10 Things To Do To Get Ready For The Resumption

It is no longer news that federal university students are returning to school if some haven’t resumed since the 17th of October. Some schools like Uniben have released a packed calendar for the students, making it near impossible to return home for Christmas. You wouldn’t want to be far away from home and start saying, ‘oh, I Wish I Had Done This Before Resumption.’ Here are 10 things you should do before resumption.

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1. Dust And Rearrange Your Books Together

It’s been eight months, and many of us might not even remember where our books are. Even the textbooks and handouts we bought might have been misplaced or roughened. Those that know where it is should go back there, dust the books, and arrange them in preparation for resumption. It shouldn’t be when you get to school that you start doubting if you brought a book or not.

2. Check And Cross Check Your Files

This is very important, especially for freshers. Make sure you have a folder for your files and arrange them in it. Double check. You can’t go to the University of Abuja or the University of Benin, which are not that close, and start thinking of returning home, all because you forgot a document.

3. Plan a Reading Schedule for Yourself

Where are the serious students ready to bang their examinations? Raise your hands and get a pen while doing that. It is advisable to create a reading schedule that you should endeavor to follow to make reading easier for you. In doing this, you’ll be able to take in and digest your books easily.

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4. Get Your Stationeries Or School Materials Ready

There are some materials you might need while in school, like a lab coat, dissection tools, and calculators for those in the Faculty of Science, Business, or Accounting. Apart from that, get your stationeries ready. Bimbo, you won’t use just a pen throughout your second semester. Dele, that pencil you’re brandishing won’t last for the whole semester; you don’t know how many technical drawings you’ll sketch.

5. Cross Check And Go Through Your Pdf Notes

For some of us who deleted or cleared our PDF to collect Alchemy of Souls, it’s on you. To be on the safe side, as the semester hasn’t come to an end yet, double-check your pdf notes. If you have, you can contact your course rep, that is, if you still have their number. If yes, stock up on PDF notes as they might come in handy later on, even though some of us have cultivated the habit of not even going through them at all.

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6. Unarchive And Pin Your Departmental Groups

It is time to unarchive and pin your departmental group chats on Whatsapp. Some of you might have been disgusted about discussions on the group which didn’t correlate with the school schedule and have archived them; as a result, claiming ASUU’s latest development is just a facade and won’t last a month. Hello ma, ASUU has made us understand that they’ve ‘seen the light at the end of the tunnel.’ Let’s hope for developments as we head down the path.

7. Wash All Your Clothes In Readiness

If your wardrobe isn’t ready for resumption, say hi. At the very least, wash those you have prepared for resumption. Nobody ought to even wash clothes the first week of resumption. Same way that nobody ought to cook, sleep, or even breathe.

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8. Pack All The Clothes You’d Need

Pack all the clothes you’ll need. I remember when a friend of mine wanted to matriculate, and he remembered he didn’t pack a white shirt. He had to send a message to his mother to bring the shirt for him. In essence, pack the clothes you’d need. You might want to go on a date, to a show, or to something more official. I’ll advise at least one official wear, just in case.

9. Dust Your Shoes

Shoes, heels, sandals, flat shoes, you name them. Dust them off and keep them together so you don’t forget. Your shoes are an essential part of your outfit. It says a lot about you.

10. Get Your Foodstuff

Yes, we left the most important thing for last. Lol. Get enough foodstuffs; don’t just go with a cup of garri. You can take half a bag to miss the sheges that school life might want to throw at you. Spaghetti, noodles, rice, and all that shouldn’t be forgotten. Body go tell!

 These are ten things to do to get ready for resumption. Which do you think is most important?