10 Ways To Flex Life on Weekends As A Student Of UNILAG

Every Friday, you’ll see everyone in school excited, and you’ll begin to wonder what the good news is. The good news is it’s the weekend. It’s a time when lecturers, students, cleaners, and vendors get to rest after working off their butts on weekdays.

The University of Lagos has a population of over 40,000 students, and they are called Akokites. Great Akokites! Undoubtedly, UNILAG is the school of first choice and our nation’s pride, and they are doing a great job of ranking at the top of the best universities in Nigeria.

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UNILAG’s students are the best, and they deserve the best of everything; that’s why we’re bringing to you a breakdown of how to spend your weekends after school.

Here are the best 10 ways to spend your weekend:

1. Go Home

Most Akokites can testify about having regular complaints about the hostels in UNILAG. If it’s not a lack of water today, it’s contaminated water or no electricity tomorrow. That is if we’re not even talking about the poor ventilation of the hostel rooms that are jam-packed with porters and squatters. Dear Akokite kings and queens, go to your houses. After a long week in school, it’s preferable to be in the cozy ambiance of your home than in the vicious hands of the mosquitoes of El-Kanemi Hall or the bedbug-infested rooms of Kofo Ademola Hall. Go to your homes and I’m sure you’ll be welcomed with delicious meals and warm embraces from parents and siblings who have missed having you around all week. Abi, you no get house?

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2. Go to The Gym

You know that casual puff-puff, potato chips, chocolates, eggrolls, cookies, and junk foods you’ve been eating in school are stored as excess fat in your body. Also, do you remember how you’ve been saying you’re going to work out all those fats in your body one day and never did? The weekend is your time for it. There are some gyms close to UNILAG where you can burn off some fat and keep fit. If you cannot go to a gym, you can go to the sports center and exercise there or jog around the school premises. Who knows if you’ll even see your school crush, and they’ll be impressed by your physical agility?

3. Study More

The weekend should be like a resting period for you after taking lectures back-to-back all week. But if you are an “efiwe,” you can choose to read your books with that free time and finish up with some of the assignments your lecturers gave you. In this way, you can be one step ahead of your classmates and correct your lecturers when they make mistakes. If you go and correct someone like Professor Daramola and he blacklists you, you’re on your own. We all want to make our parents proud, so study more and bag that first-class degree, or go for the peak and become the Best Graduating Student in your academic session.


4. Catch Up With Friends

Opportunities to hang out with your friends might not come often because the timing of your classes might not match that of your friends. Friendships can fall apart when there is no proper communication for a long time, so you can use the weekends to catch up with your friends and restore that connection. Some of the things you can do together with them are: binge-watching your favorite movies, playing some games; having a sleepover; going out to restaurants; and basically anything you enjoy doing together.

5. Sleep For The Whole Day

If you decide to sleep throughout the free time you get every school weekend, nobody will hold you responsible for it. Everybody knows the daily stress akokites go through, especially when you’re a medicine or law student. Getting quality sleep time when you have a lot to do during the week is quite difficult. That’s why the weekend is perfect for resting and napping too. Resting is good, but you see that sweet, long nap after a hectic week; that is the real deal.

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6. Get A Part-Time Job

If you are up for it, there are several jobs you can do for the weekend. While others are using their free time to rest or do other things, you can decide to earn a little income. Your earnings can be added to the allowance you get from your parents, and you won’t have to trouble them much if you have a few payments to make in school. Moreover, you can flex with your money and buy yourself some new clothes and foodstuffs. You can go to “Korede’s Spaghetti” anytime and eat to your satisfaction. As you make money, your begi begi in the hostel will reduce because you can now afford the basic things you need.

7. Go Out To Parties/Clubs

They say “all work and no play” makes Jack what? Socialization is good. You can’t be a student of the great UNILAG and dull yourself. People host parties every weekend in Lagos. Look for one “owambe” party, dress up and go and eat their sweet Jollof rice. As a young student, you’re in your early years, so it’s only normal if you flex around a bit and cool off the pressure from school and society. UNILAG students are known for their regular parties, and you’ll start seeing it from your freshers’ orientation. First, the school will welcome you with a series of programs, and then your faculty and your department will host different parties for you. Go out to have fun. Drink and dance with your friends, but drink responsibly so you won’t wake up one morning in the gutters after drinking yourself into a stupor the previous night.

8. Extra Time For Your Hobbies

We all have things we love doing, and sometimes we need extra time to get a kick out of them. The weekend is there for you to relax and explore your hobbies. You can even add more hobbies if it doesn’t choke you. Don’t be a boring person; try out hobbies like painting, cooking, dancing, martial arts, playing board games, football, listening to music, and all that interests you. There is a water fountain at the GT Park; you can go there to take nice pictures for your Instagram page and new videos for Tiktok. It should be all about helping you take a break and relax.

9. Finish Up With Your Chores

The weekends can be set aside for doing your chores. Imagine having a hectic day after school and walking from the Faculty of Education to your hostel in Moremi Hall just to sit down and start washing your clothes. You go just faint. Chores like this can be done every weekend, so you can have time for yourself during the week. You can also go to the market to buy everything you need for the new week. It’s best if you create a schedule for yourself: Mondays to Fridays for school work and the weekend for chores.

10. Hang Out With Your Crush

UNILAG has some amazing places to chill with your babe or crush. The Lagoon Front is there for you to take pictures and have a picnic. It also provides a nice view of the third mainland bridge, and the best time to be there is in the evening to see how the sun sets on the water. Another place is the Love Garden; wahala for who no get babe. You can sit there and gist with your partner or even do some smooching. It’s quite a romantic place with the trees towering over you and giving you shade from the sun. Balancing school life and love life isn’t so hard after all.

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We’ve been hearing for a while that ASUU is about to call off the strike that has been on for about 8 months so you better start preparing for school and how you are going to be spending your weekends after the resumption. Share your thoughts about the one place in UNILAG where you can do your thing without disturbance in the comment section.