Love Is Not Enough To Stay Together. Here Are The Reasons

One of the universal languages we speak on planet Earth is love. Loving someone is a form of art; it involves communicating your affection and care for another through your words and actions. That’s why it is necessary to convey it well.

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Numerous people in the world desire to find love and be loved in return and a handful of people find love easily, while some don’t. For those that do find love, it doesn’t end there. They have to also work on sustaining their relationships till the end.

Since love is strong, shouldn’t it be enough to keep a relationship? It should be, but the sad reality is that it isn’t. These are the reasons:

1. Trust

Trust can break or build a relationship. There is nothing like trusting your partner; it’s either you trust them or you don’t. Respecting who they are and their feelings about some issues goes a long way. Loving someone doesn’t mean you won’t go through obstacles. But when there’s a lack of trust, it’s harder to overcome them. Everyone wishes for a partner they can trust. When there’s trust, you have confidence in how reliable your partner is without doubting them. Love is imperfect, but trust fills in that space.

2. Security

Caring for your partner won’t stop you from feeling insecure. Although it is natural to get jealous when you’re with someone, you need to be constantly assured by your partner that they choose you above every other person or thing. For instance, your partner can’t claim to love you and still hang out with their ex a lot or spend more time with others than you. You shouldn’t have to worry about or prove your value in your partner’s life. It is terrible to be with somebody that makes you feel less of yourself. No matter how strong the love is, the relationship will be unhealthy, and it won’t stand the test of time.

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3. Consistent communication

When communicating with your partner, it’s not just about words; body language speaks too. You have to engage in active conversations to know more about each other. So many people are scared to open up to their partners about their thoughts for fear of being criticised, so you, as a partner, have to make them feel safe with you. It’s not enough to respect their decisions but also their boundaries. It’s also vital that you put your partner in your schedule. If you’re busy at work, let them know. If you are home late, let them know. Stay attentive to your partner’s needs and understand them. Communication can create a stronger, lasting bond between you than love ever will.

4. Tolerance

In a relationship, you and your partner will have different tastes in things, and how you’re able to tolerate each other is essential. Sometimes you will need to correct some things, and sometimes, you will need to overlook them. Be ready to accept whatever flaws they have. An example is having a partner who snores or an untidy one. You have to correct it with love. It is necessary to be patient and encourage them to be better.

Another aspect of tolerance is anger management. Controlling your anger when pissed off by your partner takes discipline. It won’t be easy to endure these things as humans, but every relationship requires it to survive.

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5. Compatibility

Are you okay with each other’s lifestyle? Do you share the same faith and values? Are your goals in life aligned with theirs? There are a lot of questions to be asked. Without compatibility, your love in a relationship won’t hold out for long. I have heard some situations where someone says, “I don’t think he is the one for me. We cannot just work out.” When you both contradict each other on everything, and you’re never on the same page, love won’t be enough to hold that relationship.

There is a reason why people say you should marry your best friend. It’s not about love but because it promotes other factors that are key to a relationship. Love isn’t all you need and it will never be enough to stay in a relationship.

What are the other things you feel sustain a relationship apart from love? Move gently to the comment section; we want to know.

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