7 Annoying  Experiences Only Unilorin Students Can Relate To

Contrary to many beliefs, schooling at the University of Ilorin isn’t as easy and stress-free. There are many frustrating and annoying experiences every student of the school would encounter at any point in their academic journey. This is why the school slang, better by far, has been rephrased by students as “better by stress”

If you are an admission aspirant for the school reading this post or a student of any other institution, on behalf of my fellow students better by stress, Unilorites, I present seven experiences we always have to share. 

To my fellow Unilorites, permission to hold the mic

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7. Long Distance Journey

Don’t argue with any University of Ilorin students that tell you that the journey from the Unilorin school gate to the school park is a journey of a thousand miles until you witness the trip yourself. 

If you are visiting the University of Ilorin for the first time, don’t get too excited or feel relieved with the thought that you got to the school premise when you see the school gate with a signboard that says, “Welcome to the University of Ilorin ”. This is because the signboard only welcomes you to the beginning of another long-distance trip. You don’t also need to fight with your driver because you might think he is taking you to the wrong place. It is not his fault that the journey from the school gate to the school park seems like another journey from Lagos to Benin.

On a free road, it won’t be less than 20 minutes to get to the school park from the gate but if you are met with heavy traffic, pray you don’t spend an hour on the journey. Apart from the trip from the entrance to the school park, from the garden to some faculties like the Faculty of Management, Agriculture, and many others, it is another long-distance trip. To save your foot from suffering, you will need to board a vehicle to get you there.

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6. Hostel Allocation

Although Unilorin hostels are the better place to stay to ease oneself from the struggle for transportation, most Unilorite often give up on bookings for school owner hostels; getting the school hostel is for those with long legs.

Imagine it is always the same hours fixed for booking hostels that the school portal would hardly be accessible. Most students believe that the school management already knows to who they want to allocate the bed spaces. Apart from that, the bed spaces available at the hostels are barely enough to accommodate 2 out of 10 students. 

If you are a University of Ilorin aspirant or know anybody who is, tell them to get their long leg ready if they want to secure a bed space at the school-owned hostels.

5. Transportation Struggle

The story of every University of Ilorin student isn’t complete without a struggle for transportation. As a student of the school, there is no way you can avoid not struggling for the vehicle even if you stay in the school hostels, as there will come a time when you will need transport. The battle is more challenging if you stay off-campus, as the struggle would be a daily battle for you. 

At the University of Ilorin, you would always see students in a long queue for transportation almost every morning and evening during academic hours. This is because there are few buses available for many students.

 If you are not smart enough, you can last for two hours on the line because shunting has become a norm for Unilorin students. Shunting is even routine; when the queue becomes disorganised, and the bus drivers seem to be “showing wings” (pun intended), you would see students struggling to get into a bus through the windows or the doors, and the struggle would turn to the “survival of the fittest” – you would struggle for bus as if your life depends on it.

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4. Tanke Sir Adventure

multiethnic men with empty cardboard waving to stop car while hitchhiking during trip

For every Unilorin student that stays off-campus and doesn’t have the vital time to struggle for Bus, Tanke Sir becomes an alternative to get to their various hostels at Tanke. 

Tanke Sir is more stressful because you would plead for a free ride, but it looks fun when it is done in a group. There are some spots on the school campus, like the auditorium, the faculty of education, and places where most lecturers do park their cars; you would see students hanging around there to lobby and beg lecturers or anyone with a private vehicle for a free ride to Tanke (popular areas where students stay off-campus). They would wave to stop any private car they see coming and say, “Tanke, Sir.

Unilorin ladies are always lucky to get a free ride as most that offer to help are male, and exchanging numbers is enough reward, but the male students are always at the bitter end.

3. Choking Examination Timetable

Stressed college student for exam in classroom

If you can survive with the Unilorin choking examination timetables, trust me, there is nothing you can’t endure in Nigeria again.

During every examination at the University of Ilorin, there is always news of students who fainted as a result of the exam tension. You would hardly find Unilorin students who won’t be mentally sick during the examination period. This isn’t because the examination questions were tricky but because the timetables hardly give space for breathing. Imagine three – four exams every day in a week and writing both tests and examinations in a single sitting (tes-examination)

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2. Night Class Gone  Wrong 

One of the ways the University of Ilorin students survived with the choking timetables was by attending night classes before the exam date. Who dares sleep while there is fire on the mountain?

Unilorin students will always have a night class experience to share, especially if done on the school campus. Range from those that end up sleeping during the whole night class,  lovers that won’t stop oppressing, those that come to steal others’ phones and do not read, for food only in the building, and many more.

1. CBT Test And Examination 

There is no way you can avoid Computer-based examinations at Unilorin; even if you avoid them in your departmental course, there are general courses for you.

Welcome to Unilorin  CBT centre, where the long queue under the harsh sun can make you forget all you read for an examination if care is not taken. Unilorin CBT centre is the second battlefield after the school park. No dulling in Unilorin; if you are not smart enough, you spend hours under the sun queueing.  Shunning is a norm. 

“Press F1, enter your password and matric number to start,” only Unilorin Students can relate. Welcome to Unilorin Cbt centre, where you will be given 30 minutes(barely 10 minutes at a standard clock)  to solve 50 questions. It is CBT, and you are expected to think like a computer. Lol

Despite all these experiences and more, we are still better by far, anytime, anywhere. Of the Greatest Unilorites!

Which experiences can you relate to the most, and what other experiences do you have to share? Let’s know in the comment section.