We Ranked Top 10 Most Popular Nigerian Tiktok Influencers

Because TikTok is now one of the most popular apps in Nigeria, some people have turned it into a business. It’s rather a lucrative one. These influencers earn money through the app by serving as brand ambassadors and promoting music for artists.

When most people are bored and tired of texting, Tiktok is their go-to app. The TikTok algorithm took the For You Page (FYP) very personally because no one goes to Tiktok for one video and then leaves.

So it’s worth noting and crediting the Big 10 for making our FYPs rosy and cracking our ribs. Of course, this list is from the Gen Zs’ mouths to our ears, and it is now from our ears to your eyes.

These are the top 10 most popular TikTok influencers in Nigeria based on GenZ choices and ranked according to their followers:

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10. Gilmorr

Who hasn’t heard of this incredibly versatile YouTube skit creator with relatable content? His real name is Eliezer Paul-Gindiri, and he is a popular TikToker. His skits are mostly about student life and sibling relationships in families.

You can see him drop a video of a dull boy in class giving dumb answers to his teacher’s questions. He has a natural sense of humor that comes through even when he isn’t using the ‘big mouth’ filter.

He has approximately 495k followers.

9. Aji Anje – @aji_anje

Who hasn’t heard of this stunning foodie? She is a popular TikToker whose real name is Ikekhua Anthonia Jegbefumen and she is from the rich land of Imo state. Aji Anje is a dynamic content creator and brand ambassador who was featured in Joeboy’s “Show Me That You Love Me.” She has a large audience on Tiktok and has thus been involved in numerous transactions. Anje also promotes the songs of other artists; she is beautiful and very talented.

If there’s one thing that distinguishes Anji, it’s her choreography. Making a choreography apparently comes to her as a vision of some sort. For any song Aji promotes, she already has a ready-to-go choreography for her followers to join, as well as prepared giveaways. Do you enjoy freebies? Sleep on Anji’s website. Her hard work and consistency made her one of our favorites and deserving of a spot on the list of top Tiktokers.

Aji has approximately 887.2k followers.

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8. Enioluwa– @enioluwa

Enioluwa is a member of The Geng and is popularly known as the lip gloss boy. Enioluwa Adeoluwa is a TikTok influencer, public speaker, art director, media, and communication specialist. Eni has 1.3 million TikTok followers and posts videos of himself talking or ranting about people or things while switching between English and Yoruba, applying and reapplying his lip gloss. He’s a viral social media sensation.

I could have said more about him as a foodie, but I think Enioluwa has an unrivaled vibe. If Enioluwa isn’t eating in his videos, he’s ranting about couples in relationships. This same man bombards us with videos of him and a beautiful lady, mostly dressed in traditional attire. Talk about repping your culture. That’s Enioluwa Adeoluwa.

7. Rinaboy– @rinaboyxz

Babtunde Timileyin Ayomikin, popularly known as Rina boy, is a Yoruba verified TikToker, brand influencer and model. His late older brother is Babtunde Abiodun, also known as Kashy Godson, died on March 7, 2021.

Rina is a very handsome TikTok influencer, or should we say pretty because he has the demeanor of a lady? Lol. Rina’s girlfriend is Alozie Oma, whose Instagram handle is @dfw oma. Rina has approximately 1.4 million TikTok followers.

6. Khloe Gram

Remember the famous TikToker who posted a video on her TikTok page crying about her ex-boyfriend, Bernie, who dumped her after she was accused of wearing borrowed clothes and having an affair with Rina?  It’s none other than Joy Khloe, also known as Khloe Gram.

Khloe is a  versatile YouTube content creator with over 1.4 million followers.

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5. Berylama– @beryl.ama

Anozie Chiamaka Faith is the name of this stunning comedian. Berylama is a vibrant verified Igbo TikTok influencer with 2 million followers. She costantly entertains her audience with comedy skits. She graduated from Babcock  University in 2019 and completed her NYSC in the same year. Beryl is also a hairdresser who runs her own business while accepting promotional offers from other brands. She is rumored to be dating Nigerian star actor Adinma Somadinma.

Berylama also promotes the songs of up-and-coming artists on Tiktok. She was originally that strange woman on TikTok with strange makeup, wig, and outfit. But these days, we’re seeing more of her beautiful self and other new characters on her page.

4. John Merry– @beeautygoddess

John Merry, also known as Beauty Goddess, is a popular Tiktok influencer. She has a large audience of 3.1 million followers on Tiktok and is a very pretty lady from the South East. Beauty Goddess posts pretty pictures of her beautiful face, which draws the attention of her viewers. Pulse named her “Influencer of the Year” in 2022. She is a member of The Geng, a group comprised of well-known handsome, and beautiful influencers such as herself.

On her page, Beauty Goddess promotes products and music by up-and-coming artists. She creates extremely amusing videos and collaborates with other TikTok influencers, most notably Softmadeit. They both tease us with a possible romantic relationship, but they only dabble. It’s purely cruise, vibes, and platonic at times, and romantic at others, and we just want to hit their heads together so they can kiss already.

3. Jenni Frank– @jennifrank29

Is it beauty, talent, or a large fan base? This woman has it all. Jenni Frank, born Jennifer Ebere, is a 22-year-old model and actress. Because of the stunning videos she released during the slow motion challenge, she has been dubbed the “Queen of Slow Motion.” She rose to fame as a result of her participation in the challenge, and she has been rocking her world ever since. Jenni is a brand influencer, content creator, and a very active TikToker with 3.7 million TikTok followers.

You should check out her page if you want to be wowed by transition powers. Jenni Frank has one of the best Tiktok storytelling pages.  Transitions and costumes are used to convey all ideas and information. Jenni promotes songs as well, and her collaboration with other TikTokers is very much in check.

2. Jerry Chuks– @softmadeit

The real name of this vibrant dancer is barely known; you’ll only hear “Softmadeit.” Jerry Chuks, also known as Softmadeit, is a TikTok and Instagram millionaire as well as a verified TikTok star. He is a brand influencer who was previously rumored to be dating Beauty goddess. As a result of this rumor, both of their followers increased drastically. Softmadeit is also a member of The Geng, a group formed by Nigerian Gen Z influencers, with approximately 3.6 million followers.

The dancing Softmadeit came before the lovey-dovey between him and his suspected lover. He still dances, but it’s accompanied by a spice of other things, such as random videos of his soft face, transition videos in traditional attire, and, I must say it again, love love love with Beauty Goddess.

1. Umeh Rodney – @r0dn3y_

You’ve never heard of the man of wisdom? Hehe. Rodney Odinakachi Umeh is a TikTok influencer on the rise who has been named the most creative TikTok influencer with the most relatable content (actually we are still battling on that with Gilmor). Rodney is an anime fan, as evidenced by his appearance at the Port Harcourt Otaku Connect and some of his Tiktok content.

The characters in his TikTok videos are numerous and unidentifiable. He is thus either a bae, a charger, mummy Rodney, an ant, a child, or a secondary school student. Being able to body all of these things and more requires a lot of talent, so we’re giving this spot to Rodney because he fully deserves it. Previously, Rodney had declared himself the CEO of the Wisdom Society, which is open to him and his various characters.

Rodney has 4.6 million Tiktok followers.

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And there you have it. Which of these TikTok influencers is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.