How To Avoid See Finish And Enjoy An Owambe Hosted By Your Family

It Is in the constitution for Nigerians to attend an owambe party every Saturday. Saturdays are specially reserved for these Owambe. Aso-ebi, highlife fun, food and drinks are what these Owambe must and should never lack because without these things, there is not an owambe. Instead, it is just a gathering of people who only came together to discuss the country’s affairs.

In Nigeria, An owambe is one way to unwind after a very stressful week. It also goes beyond relieving stress, but it is a time when families who haven’t seen each other for a while are united. However, when it is an owambe hosted by your family members, it is surely going to be graced by different family members– ranging from family members from your paternal amd maternal line through those you cannot even trace where they are from but you know and hear they are family.

Such gatherings comes with various forms trying to “see you finish” by wanting to know everything you are up to, so they know how to rate you and know when they are coming to attend your own owambe.  Because the only time they show up is when there is a family party, they cannot wait to attend yours and ask the next victim the same question. 

To avoid getting entangled in this see finish and save yourself any form of question that you cannot even answer to yourself, keep scrolling through this article.

1. Be The First To Pay For Your Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi is a general cloth that is carefully selected before the main event to give a unified look on that day. The Aso Ebi is also chosen according to the wife if it were a wedding, and the common materials used are Ankara (which are of high quality) lace and guinea. To avoid a situation where you hear that Aso Ebi is finished, it is safe to pay for yours first because the first set of Aso Ebi are always the ones that are carefully selected—getting anything after that will not be better than the first.

2. Give Your Aso Ebi To A Bad@ss Tailor

There are tailors that when they know it is an owambe you are going for, they put their spirit, soul and body into seeing your outfits stand out on that day. If they don’t give you top-notch sewing, how do they want to attract more customers? Give your outfit to these kinds of tailors, who put professionalism in everything they do. Avoid tailors that you pay to do express sewing three months before the main event, and they still end up disappointing you.

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3. Arrive Late

In Nigeria, Lagos, especially the time used for every event, is usually African Time, whereby an event slated for 10 am, starts at 2 pm. In your case, you should be using Africa pro max time to avoid a situation whereby you get there too early, and a senior man like you is asked to help with chairs and tables to quicken the whole arrangement. Don’t be surprised when you start arranging coolers for food and drinks, and you start wondering if there are no people for that. There are people for that, just that African parents cannot see you sitting and doing just nothing.

4. Apply self-confidence and walk with poise

It would help if you had the absolute confidence to face distant family members. Those that would say they watch you grow up as if nobody watched them too. How you are walking will send them a signal, that those questions they travelled with such as “when are  we coming for your own owambe too?” ,” is there  any man or woman in your life now?”.  You will just see how they will comport themselves without anybody telling them to. In Asake’s voice “they never see you coming”

5. Drink water first

You just arrived, and the first thing you want to do is eat? Instead, drink water first to avoid thoughts that you only showed up for food, which is not so, but also so. Because what is attending an owambe without eating all the assorted and mouth-watering food? Just drink water and chill first.

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6. Dance and spray bundles of mint

What is an owambe without dance and music? While dancing, start spraying money as if you are a shareholder in the Central Bank of Nigeria. While spraying money, you also dance towards other family members and start greeting them by either kneeling or prostrating, to avoid a situation, they tag you proud. Also, know that this is the moment where those distant family members will think they have caught you, by seizing the opportunity to ask you still those questions like “when are we coming for your own owambe too” is it you that is not even ready?

 At this moment, the DJ should be doing a great job by keeping the tempo of the music high, so this is your saving grace. You keep up with the dance, act as though you did not hear those questions, and spray them to keep them shut. Trust me, who would be getting sprayed and still ask questions that cannot reduce the price of fuel?

7. Eat and drink responsibly

By spraying money, you burned calories. So it is only wise to restore these burned calories by settling yourself and enjoying your food while you sip some fine wine and mind your business. Nobody can see you eating and think it wise to still bombard you with questions on why you came late or when you will marry. 

8. Leave Stylishly

You’ve shown that you are the true son/daughter of your father, so it’s time for you to comot body. If you don’t, a round of see finish will start and you will have to help pack things after the party. The same way they never saw you coming should be the same way they shouldn’t see you leaving.

We cannot deny that Owambe is one thing here to stay in Nigeria. Therefore, rather than refusing that family gathering, use these coping tips, and enjoy yourself. Do you mind sharing some other tips with us? Don’t hesitate!

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