Chop Life, Try Out The Most Delicious National Dishes In The World

Food has helped preserve the culture of people from various locations of the world and most people only recognize it for its essential role in the survival of humans. For that reason, it is extensively consumed by people as a basic need but we have some people who have taken a keen interest in it. These kinds of people enjoy trying out new dishes and we call them “foodies.”

This post is for you if you love exploring different cuisines and if you don’t, join us as we walk you through the national dishes of these 10 different countries and their benefits. I’m sure you will appreciate food more after going through the following dishes that are rich in nutrients and culture.

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1. Feijoada From Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest producers of food in the world and that’s why there are varieties in their cuisine. Most of their dishes are a blend of Portuguese, African and Asian cuisine. This includes their national dish, Feijoada, which originated from enslaved Africans that lived in Brazil during the slavery era.

Feijoada is a delicious black bean stew made with black beans and pork meat such as pig ears and tails. It is served with white rice, vegetables, and farofa (toasted cassava flour). Apart from its tastiness, Feijoada is high in protein which is good for building muscles and bones. I recommend this to people of all ages.

2. Lasagna Bolognese From Italy

We have different delicacies from Italy that are famous worldwide, with Pizza ranking at the top and Lasagna following behind. Many of us who haven’t tasted an Italian pizza have eaten several versions in our countries and must be tired of it already. Therefore we would have to taste another luscious food from Italy, namely Lasagna.

Lasagna can be made with pasta sheets layered with meat sauce and cheese for savory satisfaction. Still, vegetarians can make their variation of it with pasta, tomato sauce, eggs, cheese, and vegetables. Lasagna has a moist and rich taste that is quite delectable when eaten. Its ingredients are high in Vitamin B, helping to promote a healthy metabolism and boost skin and hair health.

3. Ceviche From Peru

Peru has won the “Best Culinary Destination” award several times in the World Travels Awards (WTA). Incredible, right? Yes, foodies are swarming to the country to taste its cuisine. Peru is well-known for its national cuisine, Ceviche, widely known as Peruvian Sushi, and if you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll love it.

Ceviche is made of raw chunks of shrimp and fish soaked in lemon juice. The acidity in the lemon cooks it, and it’s eaten like that without the normal process of heating it over the fire. Ceviche has a flavorful taste, and it’s because of the absorption of lemon juice while it’s being marinated. The seafood in Ceviche is packed with important nutrients that promote brain and heart health. Trust me; this is the kind of food you would find on the menu of a fancy food restaurant, and it’s fun to try out.

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4. Moussaka From Greece

Greece is known for making the healthiest foods in the world, and Moussaka is one of them. It is just as yummy as lasagna but without the pasta. Moussaka is a baked casserole consisting of potatoes, cheese, eggplants, and sometimes lamb meat. The eggplants in Moussaka help in losing weight, so if you want a scrumptious meal that won’t make you fat, Moussaka is the right choice.

5. Tom Yum Goong From Thailand

Whenever Thai cuisine is mentioned, we know the dishes will be spicy. In Thailand, they use heavy spices for every kind of food, which has become a signature of their cuisine. Tom Yum Goong is a “spicy shrimp soup” that’s made from shrimp, fish, and herbs like lime leaves, lemongrass, and galangal root. It is served hot with white rice or consumed alone. Tom Yum Goong has nutrients that help boost the immune system against illnesses like colds, flu, and cough.

6. Pot-au-feu From France

When you’re looking for expensive and quality food, go to France. People love French food not only for its tasty meals but for the artistic way the local ingredients are infused into their cuisine. Pot-au-feu is a traditional stew of the French that was formerly for the peasants in the land, and it became their national cuisine after the French revolution.

The mouthwatering Pot-au-feu consists of boiled beef and vegetables like potatoes, onions, and carrots. It is served in two parts; the first is as a watery soup, and the other contains vegetables and meats. The particular vegetables in Pot-au-feu help maintain good eyesight and keep sugar levels in check.

7. Jollof Rice From Nigeria

Nigeria always delivers when it comes to cultural foods that are richly flavored and have a tempting aroma. At every Nigerian party, one food that must be served is Jollof Rice. It is a dish that’s not only easy to make but also enjoyable in a way that will leave you craving more.

Jollof Rice is an all-time favorite dish of many living in and outside Nigeria, and it is only underrated among those who haven’t had a taste of it. You can prepare it with long-grain rice, tomato paste, vegetable oils, spices, and any type of meat you want. It’s high in carbs which provide energy for the body.

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8. Bacalhau From Portugal

Portuguese cuisine is unique because of its delicious seafood. Every country has seafood, but the honor of specialization is handed over to the Portuguese. A clear example of this specialty is how their national dish, Bacalhau, can be prepared in over 300 ways.

Bacalhau is made with dried codfish, potatoes, and onions, and it is highly recommended that you submerge the codfish in water or milk before cooking to give it a soft texture. Codfish helps in reducing blood pressure.

9. Mole From Mexico

Mexican cuisine is so good that it has found its way into everywhere possible in the United States. Mole, as the national cuisine of Mexico, is linked to European origin because of its chocolaty ingredient. It is a sauce made from ground tomatoes, spices, nuts, and unsweetened cocoa. It also has three renditions that are all different in the way they taste. Mole sauce promotes blood flow in the body when taken, and it helps improve the consumer’s mood.

10. Manti From Turkey

Almost all dishes in Turkey cuisine are made with meat, with kebab being the most common. However, Manti was chosen over kebab as the national dish, and I can see why because its taste is out of this world. It is a dumpling with tomato sauce, beef, yogurt sauce, and olive oil. A dough is first made with eggs and flour, then wrapped in the sauce and sprinkled with yogurt. In this nutrition, yogurt helps to improve digestive health.

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They say food fuels the body but good food fuels the soul, so feed your soul with the proper nourishment. If you had to survive on eating only one of the national dishes mentioned for a year, which food would it be? Let us know in the comments section, and share the post with your foodie friends.