Action movies provide a wide range of genres – thrillers, horror, sci-fi, crime, western to choose from interesting varieties. What’s more fun of watching action movies when it involves popcorn and staring at the huge screen in theatres? Adventures, blast, fun coupled with the nerve wracking thrill to get you on the edge of your seat while screaming roles to the lead hero.

We’ve compiled the best action movies with the highest views for your pleasure. And rest assured, there’s no horror about to leap out of your screen and morph into your biggest nightmare. Lol, maybe you should also not trust me fully and be at alert at the edge of your seat. Ghosts don’t give a warning, do they?


The blue furry hedgehog with quills producing enough electricity to power Africa for a millennial wants to show the world he can be the hero needed. Maybe he should really be selected as one of Earth’s Greatest Avengers, that little blue guy looks like he has more power than all of Iron Man and his team of robots and machines combined together. But seeing a cute fur guy fighting bad guys doesn’t seem like my type of badass saviour unno, he doesn’t even come with a cape. How’s he going to save a beautiful woman in distress? Or a little furry lady like himself? Probably slot them in this spiky hair like a hairpin. But first, he needs to fight his number one enemy: Dr. Robotnik. Sonic doesn’t even have the mind to kill his nemesis. However, Dr. Robotnik is back from Mushroom Planet to destroy Earth with a magical stone while teaming alongside with a badass fist fighting hedgehog partner, Knuckles. Knuckles should apply as a heavyweight or lightweight champion, that fist could send Undertaker packing. Sonic then acquires a new furry friend: Tails, more like a loyal sidekick (he finally got himself a lady) and they set off together to save the world from getting wiped off by the magical stone. Unfortunately it’s not the riding off into the sunset as you may think of lovers, more like “whoosh whoosh” , a lot of flying tails and fast little running legs.

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Doctor Stephen Strange the Protector of Earth from Magical and Mystical creatures. A whole protector of Earth isn’t even the Sorcerer Supreme, and is not even the leader of Kamar Taj, somehow, I don’t feel safe enough in this planet. Dr. Strange alongside America Chavez, a  girl with powers to travel through Multiverses with a single thought. They have been battling demons and the Scarlet witch from obtaining her power and causing desolation to the multiverses. I love the Scarlet witch, she’s beautiful and all, but so deluded into wanting to transport herself to another universe and send her other self packing while she becomes mother to her sons: “Billy and Tommy”. Meanwhile, Dr. Strange has been meeting other verses of himself and whichever universe he appears in, somehow they just want to kill him. Whoa! I’d love to meet my other selves and get to pocket a few millions y’all.

Watch trailer: Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


There’s nothing cooler than having to kill bad guys legally and also getting paid for it. What’s more cooler? You’re under the CIA protection. But what’s not cool is when the hunter becomes the hunted. Very not cool. Very bad. You need to avoid such betrayals. Lol.

Ryan Gosling stars as Sierra Six in the action thriller “The Gray Man”. After being charged with the murder of his father as a minor, Ryan got recruited by the CIA as an assassin. A disposable assasin unfortunately. Fast forward to years later, he was sent on a job to kill a potential threat said to be trading government secrets. However, as Sierra Four (the targeted threat) was dying in his hands, he gave the secrets to Sierra Six. Ryan figured the secrets was the CIA bad deeds and decided to hold on it. Now he is being targeted by the CIA he once worked for. The race now becomes “fighting for what’s best for you”.

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When you hear Kevin Hart, you know you’re in for the time of your life. Kevin definitely lives for laughs. In the movie ‘the man from Toronto”. Kevin was in the middle of a midlife crisis stuck in between creating failed inventions and weird ass pitches: I mean what in the world is a “non contact boxing”. Would you hit someone, with the intention of not letting it hit it’s mark?  Stuck in a case of mistaken identity on his wife’s birthday. He has to pose as “The Man From Toronto”. Now he needs to  work effectively  alongside the FBI and the Real Identity of the man from Toronto to interrogate hostages.

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If you could time travel, what would you do and what would you change? As for me, I’d go back in time and convince one of these old money family to adopt me, I wouldn’t change anything else about me. Oh! I almost forgot, I’d give my younger self the numbers to the lottery.

 Time traveler and fighter pilot, Adam Reed from Dystopian Year 2050 mistakenly lands in Year 2022 while trying to save his wife in Year 2018. He has to team up with his 12 year old self to prevent Maya Sorian, the leader of the Dystopian world from using the time travel invented by Adam’s father “Louis Reed” to secure her future power. Yass! Go get it girl, secure that money, that power, that bright future.

Watch trailer: The Adam Project


Sequel to “1986 Top Gun”, Tom Cruise stars in “2022 Top Gun: Maverick”.

A top aviator charged with the training of other Top Gun pilots for a dangerous mission while trying to fight against his own inner battles.

Being a pilot is all cool and that, but whew! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared of flying planes with lives in my hands. Okay! That’s for commercial pilots, but a fighter pilot? Fighter jets? Wars? Nah! I’m out as fast as my tiny little legs could run. If you love all those “whooshing and whooshes, machine guns that fire 1000 rounds in a minute, technical terms and 100 press ups”, then this movie is for you. You’d get the time of your life from all that adrenaline rush.

Watch trailer: Top Gun: Maverick


Sequel to 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic Era has ended with the last of the Jurassic Trilogy. A sci-fi movie by Colin Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael. With the creation of dinosaurs, man and dinosaurs have to learn to co exist with each other.

I don’t have anything against dinosaurs, I love T-rex. What I don’t love is a dinosaur strolling down the streets of Lagos with me. Cute for some people who don’t have to worry about being eaten by huge old timers.

Watch trailer: Jurassic World Dominion


Bringing to you from the director of Deadpool 2.

Brad Pitt, our very own handsome American Prince, I believe more than half of American women had a huge crush on “Mr. Smith” of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.  Starring as Lady Bug in Bullet Train, he is bent on changing his luck on this mission. Being such an unlucky assasin, Brad strikes as an abridged version of Mr. Bean. Alongside 5 other assassins from around the world, Ladybug is determined to change his luck by getting at least one job done in peace. Wish him luck, he really needs it.

Watch trailer: Bullet Train

2. RRR

Set in the colonization of India by the British.

This movie came in time just as the death of the Queen of Britain, recently this year. The fictitious story revolves around two friends with set objectives to start a revolution and  terminate the reign of the British monarchy in India.

You know those best friends kind of movie where they meet by circumstance, get close like twins and then boom, the secrets they’re both hiding leads to each other’s deaths. Rest assured, there’s no death in this movie, well maybe for the tyrants. But everyone loves to see the end of tyrants except for masochists. However,  you only need to brace yourself for the superhuman strength Indians display in their Bollywood scenes.

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Dr. Nate Daniels recently lost his wife and needs to recoup with his two teenage daughters. He travels to a game reserve owned by an old friend in South Africa. What should be a relaxing holiday turns into survival mode with a ferocious lion.

I thought lions have a kinder heart, way more kinder than tigers or other carnivorous animal. But you don’t wanna cross an angry lion that recently lost his own family to poachers.

Watch trailer: Beast
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