13 Relationship Pet Peeves You Should Stop Doing

When two people come together, they do so with their difference and behavioral display. Falling in love at the very beginning might seem so easy but when it comes to tolerance and acceptance of who your beloved is everything becomes vivid as you would have your limit to how long you can overlook their flaws, and actions whether unconscious or not.

When it starts to get annoying, the romantic relationship gropes in the dark for a way out or fights for stability. But when you look at it, there are some things you should stop doing that are pet peeves that crumble your relationship.

1.  Getting Too Friendly With Exes

While your partner might deem it okay for you to keep in touch with your ex you shouldn’t take the advantage to get back the closeness that was once there or unnecessarily be at their beck and call. This will leave room for insecurities for your partner.

2.  Comparison Of Relationship

Just because you have seen how great things are working out for some couple you knew, you shouldn’t start to point out the things you’ve seen them do together or things you might like to see your partner do from your little expectations. Their adventure might not suit your path.

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3.  Giving The Silent Treatment

Why say nothing to your partner when you have misunderstandings, you can need your space to calm the heat between you but not for a long while. When you fight, talk it out, if they do something wrong let them know. Avoiding it only delays conflict resolution, and when it piles up you find everything in them annoying.

4.  Always Late

You can’t always be missing being on important occasions which means a lot for your partner for you to be there. You might not do it consciously but try to always keep a tag on every event and turn-up you need to do for your partner.

5.  Walking Away During Fights

Imagine yourself trying to talk and make your point during a disagreement and your partner just waves you and walks away like what you’re saying doesn’t matter. It’s been dismissive and it’s unhealthy to do it out of anger. Subtly talk it out.

6.  Being On The Phone Every Hour

You know it’s annoying when your partner needs or wants your attention but you’re either on your phone making phone calls for a pretty long while perhaps because of work or chatting with your buddies and laughing it out to show you’re having a nice time with your chat buddies. You concentrate on your phone even on your dates, that’s rather too bad.

7.  Cannot Say Sorry

You know, you shouldn’t let your pride win to make you ignore your faults, even when you’re not at fault, saying sorry to avoid escalating arising issues should come out of you easily. Apologize sincerely when you’re wrong, it makes you a humble human.

8.  Being Dirty

We all get our way of being messy once in a while but maybe you can escape anyone pointing it out for you when you do it in your own space. But when you’re with your partner, always tidy your mess and more, and keep yourself clean and presentable.

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9.  Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the most unavoidable traits in a relationship, between two couples interacting with others outside their love world, especially with the opposite genders. You must have a sense of less insecurity to avoid false suspicion of your partner if you want a healthy relationship.

10.  Possessive

When you start to control the activities of your partner day in and day out, it gets mentally strenuous to always get overly insecure. You won’t let them do what they want to or relate with other people outside just because you can’t bear to see them out of your reach. Let your union be free.

11.  Always Busy

Always try to make time for your partner no matter how tight your schedule is, you can’t assume they should always understand. Making time for your partner

strengthens your bonds as you would get to do a couple of things couples do.


 12.  Not Replying To Texts Or Calls

Several missed calls and texts from your partner can get them restless and disappointed. No matter your personality, you shouldn’t ignore those texts popping up on your phone screen every few minutes. You never know when it’s important.

13.  Finding Faults

Nobody is perfect, and when you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t look for mistakes in your partner with the intent to make them look imperfect. The unhappiness that they can’t satisfy you or do anything right plunges a depressing hole in their heart and it gets annoying. It’s okay to get it wrong once in a while.

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The list could go on and on, but you should caution yourself against some infuriating attitudes you display toward your partner. If you want a long-lasting and healthy relationship, always consider your partner and thrive to make things work, you know make the sweetness last.