Top 10 Departments with The Most Beautiful Girls In Unilag

As schools have resumed in most Federal Universities in Nigeria after a suffocating 8-month strike, some guys are just in a quest for a beautiful lady to take care of in exchange for frequent bouts of skin-to-skin contact seasoned with affections. I have therefore correlated ten departments. You don’t have to look too hard before you find a pretty girl at Unilag.


These young medics are very pretty and have made it to our list. You might not know it, but these girls are also specs. You’ll find their students at the Campus at Idi Araba, secluded from the Akoka Campus.

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Combining beauty with brains, we have some beauties from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Although this is known widely as a ‘male’ course, we have a few females there, and they live up to our expectations.


Still, under the Faculty of Arts, we have History babes who are likewise pretty. You can now see that the Faculty of Arts houses a lot of beauties, be they dark or light-skinned. Students of History, along with their smartness and beauty, would genuinely mesmerize you.

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Another department where you can find beautiful girls is the department of Economics. Economics babes are eye catchy. Although you do not see more of them on campus, you’d marvel when you do.


Still, under the Faculty of Arts, you’ll find gorgeous babes from the Creative Arts department, Rema’s supposed department. These babes would make you wish you could claim one among them, but we know this isn’t all that possible. Lol

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Under the Faculty of social sciences, we have girls from the department of Mass communication who make heads turn. Girls that study Mass communications are not only pretty but eloquent, and you’ll feel the confidence oozing from them when you’re with them, which compliments their beauty.


Next on the list are girls from the department of Accounting. Most tend to dress officially, but it doesn’t reduce their beauty. It only adds to it. Accounting girls are beautiful, and they are the one.


Archi girls are wonderful girls that are not so popular. These girls rule the Faculty of Environmental Science in terms of beauty. You might stand in front of the department with your mouth agape without knowing that you did. They are indeed beauties.

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 Female students of the English Language are known for their beauty. Just stay in front of the Faculty, and you’ll behold beauties from all tribes slaying in different dresses, shorts, and shirts. It was rumored that guys come from the Faculty of Law to date girls studying English.

1. LAW

Have you seen those beautiful girls treading elegantly like princesses on their backs from classes? They’ve made the ‘white and black’ style a fashion statement. You’ll see them looking pretty in a white shirt and black trousers or skirts.

What department do you think has the prettiest girls?