15 Kinds Of Students You Would Meet In Every Nigeria University.

It is undeniable that Nigerian universities are like civilian barracks that comprise many different personalities, beliefs, characters, and mentalities with the primary aim of obtaining advanced education.

Like humans, they exhibit different characters and personalities in society; students in Nigeria’s university setting also show and have other personalities and characteristics, even though they are all supposed to comply with a similar rule and motive.

If you want to seek admission to any Nigerian university, in the article, you will find out the kinds of students you would meet, and it is left to you to decide which categories to be in. If you are already a student at a Nigerian university, find out to confirm below the types of students you met and the ones you haven’t. Enjoy!

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15. The Religious One

This kind of student appears to be very spiritual on campus. They value their religion more than anything else, and nothing, even if it’s an examination, can stop them from missing any of their religious activities at the appropriate time. They also regard themselves as the perfect and God-chosen ones and are very selective in their friends’ making. Well, birds of a feather flock together; if you aren’t as spiritual as they are, the only thing they can force themselves to do for you is to greet you and say no more words unless they want to preach to you.

They pray a lot as they strongly believe prayer is the sword of worship. Don’t be surprised when you see them praying all through instead of reading during the examination period. More prayer and no reading would help them pass the examinations. The Lord is pleased with them.

14. Party Freaks

Although attending parties once in a while is recommended for Nigerian students as a means of relaxing and having fun, these students are party addicts. They attend every party organized on and outside the school campus; they attend parties more than they attend classes.

13. The Fashionista

If you have more students in your department or faculty, you don’t need to follow fashion trends online to know what is in vogue. These students come to university to slay and have all of the latest and most expensive clothing in their wardrobe; you’d never see them wear the same dress twice.

The shocking part is that not all of these students come from wealthy homes; we need to talk about how they afford the expensive latest clothing they slay some other time.

The classroom is their showroom; they miss a class when they run out of new dresses.

12. Fake It Till You Make It, Geng.

These kinds of students are the “I want to be”  gang. You will notice them with their fake accents, pretentious drama, and packaged lies. They won’t cut their cloth according to the coat and will do whatever it takes to reach the standard of their desired fellow student.

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11. Everybody Is A Friend

These students are careless when making friends; they can make friends with everyone who comes their way. They know how to make friends in every faculty and department in the school, and they would even try to make friends with the lecturers too. In extreme cases, they befriend every living thing around the school.

Sometimes, I wonder how they maintain a balance with their academics as they would spend more time making new friends and maintaining existing ones.

10. The Rumor-Monger

Nothing would happen on campus without these kinds of students knowing. They are the all-knowing in every school; they know who is dating whom, how and when they started dating, who is crushing on whom, and they have all the latest gist to share.

They are like the go-to media to confirm any news circulating on campus and any information that was spread without them knowing it was either fake or stale. They are the BBC of every school.

9. The Photology Students

One thing about most of these students is that they are not the rightful owners of the phones they often use for taking pictures. No matter how tight the lecture timetable is, these students can’t do a day without taking pictures. Sometimes, they would make you doubt if they came to school to attend classes or take photographs.

8.  The Borrowers

If you stay in the same hostel as these students, the only personal item you might have will be your underwear if you don’t have a chance to borrow it. These kinds of students hardly own things; they borrow everything to use. They would come to class daily to borrow a pen, a book, and transport fees (Gang: I am not with cash).

You will suffer a lot if you have a roommate like that because they will borrow your food items, dresses, shoes, bags, and everything you have. Even if you give them a chance, they will borrow your lover.

Borrowing is no big deal, but you must fight them to return the borrowed items.

7. The Business – Minded

These are the entrepreneurs in the building. They are super active in money-making and seize every opportunity to make money. These students hardly do things for free. If you have any of them as friends, they will demand you pay if they are to escort you anywhere.

Some students might have a specific trade business, and some don’t own a particular company. They engage in anything that could fetch them money. If they can only put the same energy they put into moneymaking into their academic performance, they will be the best students in their department.

6.  The Prowlers

These students are in school not because they are passionate about getting the certificate, but because they are desperate to find their missing ribs. They wanted to get married, but since the husband or wife wasn’t easy to get out there, they decided to try university.

Graduating with good grades isn’t their concern. As long as they get their missing ribs before they graduate, they have made it in life. If you have these students as friends, they will talk more about getting a partner than their academics.

5.  Omo Baba Olowo (Rich Children)

Every university in Nigeria has students from wealthy backgrounds, which may make you wonder why they chose to study in Nigeria when they can afford to study abroad.

The proud ones among these sets cause the weak students’ low self-esteem. From a distance, you can tell they are omo Baba olowo because of their shunning looks and nice skin, the expensive and latest gadgets they use, and the way they speak, walk, and compose themselves.

They stay in the most expensive and classic hostel on campus; just like them, they get everything they need. Sometimes they might make you want to question your parents’ poverty.

4. The Best Friends’ Geng

Every Nigerian university has a group of students who move around the campus and refer to themselves as best friends. You would hardly see one without the others; they are like snails and shells.

This group of students do everything together, come to class together, sit together, chill together, and return to the hostel together, even if they are not lucky enough to secure the same hostel.

Occasionally, they might choose to wear the type or color of clothing. You might even think they are cult members, but no, they are best friends from heaven that found themselves in school.

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3. The Waivers

Pardon my diction, but this set of students is the saddest. You might think you have the bitterest and worst life experiences until you meet these students. They have the most heartbreaking and worst experiences; they don’t see anything good in life or school. They would have one thing or more to complain about; maybe their inability to get something to eat for two days, their school calendar, or tutor fees that aren’t fair to them, and many other bitter stories. They know how to steal people’s sympathy for their fate.

You need to limit the time spent with these people as they can be very toxic and harmful.

2. The Bookworm (For Book Only).

These are the igi iwe in every Nigeria University. They are focused and determined to graduate with good grades. They focus on their academics and give no time to other school activities. They are from hostel to class; from class to hostel gang of students. Anything apart from studying can’t attract their attention.

1. The MVPs

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These students don’t just go to school and pass through the school; they allow the school to pass through them as well. They are both book-bright and street-smart. They don’t only attend class, but they also engage in many extracurricular activities on campus without one affecting the other. They are experts in time management.

So, my beloved readers, this is a truth circle; which of the other above categories do you fall into or can relate to? What variety did we leave out? Let’s know in the comment section.