10 Helpful Tips for Students starting their First year at the University of Ibadan

My dear Students, I welcome you to this prestigious institution. A citadel of learning that not only helps you develop your mind and common sense but also trains you in acquiring life skills that prepares you for the outside world. The University of Ibadan is a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria. It has maintained an impeccable winning streak by retaining a first place in the rank of Universities over the years.

I congratulate you again for succeeding and scaling through the thorough screening process of gaining admission into the institution. That you made it shows that you indeed have a good head on your shoulders and you have what it takes to be a student of this prestigious academy.

I hereby charge you, students, to retain that focus and agility you put into gaining your admission. Retain that focus and energy and fuel it up even more as much as you possibly can.

For the duration of whatever course of study you have been admitted for, ensure that your primary focus is on excelling and excelling well. Your first assignment on this campus is building your academic foundation to be firm; every other thing comes second to that.

I wish you all the very best in your pursuits in this institution, and I pray that the Almighty God gives you the strength and grace to stay through till the end and come out on top. UNIBADAN, First and the Best!!!

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The University of Ibadan is a prestigious institution known to be all about academics and being the best. That you gained admission into the school is enough to give yourself some accolades for being very intelligent. UI is never for the weak, and even the strong get shaken. But chill, ehn, you’ll be fine.

Be prepared to hear the phrase “you’ll be fine” a lot as you begin your journey on the UI campus. That phrase is what the staylites will tell you after sharing an experience. But fear not, you’ll be fine (aiish I said it didn’t I?).

In today’s copy, we have highlighted for you first-year students some helpful tips that will help you through the start of your journey at the University of Ibadan. Follow these tips for the first year, try to apply them, and you will thank me later (winks). Moving on, here are 10 helpful tips for First-year students of the University of Ibadan.

1. Understand that you are attending the First and the Best

You might think I am trying to brag here, but far from it. Hunni, you need to understand the gravity of what you have done by gaining admission into this University. Am I scaring you? Oh, chill. I was trying to pull your leg a bit. The University of Ibadan, popularly known as the First and the Best, carries this title on its head, which is evident in the academic standards and excellence the school exhibits.

As you are starting in UI, you need to understand that you gained admission into the First and the Best, and this means you have to culture yourself to be nothing but the best. Now, do you get what I mean by understanding that you are attending the First and the Best? I bet you do.

While you are mentally preparing yourself to acquire knowledge and seek excellence, you don’t just pursue excellence at a mediocre level; aim for the very best version of excellence. Understand this, and your journey in UI will be smooth sailing. In that Department, in that Faculty, in that College, seek to attain the best version of excellence.

Whichever environment of the campus you find yourself in that requires a test of your mental capacity, strive to give it the best you got. As you start, understand the aura your school carries and wear that aura too, and you’ll be fine (winks).

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2. Come with an Open Mind

Please don’t come with any ingrained mentality from your home, secondary school, or wherever you are coming from. Come with an open mind. An open mind to learn, acquire a new skill, make connections, create a new network of people, gain experiences, and all of that. Erase whatever perspective of campus life you have and let your mind understand that it should be ready to adapt to a new world.

Come with a fresh mind open to new possibilities and opportunities to better yourself, to improve, to cut some excesses, and ultimately adapt. For smooth adaptation in the University of Ibadan, let your mind be open every day because, my dear, anything can happen. As your mind is open, also chill and don’t discard your morals or values; just let your mind be flexible enough to adapt, and you’ll be fine.

3. Get rid of Overconfidence

This one goes to my dear efficos, dem shanas in their respective secondary schools or colleges. Darling, drop that wing as soon as you step into the gates of the University of Ibadan. You had 90 in the Post UTME examination; you had 300 in Jamb; you had an aggregate of 81%. All that is in the past, my darling.

Get rid of overconfidence in your abilities, brain, or retentive memory. Like I said earlier, come with an open mind that includes letting go of overconfidence in your skills and capabilities. Forget that you made stellar grades in your secondary school and that you were the best graduating student in your A-levels class. Come to UI, meek and humble.

Like I have said before, UI is not for the weak, and even the strong get shaken, know this and know peace. Am I scaring you? I promise that is not my intention.

4. Try to Connect as much as you can

Connection and networking are crucial to surviving on the UI campus. Why do you need to know people? In case of necessity, that’s all. As a fresher, you are a newbie in a whole new world; how would you know your way around and be able to navigate the campus successfully if you don’t connect with the people therein?

Put a smile on that fine face and approach anyone that seems approachable. Spark a small convo; it could be you asking directions to a place or asking about someone. Initiate a convo and keep it steady. Try to collect number sef if you can. That friend you made on your first day will surely come in handy eventually.

Connect with staylites and your fellow freshers; in fact, be friendly with the vendors on campus; those people dey everly get inside gist wella. Connect with as much as you can, and your navigation and maximization of the campus will be made efficient, and you’ll be fine.

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5. Know What works for you

This helpful tip applies to all aspects of your journey at the University of Ibadan. Academically, know what works for you in reading and writing exams. Socially, understand what works for you, no dey do pass yourself. Emotionally, know what works for you, no dey do hard guy wey you no be.

Understand how your mind, brain, and body work and don’t exceed your limit in a bid to follow the crowd or feel among; that has never helped anybody, and it certainly won’t help you.

The University of Ibadan is a place where you are allowed to express yourself as yourself with no fear of judgment. Of course, there will be whispers and gossip that are inevitable in any environment, but the general campus Environment encourages you to be yourself at all times. Just do you, and you go dey alright.

6. Befriend Smart Staylites in your Department

In all thy connections, please befriend intelligent and relatively smart people. Target the smart staylites in your department and befriend them. They are your best plug for lecturer gist, course gist, and exam gist. They will give you the history of the Department based on personal experience, which is the best kind of gist, undiluted and fresh.

Befriend at least one or two intelligent peeps; look them up in the Book of Life if you have to, so you can verify their academic records. They will be valuable instruments in your journey at the University of Ibadan.

However, ensure your friendship with them is defined, except if otherwise (cough cough). Remember that you are a newbie, so be careful, and you’ll be fine.

7. Don’t Annoy your lecturers

A most important tip is to ensure you never cross your lecturer or step on their toes. I am sure in your friendship with staylites, they will, at one point or another, tell you this.

Understand that at the University of Ibadan, your lecturers hold your future on the campus in their hands, do not bite the fingers on those hands. While in the lecture rooms or tutorials, accord your lecturer due respect. As you pass by them in the hallway, or perhaps you see them on the road, respect them as you should.

When I say lecturers, I mean whether they teach you or they don’t, respect them. Do not give off any attitude. You need to be in their good graces more than you need to be hated or disliked by them. Do your assignments, your projects, and your assigned tasks with joy.

Lecturers have sharp eyesight in recognizing students; you might not know they have been watching you until the day they summon you. Respect them, and you’ll be just fine.

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8. Avoid Peer Pressure

Plenty things dey UI wey go entice you left, right and center. My darling, fight peer pressure with all you got; you won’t regret it, trust me. Don’t try to feel among; do what you think is right.

Peer pressure is a dominant thing in the world called University, but you need to fight it so that you won’t suffer the consequences on your own.

Avoid situations like “Please follow me, na,” or “Let’s go, it’ll be fun,” or “Let’s go outside” trust me, if things go wrong, it will end up biting you in the ass. If you feel any slight hesitation, do not do it. “Oluwa a wa pelu o” (God Be With You).

9. Be Respectful and Friendly

Always put a smile on your face and respect everyone. Respect is reciprocal. Be friendly to all and sundry and respect everyone for who they are.

As a fresher, all eyes will be on you, no matter how uncomfortable that might feel. Your disposition as a fresher will be forever ingrained in the minds of all you meet, lecturers and students alike. So put on a small smile and be good, and you will be just fine.

10. Don’t Overdo

Finally, the last helpful tip for you as a first-year student is that you do everything in moderation.

Carry the aura of your school moderately, seek the best version of excellence moderately, let your mind be open moderately, retain a bit of confidence in yourself, befriend with sense, and respect your lecturer and everyone else with sense.

Apply all these duly, and trust me, your journey at the University of Ibadan will be sweet and full of joyful memories. One day you will tell your story (winks).

That’s it on this copy, 10 helpful tips to help you as a fresher in the Premier University. We wish you all the very best in all your endeavors and your pursuit of certain success. Remember, you’ll be just fine (winks).

Hit our comment section with your views right away. Which tip do you consider the most helpful? UI staylites give your additions and subtractions as well. Cheers to Success.