#TrybeStreetLife – How I lost my v3rginity in 100 level (Rated 18+)

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It was two weeks to my birthday and I met Mike in a school group chat. The two weeks also happened to be the break between first and second semester. The break was supposed to keep my mind away from school till we resumed but Mike made me want to resume early because we were getting in really fast and he seemed like a cool guy. We text almost all day and at night we stay awake late to talk to each other and say nasty things. Mike has been making it clear what he wanted from me. I wanted it too but I was 17, turning 18 in two weeks time. So I was not so sure about it.
Two weeks were almost complete and I was back in school. Mike and I planned to meet the next day, which was my birthday. I spent almost my whole day with Mike going from one place to another to have fun, drinks and food. It was getting late so I told him I would return to my hostel soon. He asked me to go to his place with him instead and I agreed, because I’ve been waiting for him to ask. When we got to his room, we put our phones on airplane mode. He played music as we talked about how nice the day was and how we should do it again. It didn’t take long before we started dancing to the music and started kissing. The kiss lasted for a while and I suggested that we both take a shower after the long day.
In the shower, as we washed our body, we were also touching each other. We started k*ssing again, and this time it was intense as he was caressing my body. He put my back against the wall and lifted me a bit with his left arm from my as*, while his right arm was smooching my br3ast and pinching my n*pples. I thought I was having the time of my life until he raised me higher with my back still on the wall and my legs were over his shoulders and he started doing this tongue thing to my cl*t. The feeling was crazy, I wanted him to stop and continue at the same time. His hair was a bit much so I was holding it tight. He was doing it with so much passion I don’t think he was feeling that I was pulling his hair. The bathroom was looking too small for us so we left the shower and went to the room. In the room, it took another turn as he started sucking my br*ast slowly caressing my clit with his fingers. After a while he started dipping his finger inside me. That wasn’t strange because I’ve tried that with myself a couple of times. Mike was giving me the time of my life and I was enjoying all of it. The best part was when he laid my back on his bed spread my legs, gave me head for a while, then we started having s3x in that position. It was slow, romantic, and satisfying. We did it in a couple of other positions. And that was how I lost my v*rginity in part one, on my 18th birthday.

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