Picking Your Dream Bridal Dress: 5 Things Ladies Consider The most.

Here comes the Bride,

All dressed in white.

Sweetly serene in the soft glowing light,

Lovely to see,

Marching to thee,

Sweet love united for eternity.

Every lady fantasizes about when the tune of this song will be played in the church, as the doors open, heralding her entrance into the building. Every lady fantasizes about her walk down the aisle, the way she will beam with a smile, her cheeks rosy from blushing furiously, her steps quaint and delicate as he moves one foot in front of the other, her Father(guardian) holding her by the arm, keeping her steady, so she doesn’t trip on her train and falls flat quite embarrassingly on her face. Every lady fantasizes about her dream man standing at the end of the aisle in front of the church, looking at her like she is the most beautiful, most fascinating thing he has ever seen, and she gazing down, meeting his eyes, her own become glossy with tears that threaten to fall and ruin her makeup. Every lady fantasizes about the crowd gathered to witness her holy matrimony to the love of her life, her family beaming with smiles and shedding tears of joy at seeing their baby girl as a grown woman about to start her own family, her friends cheering her on and making suggestive comments that have her blushing furiously and subtly telling them to keep quiet, the guests looking on at her with admiration in their taxes and wishing the same for their daughters or perhaps hoping she falls and makes a fool of herself. 

Every lady fantasizes about her dream bridal dress. Her sparkling white gown flowing and curving out in shimmer and glory, her gown that will accentuate her curves and body, enhance her elegance and be a crown atop her beauty, making on-lookers, guests, and family look at her in awe and admiration, making them say aww, so beautiful. She is so beautiful” and most importantly making her husband-to-be look at her with his jaw dropped almost hitting the ground, and making him think not-so-nice thoughts of how he’s going to get that dress off her as soon as he can.

She will beam at the audience, her family, her friends, and her husband; satisfied with the fact that she nailed her desired look and got the reactions she was aiming for, she will grin widely and walk down the aisle even more proudly.

I just poured out my heart and my fantasy of a dream wedding. Please rate on a scale of one to ten; let me know what you think of my poetic delivery in the comment section. 

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Every bride fusses about the significant thing considered the highlight of a wedding, the Bridal Dress. Every lady fantasizes about her dream bridal gown, about every detail she has envisaged to be embedded in her dress; ladies are usually very particular about their dress because it is the highlight of their walk down the aisle in church and their entrance into the reception hall as well. The mission statement is “to utterly slay,” and the ultimate goal is to achieve ” all eyes on me,” so ladies are very particular about their bridal dress; they sit on the neck of their fashion designers or tailors and ensure that everything they want is followed to the letter and their dress comes out spectacular. Different ladies have different preferences, tastes, styles, and looks that suit their bodies and personality. 

Some want ball gowns that feel like sitting in a cloud, some want a sleek and elegant body-con dress that flows out like a mermaid tail at the end, some want embellishments, stones, diamonds, and pearls studded on their clothing, stones that glimmer so bright that it could blind the eyes of the beholder, some want simple and chic, not much fuss just something white and acceptable as long as they are marrying the man of their dreams.

However, in picking your dream bridal dress, there are things to consider. Ladies consider a range of things; many things run through a lady’s mind as she peruses and flips through that bridal dress magazine, seeking a dress that her heart picks. Here, we have listed five important things that ladies consider the most in picking their dream bridal dress.


In this life, almost everything comes down to money, and that doesn’t exclude your dream bridal dress, honey. The ultimate wind that will float your bridal dress boat is money. Before picking that dress you have always dreamed of and jotting down details in your journal, you need to check your pocket. 

The best way is to have a definite budget. Every wedding ceremony has a budget, and every bride has her budget; before you pick that dress, you have to consider how much you have slated for your dress. You have to cut your coat, dress in this case, according to your size, pocket in this case. Every lady considers how much she has and can part with before she begins to peruse that magazine or dish out orders to her tailor/fashion designer. Stick to your budget; this way, you don’t overspend, and you can still utterly slay and shine as much as you want; this way, you will be a happy bride knowing that you are wearing your dream dress proudly and without debt.


The bride is the highlight of every wedding, and she also makes most of the rules that concern how her wedding will look like. You are the bride, you choose the theme color and general wedding theme, and you are not allowed to dress outside of the wedding theme. You chose a theme that screams suit and tie and something corporate; you do not wear a gown that screams casual and chic; you wear something elegant, poised, and formal-ish. You chose a beach-side theme of something free and cheesy; you do not wear a dress that’s fit to see the queen in an enclosed ballroom; you wear something that makes you feel free and look stunning. 

Dressing according to the wedding theme and dress code is essential as a bride; you cannot walk comfortably down that aisle if you are wearing something that throws people off and contrasts with your chosen theme and dress code. So honey, when dreaming and thinking and fantasizing about that dream dress, think about how it perfectly suits your chosen theme and dress code; that way, you can walk down that aisle in style and shine bright like a diamond just as you wanted.


You are the beautiful bride that everyone wants to see; your comfort in that killer dress immensely matters. Tell me what it would look like; let’s assume you are a guest at a wedding, and you see the bride constantly shifting her dress, trying to adjust, or continuously squirming in the dress; your first line of thought would be “wahala for dress to slay o,” tell me I am wrong.

As the Belle of the Ball, you need not just consider slaying utterly and shining; you need to consider your comfort as well; if you are not comfortable, you cannot achieve that goal to slay utterly, trust me. Pick a dress that accentuates your curves, pronounces your skin, crowns your beauty, and also makes you comfortable, allowing you to breathe and sashay with ease.

Do not snatch your waist if it constricts your lungs and your organs, do not wear body-con, if you can’t walk without tripping, do not wear a low v-neck dress, if you are not comfortable with displaying your cleavage, do not wear a backless dress, if you are not pleased with your back on display. Do not! I repeat, Do Not! Dress to shine and dazzle, but also dress comfortably; remember it’s your day, and you call the shots.


In picking that gorgeous dress, ladies put into consideration how they look. It is a known fact that not all dresses can fit a lady, ladies come in different sizes, figures, and shapes, and we are all unique. 

Now, this might be unrelated, but it is a call to realization to all ladies, Be Proud of Yourself! Be proud of your Body! You are a Beautiful Masterpiece! Be Proud! In choosing your dream bridal dress that fulfills all your fantasies and brings your daydreams to life, consider your perfect body. If you are on the plus size, pick a dress that accentuates your curves and pronounces your beauty, a dress fit for your big beautiful body; if you are on the slim size, choose a dress that pronounces that lean, sleek body; pick a dress that defines your elegance in the best way possible.

There’s a dress for every size, every figure, every shape; find what works for you and shine wearing it on your day.


Now it’s true that it is indeed the bride’s day, and all choices belong to her; she is to choose and decide based on what she wants, likes, or prefers. Her choices should not be clouded or influenced by anyone; whatever decisions should be solely her choice. However, it is not uncommon for ladies to want to pick a dress that would drive their husband-to-be crazy with love and desire. In doing this, they would need to consider things that appeal to their spouses and end up considering her likes and mashing them with her spouse’s taste, so she can achieve her aim of making her husband’s gaze transfixed on her and no one else.

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Dear Bride, pick that dress that fulfills your childhood fantasies, choose that dress that fits your budget, suits the chosen wedding theme or dress code, that dress that makes you comfortable in your skin, that pronounces your body figure and size, and that one that will make your Love’s eyes locked on you and you alone. Cheers to shining bright like a diamond on your day.

Please share your experiences with bridal shopping with us in the comment section, either personal experiences or family experiences.


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