7 Ways To Make A UI Girl Date You

Every student goes to school with a goal. Maintaining a spotless and brilliant academic record; establishing as an entrepreneur; making new acquaintances and having a new friend circle; experiencing life outside of their homes and socializing to the fullest; and finding love are some of the goals they have set for themselves.

The University of Ibadan, First and Best, not only has an arsenal full of geniuses, brainiacs, and potential Einsteins, but it also has a quiver full of girls that are endowed with beauty and brains in equal proportions. UI girls are classy, elegant, and not your usual random girls; they are not only “slay mamas” but academic geeks as well. For boys that are single and ready to mingle in UI, y’all got a lot to do. You’ve gotta up your game and be competent enough to convince a typical UI girl to date you.

Here we have listed 7 key ways you can help in pursuing that UI babe you have been eyeing; follow through with us and check out how you can up your game.

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1. Have a Great Physical Profile

For UI ladies, the first impression matters a lot. Dude, you need to be able to deliver a killer first impression that will capture your target girl’s eyes and put you on the radar of her mind.

How do you make a great first impression? One is to maintain a constant dress sense that screams confidence, poise, and elegance; in short, dress like a king. Two, sport a nice and clean haircut; do you dig dreads? Keep them clean and fresh, not haggard and dry. That’s a big turn-off. Three, have a great body; if you don’t have pacs, make sure you don’t have a pot belly either. Four, walk like the president’s son; take confident steps; don’t slouch or drag your feet. UI babes love guys that carry a confident aura and can command attention in a crowd and look good while doing it.

Do you want that girl to notice you? Develop a great physical profile and watch how she finally notices you enough to ask for your name.

2. Smell Fantastic

At this point, you’ve checked off your great profile; now, take it up a notch by smelling fantastic. A quote by Jill Scott says, “I like a man who smells good. Puts on cologne and lotions his body. It keeps me wanting. I like feeling that way”. A guy that smells nice attracts UI babes and makes them want to move closer; it’s a known law of attraction.

Dudes! How exactly will that girl like you when every time she moves closer to you, your smell drives her away? You need to smell nice to nail that first impression strategy. Use body spray, use cologne, lotion your body, spray that perfume, and let your body reek of sweetness (mind you, do not overdo it).

Smell nice and try to talk to her again, move in to hug her, and see how she will cling to you and breathe in your smell.

3. Be Intelligent

Like I said earlier, UI babes are Einsteins in the making. They are geniuses and are crazy smart, so of course, their choice of a guy to date would include a criterion of the dude being just as intelligent as them or even more. You no sabi shishi you wan carry UI babe dey call am “My woman,” you go chop breakfast guy, it’s certain.

Being intelligent borders on being book-smart and life-smart. Be book-smart, be among the top students in your department, be sure you can hold your own in the face of exams or tests, and be relevant as an academic geek, and she will stick to you like gum. It will start with you helping her in a course or assignment; you don catch am be that. Be life-smart, intelligent about life, have extra common sense, understand life principles, and be able to contribute meaningfully to issues and discussions outside of the school perimeter.

All in all, be intelligent in every sense of it, and that baby girl will be in awe and admiration of you.

4. Have Money

In addition to having a great profile, smelling nice, and being intelligent, oga don’t be broke o. Even the Bible confirms it: Money answereth all things. My guy, have money o because you will still need to woo that babe with gifts.

UI girls want to know that their man will be able to take her out on an Amala date to Archives, or to Spices to eat sweet pepper soup, or to take her shopping in Ventura or perhaps Ace mall, and also to take her to the movies and get her a Cold Stone and Dominos when she feels like it. She wants to ensure you won’t disappoint in springing sweet surprises on her and showering her with love. She wants a guy she can chat about with her friends and get them jealous for having a rich dude to herself.

You wan date UI chick? Have money!
Be financially secure and responsible, and she will be doubly attracted to you.

5. Be Genuine

UI ladies are good at seeing through the bullshit; they are bosses at calling a guy’s bluff and dissecting you; it comes with being smart. Do not! I repeat, do not pretend to be someone you are not; that is a huge turn-off and that babe will disregard you in a heartbeat when she catches you.

Whilst you are trying to secure their attention with your looks, smell, brain, and money, ensure you are not pretending to be someone you are not; once she sees through your bullshit, she won’t look at you twice again. How to be genuine? One, don’t make empty promises. Two, be honest with her in every detail, no go do pass yaself. Three, be honest and open; this way, she will have no reason to suspect you.
A genuine and honest dude is a keeper for UI girls.

6. Be Interesting

UI girls dig a guy that is outspoken, fun, and interesting. They are not necessarily interested in introverts and extremely reserved guys; their eyes are on the social butterfly, the “life of the party”  at every gathering, the guy that gingers everything up. In addition to having money, be adventurous and wild socially.

The ladies of UI dig an adventurous dude and will vibe with you on that.

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7. Be a Prince charming

UI girls love a guy that knows his way with words, switches into charming mode, and sweeps that girl off her feet. In short, be a Prince Charming around her, make her feel like a princess, your princess. You catch my drift?
UI ladies have a knack for guys who know how to make them blush furiously via words and actions. Master the art of being charming and win that girl’s heart. Be gentle, kind, confident, a little flirty, and pleasant, and you will become a master of the art of being charming.

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Action speaks louder than words in all situations, even in finding love. Take action to get that girl, and she will be yours. Cheers to finding love.

Share your experiences with relationships and breakfast cases with us in the comment section, and let us know what you will do better next time. Namastey!