10 Things Most Nigerians Spend Their Money On

There are some things we can’t do without as a Nigerian, and sapa or no sapa, we still need to spend our earnings on them. This is because those sets of things are what we consider our essential needs. How small or big those things are, they make the most impact on our finances. After all, Nigerians work to “make an end meet.”

Here are the top 10 things that have been chopping your earnings as a Nigerian.

10. Baby Accessories Or Birth Control

As a Nigerian parent or couple expecting a baby, there is no way you can avoid spending on baby accessories like baby dresses, food, toys, equipment for early school, and many others. 

If you are considering the economic state of Nigeria, you might not want a child yet but can’t make the sacrifice of sexual abstinence, you would have to spend on birth control. You would spend money on buying condoms, child control pile, abortion, and many more.

9. Owambe (Party)

Sapa or no sapa, Saturdays are always for Owambe in Nigeria. Mind you, it isn’t stone people spend on parties; it is money. A huge amount of money is spent on any party. It was gathered that most average Nigerians would spend over two million Naira on their dream party. 

However, it is not only the party organiser that spends money on it. This is because parties in Nigeria have been seen as a business in which you have to spend a lot of money to gain more or more than average in return. Guests for a party would also carry some portion of the party’s expense. 

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8. Electricity

Even outside Nigeria, electricity is one of what most people spend their income on. This is because of its importance and the inability to do without it. In Nigeria, most people spend money to obtain all sources of electricity. Whether on a postpaid or a prepaid plan, every Nigerian pays NEPA bill, even when they can’t enjoy the electricity to their satisfaction.

Some people even seek alternatives to NEPA light; they spend money to buy generators and fuel and also spend on solar power, which is also a source of electricity.

7. Entertainment

No wonder why the entertainment industry has a lot of money. Nigerians are spending their money on it. Life is hard, and entertainment serves as a medication to relieve Nigerians from most of life’s stress and sorrow. 

Why do you think most Nigerians own television in their home and stay connected to DSTV or GoTv and the like?  To get access to entertainment channels. Sapa or no Sapa Nigerians would still pay a visit to the cinema. 

6. Transportation

Most  Lagosians prefer working from home or near home to working in a place far from their home, even at the expense of the salary. This is because the amount of money spent on transportation is almost half, if not equal to half of the earned salary. 

There is a limit to the distance people can go on foot. While it is indispensable for people to transport from one place to another, a lot of money is spent to enhance this. Even car owners spend a lot of money on its maintenance, fuel, and all.

5. Health and Wellbeing

Health is wealth. The hidden prayer of every Medical doctor is answering, as most Nigerians always spend more money to treat illnesses and maintain good health. 

Nigeria, as a county itself, spends 72 % of its budget on the healthcare sector, and it spends more on healthcare than any of its neighbouring countries. 

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4. Education

Nigerians won’t cease to say, Education is a scam”, yet they spend a lot of money on education. Almost every household in Nigeria, including the lower class, spends a lot of money on their children’s schooling. Some families enrol their children in private universities and spend huge amounts of money to pay tutor fees when they can spend less on Federal universities. Well, ASUU has pushed many to struggle for private Universities rather than federally-owned ones.

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3. Housing

Over 51% of Nigerians live in rented accommodation, where they spend about 40% of their salary to pay their rent,  monthly or annually. Apart from rental fees, Nigerians spend a lot of money on house equipment and maintenance.

2. Data Subscription and Airtime

I ought to be sued if I don’t include this on the list. We now live in a technology age which implies that ” Life is lifeless without data. If everyone had been saving the money spent on data subscriptions and airtime for the past 15 months, many would be wealthy enough to compete with Dangote.

Everyone wants to stay connected globally and be on social media to have all updates while they sit at the corner of their house; the only thing that makes this possible is data. Aside from wanting to stay connected, most Nigerians now engage in digital jobs, which they can’t do while they are out of data.

1. Food

You spend most of your earnings on your mouth.

We all know that food is the number one basic need of every human; hence about 85% of every household income is spent on food items. The primary reason most Nigerians work to earn money is that they don’t want to die from hunger.



What did we miss on the list and what have you been spending on lately?  Let’s know in the comment section.