10 Nigerian Celebrities That Are Scholars

Education is the ultimate legacy on all levels. No matter your standpoint or perspective, the importance of education can never be overemphasized. These days na money everybody dey find left, right and center, but even though, upon still, education is still paramount.

The celebrities we famz and adore understand the place of education in their career and endeavors and have strived to acquire as much as they can. Not all celebs and stars, as we know them, are drop-outs or just educationally declined; some of these guys are mad scholars.

So to make you say wow and keep you informed, in this copy today, I have listed 10 celebrities that you might have never guessed to be scholars. You will be shocked by their educational achievements and degrees in the bag.

Read through and catch inspiration that will motivate you to want to get as much educational prowess as you possibly can, irrespective of your career choice.

1. Naira Marley

Contrary to many assumptions, the pivotal leader of the “Marlians,” the one and only Naira Marley, is actually a scholar. The Lagos-born musician, Azeez Fashola, graduated from Peckham Academy with a high distinction in Business; e shock you?

That’s not all; he also bagged a master’s degree from Crossways College, England, in Business Law. Talmbout brains, yh? Although born in Lagos, he relocated to Peckham, South London, England, at 11 and had all his educational endeavors there. Now, he is a successful Nigerian music artist, making waves with his style.

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2. DJ Cuppy

Ifeoluwa Otedola the baby of the well-known Femi Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy. She is not just a disc jockey or a producer, but also a scholar and a certified economist.

She did her A-levels in London and proceeded to bag a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Kings College. She further moved in her scholarly ways and added to her certification, a master’s degree in Music Business at New York University.

Her business prowess is evident as she is successful at her craft and has a net worth that is bursting at the seams with joy. She is rated as one of the most educated Nigerian music artists in Nigeria and Africa.

3. Saka

Our very own Afeez Oyetoro, popularly known as Saka, is not just a goofy, seemingly silly actor/comedian but also a scholar. This phenomenal figure on Nigerian television not only knows how to be goofy and bring comedic effect to movies that cross our screens; he also has a double degree.

He bagged a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from OAU, Ile-Ife, in Osun State, and a master’s degree in the same discipline at the same school. Currently, he is enrolled in the prestigious leading university in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan, taking his Ph.D. in the same discipline.

This celeb doesn’t just have the talent for showbiz; he has the brains for it.

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4. Jenifa

Our very own Jenifa, Funke Akindele, a beloved actress who has graced our screen and entertained us with top-notch acting and drama, is not just an actress but a certified barrister.

In her scholarly journey, she obtained an OND (Ordinary National Diploma) in Mass Communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in Abeokuta. Then she got her LLB (a bachelor’s degree in law) at the University of Lagos.

Her academic prowess has shined through at some points in her acting career and most recent venture into politics. A complete definition of beauty with brains, she is.

5. Dr. Sid

E shock you? Oh yes! Dr. Sid is a real doctor. Sidney Esiri is a learned, trained, and duly certified surgeon. He is an alumnus of the prestigious premier university, the University of Ibadan, where he bagged his MBBS in Dental Surgery after 7 years of rigorous school work. As we know, UI is not for the weak, so definitely Dr. Sid is an apparent genius.

He practiced as a surgeon in medical school for up to 10 years, after which he found a new career path and became a musician. His career change from medicine to entertainment and showbiz is both drastic and daring. He can hold his own as a scholar, which is evident.

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6. Tonto Dikeh

Yet another shocker, yh? Well, yes, Tonto is a certified engineer and has no educational background in the arts. This famous actress, contrary to her usual appearance on screen, is considered one of the most educated figures in the country.

Tonto has always been a science student. She attended the University of Science and Technology in Rivers State, where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Another definition of beauty and brains. Her knowledge shines through in her personality and endeavors, especially her recent venture into politics.

7. Helen Paul

Yes o! Tatafo is a certified professor. Trust me, I am completely blown away by this, and I’m sure you are too. This phenomenal stand-up comedian has become the first of her kind to be a professor, and therefore she has set a new record and laid new grounds for others after her. She is a pacesetter.

Helen Paul is famous for her voice manipulation skills, making her sound like a little girl. She is a professor in the discipline of theatre arts. Her doctorate degree was gotten from the University of Lagos. Currently, she holds a position as the Head of the Department of the Arts, Music, and Entertainment Department at Heart International University in the United States.

8. Naeto C

Naetochukwu Chikwe, known by his fans and all as Naeto C. Naeto C, although not born in the country, is a rapper, afrobeat artist, and record producer. He is a successful professional at his craft, but not only good at music; he is a scholar of the sciences.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology at George Washington University. Furthermore, in his scholarly endeavors, he went on to obtain a Master’s degree, this time in Energy studies in Scotland at the University of Dundee. He is rated one of the most educated Nigerian Musicians, even at the continental level.

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9. Femi Adebayo

This iconic figure on our Nollywood screen, best known for his not-so-formal on-screen personality, is actually more than that; he is a Barrister. A dutiful son who followed in the footsteps of his father, Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello, did more than his father.

He bagged a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from a prestigious university in the country. He went further to bag a master’s degree in the same field at the university. Currently, he is enrolled at the University of Ilorin, undertaking his “Doctor of Philosophy” program.

Our Femi Adebayo is a professional at his craft and a certified scholar.

10. RMD

Our very own hotshot, Richard Mofe-Damijo, is not only a veteran actor but a certified scholar with two bachelor’s degrees. He bagged a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts at the University of Benin. Consequently, he pursued his career in the world of Nollywood and hit it big time, becoming a sensational figure.

But then he took a detour and enrolled at the University of Lagos, after which he bagged an LLB after 5 years in school. His acting prowess and educational versatility have contributed to his success as a celebrity.

His influence reached his home state, and he was appointed commissioner for Culture and Tourism of Delta State. We certainly wish him more success.

And that’s a wrap on this list of scholarly individuals who did not just make it big in showbiz but also duly invested in education as a big part of their lives.

I hope you enjoyed our little piece. Hit the comment section with your thoughts and reviews. We love them and you.