5 Pointers That Indicate She Loves You Enough To Marry You.

Love is beautiful, especially when you have just found the person you deemed right to spend the rest of your life with. But before you make this person completely yours, you need to ensure she is also into you, just as you are also into her. So, before you ask, “Will you marry me?” make certain that she is also ready to say, “I do.”

To avoid looking like an idiot when you pop the question, “Will you marry me?”, you should have as well looked out for these signs that will leave some hints to let you know that her feelings align with yours. This article has helped you highlight some clear signs you should be looking out for before proposing the forever question to your girl.

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1. Talks about the future.

This is one of the most obvious signs that she wants to marry you.One who is not interested in a long-term goal with you, will not see the need to discuss the future with you. Rather, they will find cunning ways to avoid topics that drive towards talking about the future, but a lady who is considering spending her entire life with you, won’t shy away from talking about plans and dreams with you

At this stage, the future might not include weddings or babies, but it would surely include ideas and dreams that surely include you.

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2) Sacrifices

Love requires one to be able to make sacrifices. A lady that loves you will surely sacrifice her time, energy, and resources for you. She would regularly put you first, no matter how small or big the sacrifice is. She doesn’t see it as a big deal to compromise, especially when it is needed for you. She’s not self-centered but also thinks about you.

Some ladies see the act of cooking for a man who is not yet married to them as taboo, but a lady who truly loves you can compromise such a belief and make good meals for you. This also validates the saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Surely her cooking for you is to get to your heart. Therefore, the ball is in your court to decide if you truly want her in your life.

3. She Wants To Meet Your Parents

Most times, parents are the final say needed to push a relationship into marriage. When she uses sentences like “I would like to meet with your parents” or she is always concerned about the well-being of your parents, it shows she is willing to accept them, but she needs the validation of your parents. Many ladies avoid meeting up with the parents with whom they are in a relationship because they don’t wish for such a relationship to go any further than that. It takes a lady who is committed and serious about you to be eager and willing to meet with your parents, or want you to meet with hers.

If she does these, then it is left for you to just request her hand in marriage, and stop dulling yourself.

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4. Wedding Talks

Weddings are a special occasion for any couple, but particularly for a lady. They always look forward to their big day, which is also their wedding day.

A lady who wants to spend her entire life with you will start encouraging you both to attend the weddings of friends. This is indirectly asking you, when will it be our turn? and she also starts talking about how she would also like her wedding dress to be. Of course, this should give you a hint that she is ready to walk down the aisle with you because no lady would talk about issues of marriage with someone they are in a relationship with if they don’t wish to get married to them. So, biko, hurry up and start pricing engagement rings.

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5. Letting You Know.

If you still don’t get those signs, then be rest assured that she will let you know. Directly or indirectly, she would let you know that she is ready and willing to spend forever with you. It is only left for you to open your eyes and ears wide, as she uses words like ” I want to grow old with you”   “I want to spend my whole life or the rest of my life with you”. These are enough to give you a clear clue that she wants you to marry her. Oga, just get on your knees and pop that question; “Will you marry me?”

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Many ladies won’t use their mouths to tell you to marry them. Rather, they will show you signs, and as a sharp guy, you should start looking out for these, and go for what you want.

If you have been seeing all these signs listed up there, what are you still waiting for? Go on your knees and propose now! Don’t let another man carry your babe!