liquorose, she con vex reach waka comot stage in front of an audience, viewers, and fans wey dey watch. 

Nigerians have, however been reacting and mostly sympathizing with Liquorose, accusing the comedians of doing ‘below the belt jokes’ and taking her emotions as an object for cruise. Do you agree that dem comedians no do well, abi you no gree?

6. Headies Awards 2022

On September 4th, 2022, The Headies 2022 was held. 15th edition of Nigerian Music Awards, The Headies, held at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. The Award ceremony was highly anticipated and warmly welcomed by all music fans, artists, and consumers worldwide. The event, as usual, served as a means of check and balance for music artists climbing the ladder of influence

 Wizkid blew our minds by leading the nominations list with ten different nominations in various categories out of 34 categories, while Tems and Ayra Starr came in second with eight nominations each, and then Davido and AG Baby came up third with seven nominations each. The Award ceremony was memorable for both music artists and fans alike, music artists that got nominated and won categories were highly congratulated and awarded for their excellence in the music industry. 

We rejoiced with the winners and wish the nominees better luck next year.

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7. Shola is Back and Married!

E shock you? Baba don return gidigba and get this; HE IS MARRIED! The preacher against simping and love is married o! Kings wise up; I don talk my own!

First of all, wetin do shola before on Twitter? Babatunde Olusola Thomas, known as Shola Jayy The Dope, Twitter influencer and life coach, was forced to be absent from Twitter after a report of abusive behavior was made against his account, and his account was suspended. The influencer is known to be against simping and simps and doesn’t hesitate nor show any precaution in showing his dislike for men who simp for love. Twitter dem suspend baba’s account, but now he’s back, and he’s back married.

Twitter users and followers of Shola are in shock and disbelief not just at the return of the life coach but at the fact that he just wedded his girlfriend. The influencer, alongside pictures of him and his wife, tweeted and said, “Marriage is a good thing; getting married to the right person is a better thing.”

Again I say he shock you? Men who bought Shola’s books in tears right now, take heart; you’ll be fine.

8. KieKie is going to be a Mother

Na so KieKie get belle con give us baby bump reveal for inside music video. Polar Nigerian comedian and online influencer Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori makes her fans gush and blush for her as she announces her pregnancy with a music video.

The comedian made a wonderful music video to mark her baby shower and treats fans to moments of intense famzing and ‘aww’ moments. She shared the music video on her Instagram page showing off her baby bump and dedicated the song to her baby boy ‘Oluwashonaolami” she posted with the caption, “Look who’s going to be a mummy.” The baby shower was nothing conventional at all, as the mother-to-be showed up at the party dressed hot hot and bringing major vibes to the party. The song titled “L’oruko Jesu” is filled with prayers for her unborn child, wishing him life and growth with strength and all good things. The music video was quite emotional as KieKie intensely prayed for her son and wished him blessings repeatedly; the video featured the Akipelu girls who aided her in making the song successful.

We say big congratulations to KieKie and pray that God helps her in her journey of Motherhood.

9. “Omo Elewa” Cruise

Omo Elewa, so wa…Aburo Salewa…Omo iya Alamala…. Na so this song come outside con dey reign everywhere. No season passes without a new cruise trend, and September was no exception.

The “Omo Elewa” cruise began when a man was spotted in a restaurant trying to get the attention of a lady, toasting her with a song. Social media took up the cruise, and TikTok trended with various groups of people making skits with the song.

Eventually, Buju, the Nigerian Next Rated Award winner, did a freestyle with the tune, added more lyrics, And released it. The cruise level on this song is mad and trending highly.

Guys, when next you want to ask that lady out, just sing “Omo Elewa”; she will accept immediately (coughs).

10. The “Ruger and Buju” Banter

Who is the boss? Na who better pass, me or you? Na so so fight Ruger and Buju enter on top social media o, who better pass? It’s a battle of supremacy between the two Afrobeats artistes, Ruger and BNXN Buju.

How did it start? Apparently, a Twitter user and a fan of Buju tweeted that Buju was a better singer and artiste than Ruger. Ruger, unfortunately, took the bait and replied to the Twitter user, making a boastful comment about how Buju isn’t better than him in anything. Ruger stated that he loves Buju and his work but said that Buju got nothing on him at all; he stresses that all his songs and works are all originally his, and he is incredibly proud of that. Na so Buju too con reply am sharpaly, how did he reply? With songs. 

Buju boasted that he was still above Ruger’s two projects on Apple charts and threw shades at Ruger on how he had to drop a deluxe for one of his songs. Buju con destroy Ruger talk say he still dey owe him boss money, then he told Ruger to watch out for his album “Bad Since ’97” that he has something for him. Buju emphasized, “Talk is better with music. Bad Since ’97, August”.

This fight kasala began in July, and the thing enter reach September. Buju finally released his Album and threw more shades at Ruger on Twitter. Ruger called him fatty bum bum and told him to get a solo hit and then talk to him. Buju replied, saying his project ranks number one, and he didn’t even have to whine his waist. Sha wahala e no dey finish o, who con better pass laidis? Thoughts, please, down in the comment section.

11. The Ponmo Betrayal

Also, in September, Federal Government wanted to get on the nerves of Nigerians and ban Ponmo. What was their suit? FG said it was considering legislation that will ban the consumption of animal skin in the country in a bid to revive tanneries. Nigerians are like, say wetin? The Federal Government seems to be employing the tactic of robbing Peter to pay Paul by wanting to approve the Ponmo ban so that tanneries would have animal skin to turn to leather.

The statement made by the Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology (NILEST), Zaria, was that the legislation was indeed needed to rejuvenate the leather industry in the country. He further said animal skin had no nutritional value and so the consumption should be stopped to save the leather industry and the nation’s economy. What do Nigerians think? Dem no gree!

In reply to the motion moved by NILEST and FG, consumers, traders, and some experts in an interview with PUNCH correspondent said that placing a ban on Ponmo would actually increase hardship on the poor fraction of the country’s population. A consumer further emphasized that Ponmo has been a lifesaver since fish and meat have turned to gold and become hard to purchase. She explained that if the ban is placed, things go hard for dem Nigerians wey no get, and besides, the government would be taking away one of the favorite features of the Nigerian cuisine. 

Federal Government tended toward betraying the poor fraction of the nation’s population to revive leather production and seemingly improve the economy; the question, however, is, who leather help? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

12. Big Sheggz evicted, Ikoyi police no show

Dem evict Oga Sheggz o, Ikoyi Police Dem no show face, wetin sup? Sheggz, a housemate (now former) in the Big Brother House of BBN season 7, who is an actor and a professional footballer, trended in social media after an episode of the show revealed Sheggz bragging about his popularity with Ikoyi Policemen. 

Sheggz was in a conversation with Bella, Allysyn, and Doyin, then Sheggz decided to brag about his popularity outside of the Big Brother House. He proudly stated that every policeman in Ikoyi knows him and gave instances of events where he was stopped at a checkpoint on his way to the airport, and then all the policemen were hailing him, calling him “Big Sheggz.” He said it is a thing for the policemen, and “Big Sheggz” has become somewhat of a household name for them. Na why e dey shock us say, Big Brother don evict Sheggz, we no see Ikoyi police, wetin happen? Ikoyi police don suppose jam Big Brother House na, abi ki le feel?

However, after his eviction from the house on the 25th of September, on Sunday, Segun has been on the move with media publicity here and there. His fans have shown him love, gifting him 2 million naira and an iPhone 14 pro max, among other gifts.

In recent news, however, Sheggz has been teased based on the “Ikoyi Police” thingy. He stepped out with a policeman and met with one of his fans, whom he warmly greeted; then, the fans proceeded to tease the policeman, calling him “Ikoyi Police.” Wahala for who no sabi police bah?

13. NDLEA found and burnt Cocaine in Ikorodu, suspicious much?

Wait, fess, why NDLEA go do that kind thing, go burn cocaine, evidence of the crime eh? On Tuesday, the 27th of September 2022, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency made a massive drug bust that happened in a warehouse located at Ikorodu in Lagos State.

The Agency seized 1.8 tonnes of Cocaine worth 197 billion naira and arrested the suspected drug dealers are the crime scene. However, what did they do with the stuff? They burnt it, yep, you heard me, they burnt it. Why? Apparently, the agency received a direct order from the Federal High Court in Lagos to publicly destroy the illegal drugs that were seized, so the agency obeyed and uploaded a video of the destruction. At the burning scene, the agency’s Director, Sunday Joseph, stated that 1,828 blocks of the whole 1.8 tonnes would be crushed and set on fire, and the remnant would be kept safe for purpose of further investigation and prosecution of the arrested suspects who were also witnesses of the burning. What do you think? Does this make sense?

In reaction to the news, Falz commented on the whole issue. The lawyer, now rap artiste, made this statement as recorded by PUNCH “This administration must think we are daft Sha!! What is this lamba that the NDLEA us giving with this cocaine seizure saga? Dem dey bruh evidence?”. Na so Falz vex reach o. Do you agree with him? Or do you think NDLEA did no wrong? Hash it out in the comment section below.

14. National Grid in the Mud

The national grid collapsed for the 7th time this year on the 26th of September at 10:51 am. Na inside this year, Nepa system dem dey epileptic dey rise and fall like camel wey no get stamina, sad isn’t it?

The collapse resulted in the general loss of power supply that affected the extended range of power networks in the country. Most homes, businesses, companies, and organizations were thrown into darkness as a general lights out happened. In lieu of this, a note to Vanguard by Engr. Ifeoluwa Oyedele, who is the Executive Director of the Power Holding Company in Niger Delta, stated that the SCADA( Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is the best solution to curb this crisis of grid collapse and efficiently improve the functionality of the Transmission Network.

The grid, however, is right now in a stage of recovery and is going to be fully back on its feet as soon as possible. Wahala for epileptic grid, right?

15. I don’t want to be a Mechanic; I want to be a Baller

“God abeg, I don’t want to be a Mechanic, I want to be a Baller!”. Na the prayer wey wrap us September for us be this, may we be ballers and not mechanics, can I get a big Amen? Who started this trend? We no sabi o, the Twitter trend just sprang up and caught the sole attention of Twitter, migrated to Instagram, and eventually spread about.

Different reactions to the trend have been hitherto voiced; some people have adopted it as a daily prayer sentence asking God to bless their hustle, some people have engaged the trend as an advertising tactic in an attempt to lure people to patronize them, some people, however, have shown their distaste for the trend, they claim it is being insensitive towards the Mechanics and the likes who are sweating and toiling day and night to make ends meet. Some certain people have accused the trend big attempting to belittle the honest profession of being a Mechanic and asked, “what exactly does a baller do”?

All in all, everyone’s prayer is for God to bless their hustle, so they can be comfortable and live life to the fullest. God Abeg!

And that’s a wrap! 15 hot trends that definitely rocked September for us. Again, Happy independence, my country people! God Bless Nigeria, Amen?

Tell us which trend spiced up September for you, hit us in the comment section. Peace!