#TrybeStreetLife : How SportyBet Ruined My Life – 200 Level UI student

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“I used to be a casual sports fan, but that all changed when I discovered sport betting. I was placing bets every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I was convinced that I was going to make it big, that I was going to hit the jackpot and change my life forever..”

Being a student, I was always on the lookout for ways to make some extra cash. However, when I discovered sports betting, I thought that it could be an easy way to make some extra cash. It started innocently enough, just a few bets here and there.

I was always a sports fan before the time I discovered sports betting. I was a football lover (keep reading, you’ll know why I said I was a football lover) and so it seemed like a fun way to get involved. So I started staking every little cash I was getting from home and I was winning small amounts here and there. It was a rush. I was able to buy myself a few extra treats, like going out to eat and buying new clothes. I was also able to sort out some bills on my own. It was a great feeling.

I continued betting and started getting caught up in the excitement of potentially winning big, and before I knew it, . It got to the point where I was betting all of my extra cash and I started taking loans to bet because I was so desperate to win big and, of course, I started losing. Trying to win back my losses, I began betting even more neglecting my responsibilities as a student. I was skipping classes, neglecting my assignments, and failing exams. All I was thinking of was nothing else but the best strategy on how to win a big bet.

I couldn’t stop. I could go hungry for days just because I had already used my feeding allowance to bet. There was this rush of placing a bet and the excitement of potentially winning big. I started lying to my friends and family, telling them that I was studying while I was only studying stats on how to place bets. Before I knew it, I was in huge debt and unable to pay my bills. I couldn’t pay my tuition fees because I had used it to bet. I was on the verge of losing my scholarship. I was struggling to keep up with my responsibilities, both at school and at home, and I was feeling more and more isolated.

Alas! I hit rock bottom and knew that I needed help. I had to confess everything to my parents, and with their support, I sought out therapy to deal with my addiction. It was a long and difficult road, but with the help of my therapist and my family, I was hoping to overcome my addiction.

I worked really hard to catch up on my schoolwork and to rebuild my academic record with the determination to turn my life around. I had the support of my friends and family during that period. I was back and everything seemed cool with me for six months. I was back to watching football games and being a fan until the day came when I was tempted to place a final bet. I told myself it was the last I would ever do. I just got my usual 20k allowance, but as a guy who needed to take his girlfriend out on Valentine’s Day, I needed more cash. I convinced myself that I was only betting for love that day. Then I staked my 20k on 5 odds to win 100k. I won the bet and was so happy I did. I promised myself not to do it again.

My addiction finally caught up with me when my sister’s school fees was sent to me the night before the deadline for payment. The thought of staking 90k for 2 odds kept flashing through my mind and I eventually gave in. I was hoping to be lucky again, like the other day, convincing myself that I was not addicted since I don’t play it on a regular basis, as I used to. I played three games to win 200k. The first two games were in and I was excited. I was already browsing the internet to make orders for clothes and a new phone. The last game was to be played late at night, so I slept excited, hoping to wake up to a win.

To my greatest surprise, I lost. My sister called to remind me that I was to make the payment before 12pm. I didn’t know what to do. I had messed up again. Where would I get 90k before 12pm? My sister kept calling and I had no choice but to tell her. I already knew what was next. My dad was so furious with me. My sister’s fee was paid, but I faced the consequences. My parents disowned me and I was left to survive on my own. I couldn’t continue with school; I had to drop out. Struggling to survive, I went through hell to the extent that I thought of committing suicide to end it all.

Looking back, I can see how sports betting ruined my life as a student. It took everything that I had worked so hard for and destroyed it in an instant. I lost everything- my family, friends, and career. I did my best not to lose my life. I am grateful for the journey, even though it was a difficult one, and I am a stronger person for it. I no longer watch any sports nor am I a fan of any sport, a very tough and determined decision I had to make.

This story comes as a warning to other students who are tempted by the thrills of sports betting. It may seem like a harmless escape at first, but it can quickly spiral out of control and destroy everything that you hold dear. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did, and never hesitate to seek help if you find yourself struggling with addiction.

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