5 Types of Single Ladies Before Valentine’s Day – WHICH ARE YOU?

Heyyy, guys!
It’s Valentine’s day and I personally love the vibe this year mehn! 😌 I’m looking to be really wowed with good contents. But beyond the lovebirds preparing to tension us on social media, here’s a list of 5 types of single ladies you’re sure to find during this period.

I’m willing to bet you’re on this list. Continue reading to find out.

1. The angry ones who think love is a scam

These are the ones who are happy that Valentine’s day is not a public holiday. What’s there to be excited about? What’s there to celebrate? Stay off work and do what?

They can’t relate. They would rather throw themselves more into the work. We don’t like them because that means they get to be more effective on the 14th and make others feel like being loved up is a bad thing and are generally unproductive and lazy. But then, they are probably hurting from a previous heartbreak and use all these as a coping mechanism. So we’re sending them love and light.

2. The ones commenting “God when” under people’s love videos and ignoring men in their DMs


These ones are even plain ass hypocritical. Yes, sis! Like who are you whining? It’s just like praying for bread because you’re hungry and then there’s flour, yeast, salt and a preheated oven in the room you are in. My friend, do the needful joorh.
Respond to those DMs and let us know how many of us are remaining in this single club. So the right guy will not keep passing us by in a bid to get to you… Along with 10 other interested males. Sigh.

3. The ones who are chill because they know they’ll still receive Valentine packages

These ones? They’re the real boss ladies. I look up to you. I want to learn work from you, ma.
They are doing many big men but not really doing them either, do you get? They have an admirer… Did I say an? They have lots of admirers who have repeatedly confessed their love for them. And this love remains unrequited of course. Hence, their continued membership in the singles’ club.
They are the real OGs o. Fear them. They can be crying God abeg with you, but they’re definitely expecting something hooge on the 14th.

4. The ones planning REVI-VAL with their other single Christian sisters


I’m sure you’ve heard their anthem on the streets of IG and Twitter:

Valentine is coming
Where is your boyfriend?
All you need is Jesus

Well… What you said, sis!

While you’re at the prayers, please pray for your other brethren as well. That the Lord would be good and gracious to us and change our story by the next Valentine.

5. The ones who are planning a girls night out with their other single girlfriends

This is actually the spirit, y’all! There’s truly nothing stronger than sisterhood. These ones have a mixture of I-don’t-care and I-can’t-kill-myself attitude. Luv eettt!!! 🔥

Valentine’s day is just one of many days in a year and I ain’t gonna let the daunting absence of a man in my life rob me of the chance to shower myself with love and care as the Queen that I am.

If you are a single lady reading this right now, this is actually the right attitude to it.
Your worth is not defined by whether or not you have a man in your life or are in a relationship.
You are worthy of love in and out of a relationship.