H2H Student Edition: Mascot VS Akoem (Who Is More Influential? Who Is More Handsome?)

So who do you think is going to win more categories? I have my answers, but you need to read on.

The University of Ibadan is home to diverse students who are unique and intellectual in their standing. Students who are geeks, Einsteins, entrepreneurs, pace-setters, trailblazers, innovators and inventors. Students who have stood out in their field of study, career, and speciality. Students who are popular for one thing or the other, known and connected to great feats accomplished in the university while maintaining their educational pursuit and diligently seeking their bright future.

Some known students are; Active Don, OMA the UISU PRO, Ife Black, Oloye, Senator Olumighty, Mascot, Jesugbemi, Akoem, and many others. Today in this article, we will be talking about Mascot and Akoem.

These two student icons are ground shakers and big gees in the University. You can’t just see them like that; you follow protocols, that is, follow who know road.

Mascot is our beloved Student Union President who has won the heart of the majority of the student body and is known to be social, intellectual, political and respectful.  Akoem is the beloved President of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students. He is loved by all Faculty of Arts student and non-arts students as well. He is known to be jovial, respectful, fun and very humble. Mention these names anywhere in UI, na everybody sabi who dem be. 

Follow through with me as we delve into each category.



Adewole Adeyinka popularly known as Mascot is a student of the premier University and not just a student but the president and the Grand Commander of the Student Union. He is the current President of UISU (University of Ibadan Student Union) 2021/2022 academic session. He is a final year student of the Department of Veterinary Medicine. He is a citizen of Kenneth Mellanby Hall, the premier hall in the university. He is an activist that is clear and profound in his statements and also a political icon that is up and doing in affairs that concerns student politics.


Akinyoola Emmanuel popularly known as Akoem, the nickname stemming from his names. He is a student of the premier university and the current president and the President of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students for the 2021/2022 academic session. He is a 400-level student in the Department of Theatre Arts. He is also a citizen of Kenneth Mellanby Hall at the university. Akoem is a business man and a politician known to be loved and respected. He delivers his quota well in student affairs and is always up and doing.


Who is More Influential?

Mascot became much more known and popular in the university when he showed his political prowess and his interest in running for the Student Union President. He became more influential and known during the period of his campaign, when he organized rallies and huge events and became familiar with the student body. Mascot made promises and so far he has been delivering and has further gained the trust of the students.

 After his win by a landslide, he organized a celebratory bonfire party at the SUB arena for his campaign agents and students who wished to attend. The party was reported to have been lit and fun. His regime has spearheaded several more events since then, including the vast Tradefair at the SUB arena, a sponsored event by Boomplay and GTBank, respectively. He has indeed been doing well.

Akoem has also been an icon of influence in his standing. He was formerly the Social Director of AFAS and he made impact and delivered well in his office, loved by all and highly preferred, he was up and doing in the faculty, rallying social student affairs, organizing seminars, tutorials, events and all that is aimed at optimum socialization. Akoem made his mark in AFAS, and that earned him his spot as the faculty’s president

Akoem did well in his former post so this brought him further into the limelight of the entire student body and not just AFAS alone; his attributes were well seen and appreciated. All in all, he is doing well.

Mascot and Akoem are both politicians and significant contributors to the student body of the university; they have influenced movements and spearheaded revolution and are still doing so. However, Mascot is pulling more weight in the influence circle.

Who is more Academically Inclined?

As it is known that UI is an institution known for its Einsteins and academic geeks. I also said earlier that UI is for the brave and strong. It is a school for geniuses and brainiacs that are highly academically inclined and agile in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Mascot is a student of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, to be in that department and have made it so far to the final year, you have to be a strong effico, so without a doubt Mascot is “Igi-Iwe“. There’s a criteria for top-notch academic excellence before you are qualified to run for any political role in the university, so for Mascot to be able to run and attain his aim, it is more validation that he is intelligent and well inclined in academics.

Akoem is a student of the Theatre Arts and is definitely intelligent and creative in his field. He is on a good grade point and he is maintaining excellence at his level. 

Mascot and Akoem are both academically inclined in their field and can hold their own in pursuing academic excellence. Throwing this to you, who do you think is the winner of this category? Anyways my winner is Mascot because being the SU president, you gats sabi wella as per you are representing the entire student union.

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Who is the Richest?

During campaign season for the 2021/2022 student election period in the school, Mascot gave us a hint and an insight into his money capacity. Mascot’s rallies and campaign marches comprised of fleet of cars, giant banners, hired DJ and a lot of supporters. It is a known fact that money is a major factor in the game of politics, so the campaign display by Mascot and his team gave us an insight into how rich he is – baba is loaded. His business or whatever he is into is, however not disclosed, but we sabi say he get am plenty.

Akoem is a business man who is known to be a professional graphics designer and he earns his cool cash. Currently, it is rumored that he is into iPhone sales  and rebranding now. During his campaign as well it was reported that Akoem’s campaign march carried the most prominent banner that was used in the whole movement. Dude is comfortable, and life is good. 

Mascot seems to lead this category, abi? Going by the campaign display, my guy is loaded and has loaded friends. A rich guy with rich friends, boss syndrome, yeah?

Who is more Handsome?

Who gat the eyes? Who gat the height? Who gat the body? Who gat the smile? Well, I will not be the judge of that; you guys will, abi?

Mascot is a well-built man, not too muscular but not fat either. He spurts a beard and a friendly face, we don’t see any pot belly, and that’s a plus. He is of average height and has a good stance, and of course I am sure he will have many crushes too.

Akoem has a smiley face, fair and somewhat fresh; he also spurts a beard. He is on the lean side but not too thin, with no pot belly, and has a good stance as well. He is of average height and has a nice physique. I sure say girls don eye am tire.

So who fine pass? Akoem get fine face o, Mascot will have to sit this one out.

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Who is more recognized by the School Management?

Mascot is the prominent president of the entire University of Ibadan Student Union; he is the major students’ representative, looking out for the student body and being the voice of the students. He is the eyes and ears of the student union with the school management, and is definitely more recognized.

Akoem only caters for a smaller fraction of the student body, the Faculty of Arts. And before he is consulted on any matter by the management, the Student Union would be contacted first. 

Who takes the Trophy? Can I get a drumroll..? 

Mascot is our winner for this edition, with a landslide win of 4 points to 1.

I hope you had a wonderful time reading through. Gracias for clicking and reading. Share your comments and pick your fave!