Which Of These ‘One Piece’ Characters Show Your Personality?

This article will help you identify which “One Piece” character shows your personality.

If you’ve watched the popular Japanese manga “One Piece”, then you’re a true otaku. Next to “Naruto”,” One Piece” is the next best anime. However, you might want to start from anime with less than 100 episodes, as “One Piece” has been running for more than a decade with over 800 episodes. However, a weeb loyal to Monkey D’ Luffy must definitely have one of these personalities from his crew.

Which of these one piece characters shows your personality? You’re surely going to find out after your read.


Luffy, the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, has been travelling around the world in the Grand line with his loyal sea mates looking for the “One Piece” treasure once owned by Gol D’ Roger. Luffy has all the non-characteristics of a captain. He is the opposite of a leader – Adventurous, Fun, Friendly, and can be quite teasing- Remember when he chased Tony Tony Chopper – a reindeer that ate “human human fruit” to eat as meat but later warmed up to him as a friend with an invite to become the ship’s doctor. Luffy is also resilient, and he refuses to give up whenever he faces an adversary stronger than him. He defeated God Enel and one of the seven warlords of the sea, Crocodile.

However, Luffy is very loyal; he takes his post as a captain in dangerous times and watches over his crew. He is also quite the helper to those in need – he prevented the Kingdom of Alabasta from being overthrown by the secret organisation led by Crocodile.

What’s Luffy’s biggest character?

He is a foodie; if you have to combine all the Asian mukbangers, they still won’t hold a torch to Luffy.


Zoro swordsman and member of the Strawhat Pirates. Someone needs to gift Zoro a clock and a compass to attach to his swords. Although Zoro is a strong character in One Piece, he lacks every sense of direction. Have you ever told someone the bathroom is down the hallway, and then you find them in the third house on the last street looking around for the bathroom? Even if you gave Zoro Google map, he will probably discard it, saying it’s preventing him from fighting and slashing.

This is you if you’re always lost and confused even in conversations.

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You need to avoid every Sanjis!  In fact, you should put the name beside names of boys you want to avoid. Sanji loves every living thing in a skirt that has boobs and a lovely butt. You need to be a girl to be in Sanji’s good books. The love god is a good cook and loves fiercely. However, you should be ready to share his love when he sees another beautiful lady. Sanji is rarely defeated in battles except when it involves women – witches and beauties alike.

Sanji is relatively Femi in Yoruba. You can also be the feminine version of Sanji if you can’t close your eyes to men.


Usopp, the sniper in Strawhat Pirates. Although Usopp’s dream to become a pirate came true. However, he is mostly a coward and hides behind his other strong shipmates in battles. However, what he lacks in strength, he makes up perfectly in inventions and perfect aims when shooting at an adversary. While Usopp is a coward, he sometimes gives his lack of self-confidence strength when it comes to saving or helping his crew.

Do you have a mountain of excuses for every situation?


Nico mostly keeps to herself, and she loves reading, finding a cool spot and burying her face in researching and extensive knowledge about the world. She has the power of a Devil fruit which makes her very useful as a member of the Strawhat. However, Nico Robin is quite secretive with a shady childhood, but she’s very smart and definitely my favourite character in the anime series.

If you’re secretive and nerdy smart, you’re Nico.


Which one of these Strawhat pirates shows your personality perfectly? And if you do have a personality in each of the characters, then you’re the next King of Pirates. Let’s see your comment below.