#TrybeStreetLife –  My roommate is a witch- she literally flies at night

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I do not believe in people possessed by evil spirit or in witches and wizards- or so I thought, until recently when I had physical encounters with one….Help!!!! am I hallucinating?

Oh yes, I’m a Christian, born and bred in a Christian home. In fact, my parents are elders in a CAC church and I happen to be a chorister there too, but that’s back home. With the little bio I just wrote, you would be thinking that I am one “spirikoko” person but as much as I am a believer, I am also practical.  I do not believe in people possessed by evil spirit or in witches and wizards- or so I thought, until recently that I had physical encounters with one. My belief before these encounters was that a person’s bad character is the evil spirit they posses and bad behavior is witchcraft but how wrong I was.

Back to my little background story, I got admission with my no witchcraft mindset and got engrossed in the academic life that I almost lost my faith totally. I didn’t go to church most Sundays and when I eventually go, it would be close to the end of the service. I continued this lifestyle until I resumed part 4 in 2022. Because of the 8 months ASUU strike my hostel rent had expired before I resumed and to add to the misery, my landlord increased the rent. Perfect. Isn’t it?

I immediately began hostel hunting and I literally saw shege with the exorbitant and ridiculous rents. I was on the verge of giving up and squatting with a course mate when I saw an advert for a roommate. I messaged the said person, and fortunately or not, the rent is just #30,000 to be shared by two people. To say I was elated was an understatement, I was on top of the world. The universe decided to reward my stress.

I moved in with my new roomie who had already done the basic things in the room. She had already painted the room, a rug on the floor, curtains in place and so on. It was a perfect arrangement. And to be honest, she was a sweet girl. What more can a person ask for. We were living in peace and harmony for the first couple of weeks: she cooked and gave me some, she washed and laundered and did mine, we gisted like sisters. It was all sweet until the first issues arose.

As a heavy sleeper, I woke up 6:30 every morning, not a minute earlier, even if I had a 7:00 test or exam. However,my new roommate always began her morning devotion revival at 4:00 and once she began, I’m awake too.  She conducted her devotions as if she were a crusader going from villages to villages with  noise, bells and claps. I mean, who does that for crying out loud. Anyway, after she had done this for two weeks and I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to pay her back in her own coin. I didn’t want to complain to her directly so I decided to start my own crusade in the midnight. I knew she’d definitely complain and then I’d tell her my grievances too.

I set my alarm to 12:30 am and after the third ring, I reluctantly stood up and began to sing. I haven’t even sang for 2 minutes when a miracle began to happen before my very eyes. I tried to switch on the light to see clearer but the switch malfunctioned. I moved the curtains to a side and I was able to see better than before. My roommate was like 10 inches suspended from her bed. There was nothing supporting her at all and she was floating in the air. I ran out of the room and couldn’t even sleep till daybreak. At her usual time, I heard her crusade bells ringing. I was more than shocked and I ran into the room to confirm if it was indeed her. I waited till she finished and greeted her and surprisingly, she responded as she used to. I began to doubt what I saw and eventually convinced myself that I was hallucinating probably because I woke up at an unusual time.

Right now, I don’t know what to do. On one hand, I have thought of moving to one of my course mates room but I don’t know what excuse to tell them. Apart from the fact that two of them had visited me in the past and seen how good my roommate had been, I had also told all of them how lucky I was to be with my roommate. What could I possibly tell them is wrong now. And telling them the truth is totally out of it because no one will believe. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t believe me.

On the other hand, I’m thinking of seeing a doctor, a therapist or any medical professional. I want to know if I was hallucinating and if it had anything to do with my getting up at an unusual time. I don’t know if I should ask my roommate about what happened because I don’t know what her reactions would be. I can’t tell my parents about it because they will blow it out of proportion. So many things are going through my mind and I don’t know what  happened or what I should do. What would you do if it were you?.