Top 5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples We Just Can’t Get Over

Love, love is a beautiful thing. Love is Blind. AG Baby also said, “Love is not enough baby, come to me mo lowo.” All in all, love is a beautiful thing. Love is divine, sweet, and caring. True love actually conquers all and fights through all odds. Fairytaleish abi? No mind me, sometimes I can be a simp.

In Nigeria, we adore our celebs, am I right? Most especially, we adore celebrity love and coupling up. When love happens between two celebs we absolutely love, we can go days, weeks, months, and years sef talking about it. Celebrity love has this way of giving off certain power couple vibes that make us wish for something similar and incessantly gush over sweetness and cuteness.

Our celebs have not disappointed at all in dishing us with love vibes and the “power couple” vibes back to back. From unexpected matches, to anticipated nuptials, to secret love to full-on-display lovey-dovey, they dish us back to back, and we just can’t get over them.

We are hooked on following their PDA (Public Display of Affection) on Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere they show up. They bless us with love tips just by posting a video or picture or by their caption. We love them, we are in awe of their love, and we wish for the same, God Abeg! In this copy today, we bring to you a list of Top 5 celebrity couples that we just can’t get over. Come with me on a journey of love.

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5. Banky. W and Adesua Etomi

Coming in at number 5 on this list of Nigerian celebrity power couples is the beautiful and elegant Adesua Etomi and her handsome and lovely husband, Bankole Wellington. Is it the sweet nickname Banky calls his wife (Susu)? Or is it the love that Adesua showers on her hubby? Na everything dey shark us on top their matter. Talk about top-notch celeb love.

Olubankole Wellington, professionally known as Banky W, is a Nigerian music artiste who has hit the rock of wealth and influence and drank from it very well. He is a star, a model, and an entrepreneur. He owns a record label and is also a politician, shocking? Well, he is. Variety is the spice of life.

Adesua Etomi is a Nigerian actress; a Nollywood actress who knows her stuff. She is popular on screen and has blessed us with top-notch acting. She is also a model and a prominent personality on Television.

Love between these two beautiful people first made appearances when they were the main cast of the movie “Wedding Party.” The movie portrayed a romance so sweet between the characters we blushed for them. Again Banky W released a hit single, “Made for you,” and behold, the girl he proposed to in the video was Susu. We were already suspecting. Bam, engagement between these two lovelies was announced officially on social media. Banky W, in a post, uploaded the proposal pictures and captioned it, “Yes, in February 2017, I proposed to Adesua, and she said yes!” Adesua also posted on her IG page and gushed over how charming Banky was and appreciated him lovingly. Social media went wild with congratulations as we already anticipated the chemistry between these two when we saw them act together.

On the 19th of November, 2017 they tied the nuptial knot. Banky proudly proclaimed that marrying Adesua was the second-best decision he has ever made after his salvation decision (cue the blushing). These beauties got gloriously wedded with a beautiful reception that had dignitaries and the elite of the elites in attendance. It was simply marvelous.

Ever since their marriage, Susu and Banky never stop to dish us with PDA on a back-to-back level. Is it smooching? Is it hugging? Is it badass photoshoots? Is it goofy videos? Left, right and center, they gave it to us, and we loved it. Since their marriage and all, no scandal has been recorded, their image has never been tainted in any way, and they have kept a clean record on social media, and that’s something to respect.

The Nigerian celebrity couple are blessed with a son, their first child, Hazaiah, whom they welcomed in January 2021. This power couple is so beautiful and adorable, and we can’t just get over them.

4. Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman

Number 4 on this list, deep with celebrity love, is this Nigerian power couple, Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman. Cute PDA, sweet love, they dish us back-to-back on a daily. Linda and her husband are not only cute but also lovely.

Linda Ejiofor is a Nigerian Nollywood actress who knows her stuff and can certainly hold her own in the industry. She is an award-winning actress who is best known and popularly recognized for her role in Tinsel as “Bimpe Adekoya.” She is phenomenal at her craft and is certainly aiming for the stars.

Ibrahim Suleiman is also a Nollywood actor. He ventured into the movie industry after dancing professionally for 11 years; shocking? In an interview, he revealed that he was a professional dancer, choreographer, and tutor, and he certainly made his mark in that field. He is also known for his role in Tinsel as “Damini White.” He is also an architect and graduated from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. According to him, he is a man of many talents, and he is proud of who he is. He is also a TV presenter, a graphic designer, and a voice-over artist, many talents, yh?

This celeb love first made appearances on the TV series “Tinsel,” where Linda and Ibrahim played the role of Bimpe and Damini, respectively as a couple with quite the chemistry. And just like Banky and Susu, they brought their screen love to life. Linda announced their engagement officially on the 4th of November, 2018. Four days later, the nuptial knot was tied between the two beautiful hearts.

Social media posts and interviews have given us an insight into how much these wonderful people love each other. Ibrahim once admitted that he believed Linda was out of his league, but love fought through. Linda has professed her admiration of Ibrahim countless times, and we gush and anticipate their premium PDA every time.

Once a controversial issue arose over the fact that this power couple cohabited for a few weeks before marriage. A user on Twitter highlighted that, as a Christian, cohabiting was wrong. Ibrahim, however, justified himself and said that cohabiting did not warrant fornication and that shouldn’t be people’s next line of thought. He explained that they had to cohabit because they were both ambiverts, and they needed to understand each other’s cues. He said if cohabiting was wrong in every sense, then he is glad he did that one wrong thing. Love is sweet (sighs).

The power couple’s wedding was outdoor-themed and was absolutely beautiful, nothing conventional, but everything was sweet. (Fun fact: Our sweet Susu was the chief bride’s maid). The couple is blessed with a son, their first child, Keon Suleiman.

This lovely Nigerian celebrity couple has blessed us with love in their goofiness, craziness, and PDA on a daily and we just can’t get enough neither can we get over them.

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3. AG Baby and Simi

We all remember that song “Orente,” one of Adekunle Gold’s big breaks, yh? Well, AG Baby found his Orente, and the love don dey grow steady. Number 3 on our celeb love list is Adekunle Gold and Simi, one of the power couples in the music industry that we absolutely adore.

Adekunle Kosoko, popularly and professionally known as Adekunle Gold, is a Nigerian Afrobeats and Highlife music artiste. He is a songwriter, a stage performer, and a recording artist. He is also a graphic designer. He is a professional, a king on his turf, and knows his stuff really well.

Simisola Ogunkeye (now Kosoko), popularly and professionally known as Simi, is a Nigerian R&B music artiste. She is a songwriter and also a recording artist. She, like AG Baby, is also a stage performer and a model. She has made major waves in the music industry and definitely knows her stuff. She is one of Nigeria’s sweethearts.

Who else was expecting Simi and Falz to couple up? Well, a shocker to us. It has been Adekunle Gold all along. Who knows sef, maybe Simi was the Orente he sang about? Anyways, love has been beautiful between these people. After dating for 5 years, they tied the nuptial knot on the 13th of January, 2019.

Since their collabo song titled “No Forget,” we have suspected that something was cooking, and we were not disappointed. Their marriage was announced, and their wedding was beautiful. A beach-themed outdoor wedding which was airy and beautiful in every sense of it. Since their union, we have been blessed with constant lovey-dovey scenes peppering us back-to-back on social media.

AG Baby’s subsequent music videos, after their wedding, have featured Simi as the sole vixen, and if that isn’t sweet, then what is? We have witnessed epic moments of AG Baby surprising his Orente on her birthdays and anniversaries. Such sweet sweet display of love and affection.

The Nigerian power couple is blessed with a daughter, their first child, Adejare Kosoko. Simi commemorated her baby bump reveal with the song “Duduke.” The song was a sensational hit, and we celebrated with her. This celebrity love sweet die, and we just can’t get over their sweetness.

2. Temi Otedola and Mr. Eazi

Number 2 on this celebrity couple list is the coupling up that trended for days on social media and sparked numerous interests. Some people were shocked, some were pleasantly surprised, some were happy for the lovebirds, and some were not so happy. All in all, their love has been and is beautiful.

Temiloluwa Otedola, the beautiful baby girl of renowned Odogwu Femi Otedola. Temi is a fresh Nigerian actress as well as an online blogger. She is majorly known for her role as “Moremi Oluwa” in the movie “Citation.” Temi is a fine girl, asin ehn? Beauty plus premium brains. She is a fresh face in the movie industry but has a promising future in the industry.

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, professionally and popularly known as Mr. Eazi is a Banku and Afrobeats Nigerian artiste. He is known to be a pioneer of the Banku music, which he says is a unique sound fusion of Ghanaian highlife and Nigerian music. He is also a songwriter and is great at his craft. He is a businessman invested in e-commerce and certainly knows his stuff.

The song “Legalize” announced the official engagement of the beautiful hearts, and social media went wild with emotions and reactions. Mr. Eazi decided to take the “Prince Charming route” to announce his intentions to the love of his life, and we tag that romantic on all levels. The song and music video was released in April 2022, and since then, the love has been steady and beautiful.

In an interview, the Nigerian celebrity couple spoke about how their love story began. They stated that there was no specific date that they tagged the day they started dating; they said they just realized it and went with the flow. It was friendship at first sight, and eventually, the love grew. Isn’t it just wonderful?

There have been reactions as regarding this power couple. Reactions like, “Will Temi take on Mr. Eazi’s name?” “Shey Mr. Eazi fit pay her brideprice?” However, the huge ass diamond ring should be evidence enough that Mr. Eazi is capable, abi?

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In light of their wedding plans, the Nigerian power couple has been hinting towards a private affair. They emphasize that they are seeking to make a marriage that works for them. This celeb love sweet die, and we can’t get over it.

1. Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva

Talking about grown love nurtured and well mature love. Love that has seen years survived storms and fought through everything yet still standing strong. Taking the lead on this list of Nigerian power couples is the veteran Olu Jacobs and iconic Joke Silva. These beautiful people are like the patron and matron of celebrity love of all times. Their old-age love sweet like anything.

Oludotun Jacobs is a veteran Nollywood Nigerian actor. He is a film executive, a cultural icon, and one of the most influential African actors of all time. He has spent 40 years of his life acting and making his mark in the movie industry, and he is undoubtedly a legend. Baba is a professional at his craft and is known for it.

Joke Silva is an iconic Nigerian actress. She is an MFR (Member of the order of the Federal Republic). She is also a film director that is well established and an odogwu businesswoman. Alongside her husband, they own a film institute where they mentor young minds and together make impacts in the movie industry. Joke Silva is a philanthropist, and she is all for the support of womanhood.

This sweet love started when they met at the National Theatre in Lagos during the Nation’s Independence in the year 1981. In a documentary held on her husband’s life and joinery so far, she gave us an insight into how their love story bloomed. They met at the location of the production of the movie “Jero’s Metamorphosis.” He was the rumored great actor coming from England, and she was expectant. They met and hit it off nicely. The friendship grew into love, and love grew into 37 years of wonderful matrimony.

Talmbout iconic celebrity couple and the ultimate image of celebrity love that we can’t get over at all.

Isn’t love just beautiful? Are you blushing as much as I am right now? I bet you are. There you have it, 5 power couples that have given us a high dose of celeb love, and we can’t get enough of it all. I hope you enjoyed the journey of love I took you all.

Share your thoughts. I wanna know which of these Nigerian celebrity couples is your favorite. Whose story fascinates you more? Hit the comment section sharpaly.